My dog and my roommates dog are playing too rough!!

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My dog and my roommates dog are playing too rough!!

This is a discussion on My dog and my roommates dog are playing too rough!! within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; I just rescued 8 month old german shepherd/mastiff, Lola from the humane society. She is beyond sweet but a little nervous. My roommate rescued a ...

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Old 09-18-2018, 09:13 PM
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Question My dog and my roommates dog are playing too rough!!

I just rescued 8 month old german shepherd/mastiff, Lola from the humane society. She is beyond sweet but a little nervous. My roommate rescued a 4 month old hound mix. Both are relatively well behaved individually but they both are starting training. My problem is when they are together. They play so rambunctiously and it keeps getting worse. Lola is very friends and would never hurt my roommates puppy (despite being triple her size) but she cannot control her excitement around her. My roommates puppy will start biting at Lola's face when she is playing and in Lola will bite her neck (not ever hard) if either of them yelp they back off. They used to be okay on walks together but i just tried to take Lola out and she nearly pulled me over trying to get to my roommates dog. I had to hold her harness and she literally threw herself forward and nearly hurt herself landing on the ground trying to get to my roommates puppy. We tried to continue walked but she wouldn't stop so we had to separate their walks. I just don't know what to do with her. I don't see it as aggression because if she wanted to hurt my roommates dog she easily could have. I think it may be anxiety causing this but I'm a bit at a loss for how to control her around my roommates dog. She is perfectly fine and polite with other dogs (albeit a bit excited) so I don't know what the trigger is.
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Old 09-19-2018, 07:54 AM
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Sounds like normal puppy play to me... Some just play more or less nicely together than others. My friend got a puppy when I got mine and those two are INSANE together... will not leave each other alone for more than 1 minute... will run around and jump on furniture all over the house, knocking everything down in the process... sound like they are trying to kill each other but they are just playing... I think it has to do with age and temperament really. It hasn't improved one bit in the 17 months since we adopted them either, so they don't see each other that much anymore (it's cute with 15lb puppies, not so cute with 44lb dogs).

I got another dog 3 weeks ago that is 6 months younger than mine, and they do play, but nowhere as much as when she's with the other one (thankfully, considering that he's 83 lbs)... she's still mostly the instigator but he often just ignores her, because he's a MUCH calmer dog.

So yes, you're probably out of luck, hopefully it will get better when they get older...

Oh, something that might help - look for 'puppy play' classes in your area. It's supervised play time between puppies with trainers that intervene and try to teach the pups when they get too rough.
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Old 09-29-2018, 03:43 AM
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My 90 plus pound dog goes crazy playing with just a couple of his beat buddies, one being a huge German Shepherd who's well over a hundred plus pounds. Another is a seventy pound black lab pitbull mix. He loves those two dogs and is crazy with them. Today he went nuts with a large Samoyed and an English lab service dog who he hasn't seen in months and rarely plays with at all.
Enjoy it and don't be overly controlling. Let them be dogs and have fun and have healthy safe exercise.

I remember every single day the last few months of my last dog's life when he couldn't play, run or even really safely walk anymore due to a horrible genetic spinal disease.
My current dog is almost four and last winter developed hypothyroidism and stopped playing. Gained ten pounds in a month and hasn't lost any weight despite being on thyroid meds and bary eating and still just sleeps all day and doesn't want to move. He wouldn't even play with his favorite buddies for months despite them pawing at him, play bowing, barking frantically, nuzzling, it was sad to see him sniff them and just walk away.
I still have to nag him to play and call him up to the other dog in the park and say go play! In a happy excited voice.
Now that it's cooler he plays more. But vet says he should lose weight.
My last dog would run and jump and play for hours daily and was ideal weight his whole life, and ate more than this dog does despite weighing fifteen pounds less.
Enjoy your crazy active hyper puppies while you can, and don't complain!
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Old 09-29-2018, 08:36 PM
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Yes, it does sound "normal" even though it's crazy. lol

I'm shaking my head just thinking of all the crazy energy my dog has. I live with 3 dogs. My 8 month old GS that's 57 lbs, a foster dog that's a 1 year old mountain cur that's about 35 lbs and a 2 year old (sister's dog) that is a 60 lb lab mix. Thankfully we have a fairly large backyard, if not for that they'd for sure tear the house apart. They kind of already do. My shepherd is usually the instigator of the crazy running and wrestling. They go up the stairs, then down, then around the stairs, back up, on a bed, off bed, tear back downstairs, run like the wind out the back door and chase circles around the perimeter, they jump on a small fishing boat that's upside down and about 3' high. They use the yard like an obstacle course. My shepherd and the 35 lb foster wrestle around constantly and I do get concerned that my bigger dog is unintentionally bullying or knocking around the smaller dog so I try to slow them down when the come in the house. So far I'm losing that battle. The wild and energetic play with younger dogs is a healthy expression of all their energy. The only way to slow it down a bit is by letting them use it.

If your dog pulls trying to catch up to the other dog then switch positions as you walk. However a dog the size of yours needs to be trained not to pull, so I'd try to spend some time working on that. It's tough to hold a big dog back from something if they decide they want it enough.
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