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Someone please help PTSD?

This is a discussion on Someone please help PTSD? within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Muzzle train both dogs. Make sure both dogs are never together unattended; ideally never together at all. Consult a behaviorist. Read through Ian Dunbar's Fight:Bite ...

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Old 08-29-2017, 08:34 PM
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Muzzle train both dogs. Make sure both dogs are never together unattended; ideally never together at all. Consult a behaviorist. Read through Ian Dunbar's Fight:Bite Ratio page and Bite Scale. It is very concerning that your dog seems to not have good bite inhibition based on this statement:

Originally Posted by Anna17 View Post
I sat the child in the other room when the fight happened. And I'm pretty sure it's a domanence issue between them. No serious injuries to either dog this time. It's been much worse in the past. I've considered putting my dog down because of the severe injuries to my parents dog a couple years ago my parents lab could hardly walk. My dog has ripped half her ear off as well. I managed to break it up this last time before anything extreme happened
Your girlfriend may very well have PTSD from this incident, especially if she had a fear of dogs to begin with. Dog/dog aggression is not the same as dog/people aggression and one doesn't necessarily lead to the other, but PTSD and phobias aren't rational by definition. She really should talk to a professional. I can understand her concerns, but the fact that her daughter wasn't injured combined with having a plan in advance to manage your dog so that it's never in a position to injure anyone (muzzle training, consulting behaviorist, etc) will go a long way towards reassuring the authorities, if they are involved, that you both have the best interest of her daughter in mind.

I'm very sorry you, your dog, your girlfriend and her daughter are all in this situation and I hope it all works out for the best.
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Old 08-30-2017, 12:33 PM
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Red face "my dog would NEVER ___ ". // Famous last words.

Originally Posted by Anna17 View Post

My girlfriend is concerned because of all the family dog attacks on children. She feels it's simply not a risk worth taking. We might split because of this because that's my dog.

And she's worried because my dog is a pitbull, & very strong.

He dad also has a fear of dogs. I think she got this [fear] from her dad, [plus] the situation when she walked into my parents' house and thought a dog had attacked her child. But it didn't [happen].

I just want her to trust me.
My dog would never hurt her daughter. How can i get her to see this?
U cannot say, "my dog would never hurt ______ ."

Accidents happen, & also dogs can be provoked -- to bite, to jump up or on someone, etc.
Hugging a dog is a bad idea, but kids do it all the time, & throttling a dog with both arms wrapped round their neck is not comfortable for the dog, physically or emotionally.
Yet many parents, including dog-owners as well as folks with zero experience of dogs, think that this is cute, affectionate behavior. it's not - it's rude, it's intrusive, & it gets kids bitten & dogs criminalized.

U can't GUARANTEE her child's absolute safety from injury by Ur dog, even accidents, unless the dog is ALWAYS kept separate from the child.

Plus, Ur pitty has a history of FIGHTING with Ur parents' dog - bloodily; that means one or both of the dogs was punctured, or had skin torn.

That means Ur dog should also be kept entirely SEPARATE from Ur parents' dog - always & forever, with solid barriers between them plus an airlock between the barriers; EX, a door closed on Ur dog with a latch AND a lock higher than the child can reach; an open space - that's the airlock, no dogs allowed; & another door, with a latch AND a lock, again higher than the child can reach, with the parents' dog behind the 2nd locked & latched door.
If one dog is out of "their room" on leash, to toilet or just hang with the folks, the other dog is crated in their latched & locked room, away from the door.
This prevents the sequestered dog hanging by the door, snuffling, scratching, jumping up & barking as their Nemesis walks by, etc. They are in their crate, & the closed crate is a good distance from the door.

I would immediately make these new rules Std Operating Procedure in the house; the dogs live separately & only one is out at a time, on leash; the child is not around either dog, & does not enter the rooms set aside for the dogs.
The dogs come out only on leash, only ONE at a time, & only to go outside to toilet; they eat, sleep, play, etc, in their individual rooms, or are allowed in the house only one at a time, & only when THE CHILD IS NOT THERE.

That should satisfy the GF's need to feel her daughter is safe.

Meanwhile, i'd look for a reward-based trainer who has experience with dog-aggression, & begin B-mod to reduce Ur dog's reactivity to other dogs.
However, i would not allow Ur dog & Ur parents' dog to share a room, even on leash, nor would i suggest passing in a hall, crating one dog in the same room that the other is freely roaming, etc.
Their past history of fights means they should - IMO & IME - stay separated; the convenience of letting them both out is greatly outweighed by the risk of another fight, & serious injury to a dog / both dogs, or to a person --- who tries to stop the fight.
It's just not worth the risk.

What's the nearest city? - maybe someone can recommend a good trainer or a CAAB / vet-behaviorist, near U.

- terry

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I feel like the issues that you are having are far beyond what an internet forum can help with. You've been wishy washy on the details of the dog's history (Bloody attacked your parents dog vs none of the attacks were that bad). Beyond that it also sounds like there are issues in your relationship that your girlfriend does not trust you and your word about the dog. I think you should look for professionals on both fronts. Hiring a dog trainer will help show your girlfriend that you are willing to put the work in to make her comfortable, and a relationship counselor to help you guys work through your issues. Of course that is if you see this relationship as being worth the work.

Good luck!
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