Introducing nutty dog to a cat???

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Introducing nutty dog to a cat???

This is a discussion on Introducing nutty dog to a cat??? within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; So a little background. The dog was raised in a house that had a cat but the cat never really appeared when she was in ...

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Old 01-01-2012, 08:15 PM
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Introducing nutty dog to a cat???

So a little background.

The dog was raised in a house that had a cat but the cat never really appeared when she was in the house up to about 2 or 3 months old, then moved to another place where there are no cats at all. The only cats she sees are outside, away from her and she usually barks at them and gets a bit anxious over it.

Well, this dog isn't mine but my sisters, so I rarely have interaction with the dog. However, when they bring her home, she usually gets a bit crazy about the cats, so we put them up in the basement. She will paw at the basement door, knowing they are there.

This is the part that I'm worried about, her behavior towards the cats are scary. So, out of curiosity to see what she would do or how she would react, we put a leash on her and put our brave kitten in a crate. We kept them separated but as soon as she saw the cat, she went NUTS. She made this loud whimpering sound and fought the leash to get to the cat. We kept them away for a while and she just continued this for a while till we got her to chill out. All my sister did was touch the crate and she just went off again. Also in between when she stopped fighting, she just stared very intently at the cat, she wouldn't move at all but was shaking and wouldn't take her eyes off the cat.


Now, just a different story but I have a friend who has three outdoor dogs. They have a small barn just a walk from the house and the dogs always follow them there. Well, at the small barn happens to be quite a few cats in which the dogs consider to be chew toys. The dogs have killed quite a few cats that they have there and the exhibit the same behavior as this dog has. I've never seen them actually go after a cat but I have seen them watch them intently and whimper quite a bit.


So, after saying all this. I have a feeling that it's best to say she isn't a dog that should have a cat around because of her behavior. However, my sister loves cats, so is there anyway to attribute it to her still being young with puppy behavior and she will grow out of this, or can they slowly...and I mean very slowly introduce her to a cat so that she doesn't hurt them or it hurt her?

Thanks ya'll!
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What is the dog motivated by? Food? Toys? Just in general, not related to cats.

I'm going to assume its food, cause most dogs are. But if its not food, just use the "ideal treat" as in the places I describe food in.

Show the dog the empty cat kennel, with the cat smells on it. Remove the dog from the area, place the cat in the kennel. From a distance away, a distance where the dog can SEE the cat but not freak out. If the dog is still freaking out, you are too close. Wait for the dog to notice the cat in the box. IF the dog is acting in a manner you wish him to act (calm, sitting, etc) give the dog a treat.

Read this sticky: I'm referring to the LAT game in there. You will be changing the dogs behavior towards the object (the cat) to a positive one. Until you feel confident the dog can be fairly calm, then approach the kennel very slowly after several weeks of training. Keep training sessions short.


The puppy could just be excited to see what the weird smelly things are. Put the cat in a kennel and leave the dog off leash. In a very calm enviroment, allow the dog to "Check out" the cat in the box. Let the dog go nuts for a little bit as long as there is no direct threat to the cat. Of course, if the cat is becoming terrified or begins to act aggresive, seperate the cat and dog. But who knows, maybe the pup is just curious and after the intial "OMG Its another fluffly thing!" the dog may settle down. My puppy is like this. VERY excited to see other animals. She loves cats (cats dont love her, but thats another story). first introductions were her being in her kennel and a cat walking around. (You could do this option too if the dog is kennel trained). Eventually she got so excited she wanted to meet the cat- no aggressive behaviors (tail wagging, she was making a high pitch squeeking out of excitment). She managed to check out the cat and everything was good after that.
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Our dog goes crazy when he sees cats / chickens etc. He's 19 months old and wasn't socialised with furries when young (we adopted him at 9 months) ...he jumps at the end of the lead, whines, howls, barks, scrabbles around, play bows...he's just way way excited! There's no aggression in it, just total 'aaagh must play!!!'

We may have to try socialise him with a cat at some point (bf's parent's have a cat), which would

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