My dog licks Husband to much

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My dog licks Husband to much

This is a discussion on My dog licks Husband to much within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Our dog is 2 years old and very affectionate. Every time shes with me she licks some but mostly cuddles or wants to play. Every ...

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Old 12-24-2017, 08:22 AM
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My dog licks Husband to much

Our dog is 2 years old and very affectionate. Every time shes with me she licks some but mostly cuddles or wants to play. Every time ahe sees my husband she just constantly licks him. Now she licks everyone a little bit but its a bit excessive with him and we arent sure why. Any ideas?
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Old 12-24-2017, 08:48 AM
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It could be anything from nervousness when your husband is around to just that your husband taste good lol
I have a havanese that licks me all the time he's the first dog I've ever had that is almost obsessive about it he's always been very nervous and a little jumpy and I think that's why he started licking now I think it's more a habit and/or just a little comforting for him
As soon as I sit down he jumps up and start licking my hands and arms
If you really don't like the licking you can train him to stop I trained sprocket to stop licking my face just cause I find that a little gross but I let him lick my hands

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Old 12-24-2017, 10:16 AM
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Arrow appeasing -she's stuck on it.


typically that's appeasing behavior - she's apologizing for her existence.
Anxious dogs tend to do this - in calm dogs, it's a puppy behavior that's retained into adulthood as a brief greeting, but taken to excess, it's abject appeasement.
If she's scolded, it will get worse - she needs a different way to relate to hubby; will she fetch?... Having her fetch his slippers is a good task when hubby 1st gets home, it sends her out of the room to collect her composure, & gives her a task to focus on.

Rolling to expose her belly is also active appeasement, but when it's done on cue, it can be calming to have someone make smooth slow circles on her abdomen & stroke her chest down to her belly.
Having her point her face the other way makes licking impossible - if she can be convinced to stand butt-on, he can scratch her rump ahead of her tail, right along the spine & to the base of her tail; that's another calming contact.

D.A.P. / Adaptil / Comfort Zone for Dogs can also be helpful to anxious dogs -
it's a synthetic copy of the pheromone produced by nursing bitches, & it's intended to get the pups to settle down & suckle as quickly as possible, when Mom comes back from trips outside the nest.
It lowers BP, respiration, pulse-rate, & the secretion of cortisol, among others.
It goes on OBJECTS - not directly on the dog; the collar, the leash a hand's length from the clip, anything the dog lies on [the seat in the car, their bed indoors, a fave spot on the carpet], a soft-toy inside a seam, & so on.
A single spritz from the pump-spray bottle is a measured amount, & U can refresh it anytime; it lasts about 90-mins.

- terry
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Old 12-24-2017, 12:04 PM
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Bottom line is that she finds it rewarding in some way and she feels permitted to do it. She may lick others less because she finds it less rewarding or she tells less permitted to do so. I wouldn't spend too much time trying to guess at the specific reason.

My puppy licks me excessively because I let him and he finds it rewarding. Right now, it is sort of a bonding thing, so I'm not in a hurry to discourage it. If it persists, as he gets a bit older, we'll put some limits on it.
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Old 12-24-2017, 01:35 PM
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My last and current dog both licked certain people if they smelled cancer, but they focused on specific areas.
My last dog loved the caretaker of my mom's building who would occasionally bring home treats or play fetch briefly with him. He started compulsively licking one hand on this person, mainly one area where the guy had a mole or birthmark for many years. The guy eventually got a check-up and had skin cancer there.
My current dog used to lick my old cat's ears obsessively, the cat had chronic otitis (severe infections) but turns out he had cancer. When the tumors we're all removed the dog stopped licking him. A few months later he started again, brought the cat back in and the cancer had returned and metastasized.
When I bring the dog out in public he is friendly and likes to be petted. Several times he has gone right to sniff and lick a strange area on a new person, like one woman's foot, she said she had poison ivy and a bad infection there.
He's now licking my cat with allergies who's literally scratching himself raw, not as much as the cat with cancer.
If it's one specific area have your husband get checked out just to be cautious. Dogs can smell diabetic blood sugar changes, oncoming seizures and migraines, cancer, infections. The dog could just be affectionate but since it's specific to your husband I wouldn't ignore it since maybe he's trying to tell you something.
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Old 12-26-2017, 01:17 AM
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My 10 month old Aussie loves to lick. She licks my husband to death because he lets her - she will lick his forearm as he pets her and is thus rewarding - but she doesn't lick me as I stop petting her as soon as she starts (I don't dislike it but dog saliva gives me itchy hives). He doesn't mind this interaction and will let her lick him as he pets her, while for me, she will simply sit and let me love on her without the licking.
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