How to Stop Peeing And Pooping In the House?

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How to Stop Peeing And Pooping In the House?

This is a discussion on How to Stop Peeing And Pooping In the House? within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Hello everyone, I have two dogs (1 years old and 15 years old) I'm having problems with them peeing and pooping in the house. I ...

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How to Stop Peeing And Pooping In the House?

Hello everyone, I have two dogs (1 years old and 15 years old) I'm having problems with them peeing and pooping in the house. I live in an apartment and I take them for a 30 minute walk every morning before work, the younger dog does both of his business but the older dog only pees outside. The problem that I'm facing is that my older dog will "hold" it until I have left my apartment. He never used to do this, this all started a couple of months ago. When I first found out about it was when he didn't poop for two days straight because I was off from work, and the next day that I left for work, he pooped in the house. Like I said earlier, I always take them for about a 30 minute walk every morning, and I also walk with them for a little while when I get home and before I go to bed. I don't punish him because I know that won't do anything for me or him, whenever he does poop outside (maybe once a week) I'll give him a treat, but that seems like it's not working at all.

Now onto my younger pup. I did manage to potty train him before he turned a year old, but now it's right back to square one it seems like. Obviously I don't expect him to hold it for 8 - 9 hours while I'm gone at work, so I place some puppy pads down in the spots that he does go, It seems like he "tries" to pee on those, but will usually go around it instead of on it. When I take him out I also give him treats every time he goes outside. I'm not sure what else to try because my apartment smells like urine and I can't get rid of the smell.

P.S. I can't afford to have a professional trainer, and I can't keep either of the dogs in cages because I've gotten several noise complaints about non-stop barking. My younger pup also chews on cages messing up his teeth, and that wasn't a cheap vet bill. And I also can't bring myself to buy a shock collar, I think that is to cruel to use. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.
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How to Stop Peeing And Pooping In the House?

WELL this is quite a pickle. I'm by no means a professional behavior specialist but I will give you ideas I might attempt if it were me!

The biggest issue is not being able to use a crate. Crate training is my favorite go to for potty training for sure. It definitely works.

The older pup can obviously hold it since he did it while you were home. I would have suggested maybe an actual problem where he was physically unable but him holding it for two days pretty well rules that out. That's very odd since dogs usually tend to NOT like to poop in their living quarters. I wonder how long he waits after you've left for work? Maybe one idea is to get up say an hour early, go on the morning walk, leave the house and kill 15-30 minutes, maybe go get breakfast, and come back and see if he pooped in the house while you were gone. Try to trick him into thinking you've left for work for the day. You could then show him his mess, crate him for 15 minutes or however long until you have to leave for work, and see if that corrects his behavior. It could possibly do one of two things. He will either learn the new schedule and wait longer or he will get the message and not poop in the home anymore.

Now, the younger pup. Can you think of any changes that triggered this? Anything as small as food to being neutered or...? How long has this been going on? Could it be an actual problem such as a UTI? The general rule of thumb is a dog can hold it 1 hour for every month of age. Yeah, 8-9 hours is a while but in my opinion, it shouldn't be a daily occurrence at this point. Accidents occasionally, yeah, but daily, no. What happens if you don't leave a puppy pad down? Maybe the puppy pads encourage him that there is a spot in the house he is allowed to go?

We have foster pups come and go constantly and they usually aren't house broken at first. I think my wife usually cleans it up with vinegar but I will have to consult with her when she's awake. You can also mix water and fabuloso in a pot and boil it on the stove and it will leave the place smelling amazing for a good while. Nice little trick.

Write back with any updates or any more information you can think of and I'll keep trying for ya! Surely we can come up with some sort of solution!

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