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Rescue pees on EVERYTHING

This is a discussion on Rescue pees on EVERYTHING within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; I have a 6 year old Bichon (Judge), a 6 year old Llasa/Shih tzu mix (Elvis, who we rescued three years ago) and Gus, our ...

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Old 10-18-2017, 10:08 PM
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Post Rescue pees on EVERYTHING

I have a 6 year old Bichon (Judge), a 6 year old Llasa/Shih tzu mix (Elvis, who we rescued three years ago) and Gus, our newest addition, a mixed breed cutie we rescued after he was abandoned in an apartment after his owners moved and left him alone. He was found after four days, and since my daughter in law manages the apartment complex, my son brought Gus to me. We have no idea how old he is but think he is under a year. He has a wonderful temperment and we have worked through every issue except his potty training. He pees on everything. I bought him a giant pillow from IKEA so he would have a comfortable cage to sleep in, but he peed all over it. I took the pillow out and he somehow manages to pee totally outside of the cage while keeping the inside dry. If he is unsupervised for even 30 seconds, he will pee on the floor, and sometimes does it right in front of me. I have tried cleaning up the floors with vinegar, but he still pees - not just on things he has peed on before, but on anything and everything - inside a nightstand, on chairs, floors, and everything he passes outside. He has even peed on my shoes when I was outside with him and seemed to think he was doing a good thing when he did it. He has also peed on Judge (multiple times).
Elvis takes a long time to warm up to other dogs but is finally OK with Gus. Judge and Gus are great pals and play and wrestle like puppies. However, when Judge is not playing with Gus, he has started isolating himself and lying under a chair (instead of lying next to me) when Gus is out. If Gus has peed on something and is in his crate, Judge comes out and acts like before. I don't think Judge is afraid of Gus. Gus has never been aggressive and they play and Judge often starts the play sessions, but something is going on, and he seems sad. How do I correct Gus' constant peeing and get Judge back on track - restoring order to our lives. When we first adopted Elvis, he had never been house trained and wore a diaper all the time. It took about three months of consistent and patient routines and he finally started going to the bathroom outside. Now he is perfect with it. We've had Gus for almost three months and he has not made any progress so I am getting frustrated.
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Old 10-19-2017, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Dalespetoops View Post
what have you done to reprimand him for peeing on stuff when you caught him in the act ? Remember, all dogs are 99% wolf, and the pack leader reprimands bad activity. what I've done is growl like a dog and say NO AND BITE THEM ON THE NECK.
Oh dear.

First, I'm afraid your knowledge is a bit outdated. Wolf pack alpha/dominance theory has been debunked by the person who came up with it in the first place. The research it was based on was found to be faulty and inaccurate. Domestic dogs are not wolves, don't behave like wolves and have a different pack social hierarchy than wolves.

Second, this forum only allows training advice that is positive reinforcement only; anything that is considered aversive is not permitted to be recommended. I suspect growling at your dog and biting your dog on the neck would be considered aversive.

You might want to watch this Ian Dunbar video on the social hierarchy of dogs to get an accurate picture of how a dog pack really functions. There is a social hierarchy, but it's not based on physical challenges and confrontations.

@Dogmomx3;, first, make sure there's not a health condition like a urinary tract infection that's making it difficult for him to hold his urine. If there's not a health related reason for his behavior, then it's time to go back to housetraining 101. Even if he was house trained at one point, it's possible his time in the abandoned apartment has caused him to forget his training and get into the habit of going to the bathroom inside so that now he thinks that's normal and acceptable. Some dogs take longer to learn than others, especially if you're having to change an existing behavior as opposed to just teaching a new behavior.

Sorry if you already know all of this, but just to cover the basics: Make sure his crate is small enough for him to stand up, lie down and turn around, but no bigger. It shouldn't be big enough for him to pee at one end and lie down in a pee free spot. No absorbent material in the crate like beds or towels or blankets until he can reliably stay in there without making a mess. Anything that will absorb the urine will still give him the option of having a clean spot to sit or lie down. Not sure how to tackle his ability to pee outside his crate. Plastic or vinyl splash guard barriers partway up the sides, maybe?

He can't pee (or mark, if that's what he's doing) if his bladder is empty, so make sure he's getting frequent bathroom trips outside with much praise & treats when he goes (the longer he spends peeing, the more reward he gets so he'll learn that emptying his bladder all at once is better than keeping a reserve for marking). You can only correct his peeing in the house if you catch him in the act, so he shouldn't ever be unsupervised inside since every time he pees in the wrong place will just reinforce the behavior and make the habit harder to break.

I don't have any experience with multi-dog households, so I'm not sure what's going on with Judge. This may be a silly thought, but is it possible that Gus marking everything is making Judge uneasy and unsure of where his place (both literally and figuratively) is now? He's okay playing with Gus because that's a mutual agreed upon activity between both of them. And he's comfortable when Gus is in his crate because then Gus is confined in a specific area.

Maybe some one on one play time with you in different parts of the house will help if he needs some extra reassurance that he can still hang out and play where he used to even if Gus is out and not playing with him. Gus still needs to be watched like a hawk, though, even if you're playing with Judge. Not sure any of that makes sense or is reasonable; just sort of thinking out loud. Sorry.
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Gus is peeing all over everything. Just take him out more. When my males started that what I did was knee them away from the wall not in mad way just take my leg put it between the wall and him then push then let him go outside to do his business. It worked after about a month and half he got the picture to go to the door when he wanted to mark is territory so he could do it outside. I think judge his reacting to Gus marking everything. Once Gus has is marking only outside I do believe judge will go back to order. :-)
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houstraining, new dog, pecking order, pees everywhere

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