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Out of Control

This is a discussion on Out of Control within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; My daughter has a rescue dog that she brought home a little over a month ago. Since day one he’s been a handful. He’s escaped ...

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Out of Control

My daughter has a rescue dog that she brought home a little over a month ago. Since day one he’s been a handful. He’s escaped his collar will on the tie out.... we had our city police and whole neighborhood looking for him. A kind lady found him heading up the on-ramp for the highway & posted on Facebook. Thank goodness. He’s taken off out the door and ran, etc. the biggest problem is.... he tears up the house when she’s at work.... every day. He’s not alone during these times. My daughter has a cat and another dog. She tried keeping the new dog in a kennel that I gave her but he literally broke out of it. She really doesn’t want to keep him in a metal cage kennel all day long, but she’s beginning to run out of options. He also poops in the house. You could be outside with him for 2 hours.... bring him inside.... leave him alone for 5 mins, and he’s pooped. He’s approx 3 yrs old and German Shepard. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m getting tired of going to her house & cleaning up his carnage everyday so she doesn’t have to deal with it after working all day long. Thank you
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Problem one escaping: She's going to need to be outside with him, and I'd never leave him alone on the tie out for more then a couple minutes tops. I'd also invest in a martinsgale collar aka anti slip collar, for walking him.

Problem two door dashing: She needs to work on having him settle on his mat or in his crate while she answers the door. Fist teach a mat or kennel cue, then work on having him stay on it till she gives a release word, finally work on having him obey that cue while she opens the door.
Until he's trained there's a couple things to do to keep him from door dashing. One is telling the visitor to wait a minute while she puts the dog in a room and shutting the door. Two is using a baby gate to close him away from the door while it's answered, again she'll have to request the visitor to wait. Three is getting an exercise pen (they come in a variety of heights) and fixing the ends to the door frame to block off the door so he can't dash out. You can make the partitioned off area as big as you like it just depends on how many panels you have unfolded.

Problem three destruction of the house: That one is a bit harder. Y'all need to figure out why he's doing what he's doing. Is he thinking, "Mom's away! Time to party!"? Is he thinking, "I'm bored and have more energy then I know what to do with, my job for the day is eating the couch."? Is he panicking because he's alone? Ask her to set up a camera to record what he's doing while she's gone, she needs to see if it's a dog that's having fun, releasing energy, or one who's in full blown panic mode. Each one requires a different course of action.

Problem four pottying in the house: First get him cleared medically, you don't want to treat a problem as behavioral if it's medical, you just waste time and never get anywhere. When is he pottying in the house? Is it when he's alone and your daughter has left for the day, or is it all the time? Some dogs will potty in the house from anxiety, if that's the case lessening anxiety will help. If you know it's behavioral then y'all need to go back to housetraining 101. No freedom in the house until he potties outside. Figure out a schedule for him. Take him out at the set time, give him 5 to 10 min to potty and as soon as he lifts his butt from pooing give him a very high value treat and let him know what a great boy he is. If he doesn't go then bring him back inside, either tether him to you, or crate him, wait 10 minutes then take him back out and try again. Do that over and over until he poos outside. When he does poo outside he can have freedom in the house until the next scheduled potty break.

Not knowing his history you might try clicker training him so that you can use a long line to let him potty, when he does click as soon as he is done pottying then give him his treat when you get over to him. The reason being someone might have punished him for pottying in the house and he's now afraid to potty while a human watches. Try taking him for a walk and see if he'll potty on it, some dogs do not like to soil their yard.
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