My dog is so willful that I am wanting to use reverse psychology on her

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My dog is so willful that I am wanting to use reverse psychology on her

This is a discussion on My dog is so willful that I am wanting to use reverse psychology on her within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; First off, I won't do it because the non-intuitiveness seems bad. She's a black lab / coonhound mix, 2 and half years old, about 77 ...

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Old 04-17-2019, 09:04 AM
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My dog is so willful that I am wanting to use reverse psychology on her

First off, I won't do it because the non-intuitiveness seems bad.

She's a black lab / coonhound mix, 2 and half years old, about 77 lbs.

She will follow me around the house, whimpering for another walk (its been less than 2 hours since the last one). I say "go lay down" and she does, but she's right back up in about 2 minutes.

Later she's whimpering again by the door, and I decide "okay, its time for a little heart to heart". I say "come here" and I'm pointing downward at my feet. She won't, because she thinks she's been bad. I know she knows what I want from her. I said it as nicely as I could. She wasn't in trouble, it just wasn't time for the walk yet.

So I'm tripping over her when I want her to back off, and she won't come near me when I actually do want her closer. Of course she is the center of the universe and I can't do anything to change that.

Its funny, just as I've been typing this, she decides its time to come sit right behind my chair. Maybe I've hit upon the solution to the second part serendipitously -- ignore her whining, and she will come closer -- it just takes time. "its time for a talk" just sends her slinking off to her crate.
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Old 04-17-2019, 09:47 AM
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Sounds to me that she is bored and wants your attention, she wants to do more than just lay around. The walk was not enough to tire her out. If you want her to come home and rest for more than 2 hours then she will need a lot more exercise. Dogs are bred to be human-oriented so you can't fault her for wanting to be spending time with you.

When you walk her do you also run with her? You can play some fetch to get her to run, either in your back yard or in your hallway or basement if space allows. Puzzle toys, hide and seek games, training exercises are great for mental stimulation. There needs to be a balance between physical and mental exercise, I'm sure your dog would love to show how clever she is! And snuggles, don't forget the snuggles. A little massage, going over her muscles with just a slight amount of pressure, my senior dog loves having two fingers run down the side of her spine (make sure you aren't pressing on bone), she leans right in, and stretches her body. I gently massage the muscles in her shoulders, moving even more gently towards her legs or over her torso, and her haunches, the top of her head and down the back of her neck. So relaxing!

It is your job to set up a routine where your dog has her fun time, and some rest time. After her rest time, and you are not quite ready yet for more fun time, you could have something ready for her to occupy herself with. A chew toy, with a layer of peanut butter and then placed in the freezer would keep her busy for a bit, a chew treat hidden in a puzzle toy like a Kong...

Or perhaps she would love to listen to some music for dogs (if you can stand listening to it haha), my dogs love music for babies, but that is usually when it is about time for some rest and they are still wired up!

Try teaching her something new. Set up some doggy play dates.
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Old 04-17-2019, 04:33 PM
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Some ideas to tire your dog out on her walks so she will rest or chill at home


How long do you guys walk?
Do you include any rewarding training... or fun in your walks? Like, ask her to get up onto a wall, or sit at crosswalks, or ask her for a focus or lookback while you guys are walking? Or ask her to show you doggies (or squirrels or kitties, or deer, etc) by playing the "Where's the doggie?" game. My dogs and I do that all the time on our walks for enrichment...and treats!

I like to walk my Puma pup where we can meet people.
Bonus for her. She can earn treats, show off her fun tricks, practice her manners, and get some petting from people. She loooves to get a belly rub and will plop down at people's feet and wrap her paw around their legs to say, "heeeeyyy I like you, please rub my belly more!" Anyway, walking around people (if your dog likes people) is really good socialization on your walks. I purposely drive to places some days where I know we can socialize... and get good physical exercise.

All this helps to tire out our dogs minds as well as their body.

Do you allow her to sniff and sniff and sniff while on a walk?
Some folks only allow their dog to walk and not allow enough sniffing and investigating time. This sniffing is very mentally stimulating for our dogs. Kinda like reading the "pee mail!"

On your walks do you vary it up?
I like to walk in different directions, different streets, different neighborhoods to change it up and make it more interesting to my dogs (and me)

Do you sometimes go to a park and let your dog explore? Today on the way to work, I drove to a local park and Puma pup and I walked around the park--- and she sniffed to her hearts content. She looooves that. We practiced seeing other dogs at a distance for treats. We worked on her leash walking manners (no pulling, please) and her "wait" as people passed as on the path. When we were done, she was trashed. Ran right into her own lil room at my shop and took her little 54 lb self to bed She is still zzzzzz.

Also, when I want my dogs to be busy by themselves, I give my dogs something safe to chew on like a pigs ear or chewy strip or bully stick. Chewing relieves stress and boredom for dogs... and keeps them nice and busy.

Sounds like maybe your dog is a bit bored or not stimulated enough. My suggestion? Up your physical exercise, fun training time, and mental stimulation! Be creative, and see what works best to tire your dog out!

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