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Misbehaving dog

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Old 10-08-2017, 10:09 PM
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Misbehaving dog

We have a 2 year old lap/Pitt mix who recently has been having som behavior issues that she?s never had before. When we first adopted her in November 2016 she was a well behaved dog knew typical commands and only chewed up one chair which happened the first week we adopted her. The only real issue with her was that she would go days without eating her food. Well recently she has been misbehaving like crazy. She?s been chewing on things while we are not home and not listening while on a leash. We recently adopted a puppy in April and then a few months later she started misbehaving. Could that be related? I don?t think she doesn?t like the new puppy because they get along just fine she?s just acting out. Is that her way of showing she?s jealous? Or could she be picking up his bad chewing habits?
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Yes that can happen. New puppies get all the attention not saying she isn't but she doesn't see it that way. Does she get loved on when the puppy gets loved on?? :-):-)
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Thumbs up Betcha: she was shut-down, & the puppy thawed her.

Originally Posted by Haley101 View Post

We have a 2.5-YO Lab?/Pit mix... recently, she's had [new] behavior issues.

When we adopted her in Nov 2016, she was well-behaved, knew typical commands, & only chewed up one chair - which happened [within] the first week.

What happened when she chewed the chair?
Was she scolded? / Did the parents yell? / was she smacked?
Did someone "show her what she did" & lecture her sternly?

Originally Posted by Haley101 View Post

The only real issue ... was that she'd go days without eating her food.

That's NOT normal, for any dog, of any age.
Between "never doing wrong" [or hardly-ever] & "wouldn't eat for days on end", I'd say - & this is a guess, but it's a pretty solod one - that she was profoundly shut-down.

Shut-down dogs seem well-behaved, but it's only 'cuz they're terrified to do anything more than breathe.
They don't want to risk getting into trouble, so they do... nothing, unless they're *told to do it*.
A shut-down dog is not spontaneous, is very very cautious, thinks B4 doing anything, & having thought about it,
reconsiders & doesn't do what they were thinking about. They are the SadSacks of the dog-world.

Owners often think they're "good dogs" b/c they're so passive; life passes them by, while they do only what's safe.
The suppressive techniques demonstrated by the DawgWrassler on Nat'l Geo channel are one way to achieve a "good, well-behaved" but in actual fact, shut-down dog.

Originally Posted by Haley101 View Post

...recently, she's been misbehaving like crazy ...chewing on things while we are not home, not listening while leashed.

We adopted a puppy in April, & a few months later, she starts misbehaving. Could that be related?
I don't think she doesn't like the new pup; they get along just fine -- she's just acting out.
Is that her way of showing she's jealous?
Or could she be picking up his bad chewing habits?

How much training has anyone in the family done with her, since she arrived?

By that i mean, does anyone do actual training sessions in which she's rewarded for doing the desired behavior?

What sort of collar does she wear, for everyday use, when U go for walks?
A buckle AKA tag-collar the leash is clipped to? - A choke-chain, or infinite-slip nylon tube collar? - A prong-collar?

My personal hunch [& i could be wrong] is that, with the arrival of the puppy, Ur shut-down dog saw normal dog-behavior, & thawed from her frozen state.
Yes, it means she's not the "well-behaved" mentally & behaviorally paralyzed dog she was B4; yes, it means she now needs REWARD-BASED training, to be taught what U want her to do, under given circumstances, & with which cues - 'cuz my personal bet is that she didn't "know" the correct response to a given cue, when U adopted her - she just did so little on her own initiative, U thought she was "being good".

For instance:
did she have a reliable recall when off-leash, on arrival?
Could U literally turn her loose in an unfenced area, she'd move about freely, going 50, 100-ft away, happily self-occupied, & COME WHEN CALLED on one cue, 4 times of 5 separate, single cues?
Or, when U unclipped her, did she dawdle nearby, not doing much, never going far... so when U 'called' her, she was within 12-ft or less, or U didn't even bother calling her, & just walked over to clip on the leash?

I think she's acting more normal, as opposed to "acting out", & no, i don't think it's jealousy at all - i think she has a role-model for more normal behavior, & DoG bless her, she's coming out of her shell!

yes, U now have some actual work to do, teaching her cued behaviors as tho she's a young pup without a clue - 'cuz in essence [IME] that's what she is, an ignorant but willing dog whose education was sadly neglected, except for teaching her about the terrible consequences of spontaneous behaviors - she got that lesson, all right, from previous owners, as she arrived in a frozen / shut-down state.

I base this hypothesis on the simple fact that, on arrival, she'd go days on end without eating.
THAT is profoundly abnormal behavior in any dog; thus my belief that she's had some extreme punishing in the past, B4 U ever met her, & it's taken her this long to open up & begin to act more-normal. The puppy broke the dam.

It's kind of a pain, yes - U'll actually need to teach her, now...
but she'll be much-happier, from now on, & teaching her properly, being sure she understands what's wanted, & rewarding her for desired behaviors, means that she never has to be afraid to do things, because she'll know what's the right thing to do, instead of fearing that everything not-cued is Potentially The Wrong Thing, that will earn her severe punishment.

If she chews when home-alone, that's actually normal; dogs chew all their lives, as a self-comforting behavior, & as a way to occupy time. They enjoy chewing.
Give her safe things to chew, confine her in a dog-proof area, & give her busywork - put half her meals into black size-Large Kong toys [WASH THEM B4 use, inside & out . they're top-rack dishwasher-safe], & freeze the stuffed Kong overnite, B4 giving it to her - in her shipping crate, or in the dog-proof safe room.
Thick-walled sterilized marrow bones, antlers [NOT sawn in half], cow-hooves, steer horns, bull pizzles, solid-nylon chew toys such as the classic white Nylabones [wash it well, rinse it well, & wipe it with a very, very small bit of butter for scent, to get her started chewing], are all safe chew-toys that will last awhile.
Bull-pizzles are eaten, & don't last as long, but they last longer than pig-ears, which are TERRIBLE treats - pure fat, often laced with bacteria, greasy, they stain carpets & make dogs into tubs of lard.
[Some folks give pig-ears daily to dogs who are rarely exercised above a walk / stroll; that much fat, given to a dog who hardly moves, ends up all over the dog, never used.]

I'll post some good, humane training resources a little later. Congratulations on the new - improved - more-normal v.2.1 dog!

- terry

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