New dog on dog aggression

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New dog on dog aggression

This is a discussion on New dog on dog aggression within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Hi - can anyone help me w some info? I'm visiting my mom, who has a dog, along with my dog, which we have done ...

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Old 12-26-2018, 06:39 PM
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New dog on dog aggression

Hi - can anyone help me w some info? I'm visiting my mom, who has a dog, along with my dog, which we have done for several years. We are careful to introduce the dogs in a neutral area & give my mom's dog time to acclimate to having his friend back in his home, no problem. Unfortunately, my mom's dog was attacked by a neighbor's dog 3 days
ago, tho my dog & I weren't present when it happened. The vet gave meds & cream for the 5 smallish injuries, which weren't deep, but tore skin off in places. My dog has been curious about the wounds/smell/bandages, smelling them, but not overly. Her dog didn't react negatively to the attention. But tonight my dog seemed antsy when my mom's dog came in the room, & stared at him like he wanted to attack or something, which he's never done before in any setting. We saw this & got between them, but when I reached down to move my dog away my dog started growling & snapping at my attempts. There was no reaction from her dog, or aggression from either before. But my dog was still looking at my mom's dog, & clearly was directing his negativity towards him, not me. We were able to separate them, & mine is here on his leash now with me. I've never had an indication I'd have to do that, but am concerned he'll lose it again. I'm wondering if this injury set my dog off somehow. So, can anyone tell me what this is, or what to do?
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So sorry to hear about your stressful visit. Sounds challenging. I am so glad you are on top of it.

Are you familiar with dog body language and calming signals? If not, I would strongly suggest that you do a quick internet review of them so you can better monitor the situation with the two dogs and de-escalate quickly so no issue arises.

Dog body language to another dog can be very quick and/or subtle. It can happen so quickly and if you aren't familiar with the signs you can easily miss the warnings.

Perhaps your Mom's dog sent your dog some body language and your dog reacted upon it?

Many times we dog owners never catch the aggressive signs until it goes to a stare or bark or growl or lunge.

But if you watch carefully you may see the other body language such as your dog gives a lip lick, head turns away from other dog, dog moves entire body away, yawning, whale eye, body freeze, ears back, etc.

And perhaps I can see that maybe your mom's dog is a bit defensive or worried about other dogs coming super close since he was just in a dog fight. If I was in a fight recently, I would be worried or a bit uneasy, wouldn't you? So maybe Mom's dog is sending some subtle signals for your dog to give him space. When your dog sniffed him, did he look happy and relaxed about it?

You are right, the staring is indeed worriesome. I would immediately just take your dog away gently with a leash into another room if possible and distract with a bone, training moment with treats, etc.

Or ask both dogs to do a trick/fun command if they are good like this together and then give them some praise and treats for complying. So basically redirect their attention back to you. Turn the negative into a fun, positive, relaxed situation if you can.

Don't know if this will help you, but I know my three dogs give each other body language/calming signals all the time. And they do it to me too! Like today when I wanted to hug Puma, she said no thanks by turning her head away from me. When I asked her again for a hug she actually moved her body a bit away from me as if to say, "Ummm, no Mom, I'm not in the mood for a hug right now." I was clearly annoying her at that moment, so I stopped and just asked for a kiss--- and she said ok to that. I rewarded her with some doggie beef jerky and all was good.
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