Housetraining a beagle pup...HELP!!!!

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Housetraining a beagle pup...HELP!!!!

This is a discussion on Housetraining a beagle pup...HELP!!!! within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Hi all, I've bought myself a present, in the shape of just the cutest beagle pup Shes 12 weeks old (was born Valentines day!) and ...

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Old 05-08-2010, 03:15 AM
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Housetraining a beagle pup...HELP!!!!

Hi all,

I've bought myself a present, in the shape of just the cutest beagle pup

Shes 12 weeks old (was born Valentines day!) and i just cant seem to housetrain her. Shes crate trained, and goes in her crate without fuss, takes her toys in and enjoys being in there, so that isnt a problem. Ive been feeding her rigidly at 7am, 12noon and 4pm (ive taken time off to do this!!) and then putting her leash on, while saying "outside" to try and train her to the command, and leading her, fighting - i sometimes have to carry her because she will not follow me outside), outside around 10 mins later. We stay outside for 10 mins, and then she gets placed back in her crate. I wait 10 more minutes, and repeat the outside process. The first couple of days, she didnt do anything outside, but waited until i let her back in (this is when the crate was too large) and then went as she got back in her crate. I read up a bit on puppy training and promptly went and bought a crate with a divider. Her crate area now is very small, but i cant reduce the width, so its still big enough for her to do her business one end and sleep the other. Ive removed the bedding, as i ended up washing it twice a day and it got frustrating. Yesterday she DID do a poop outside, so i threw her a party, gave her treats immediately, and loads of praise and fuss. She didnt enjoy it, her tail was between her legs and she didnt seem to be happy at the treats and attention. She then came back inside and wet her crate again. Im losing hope with this pup. Ive done everything that other sites and even the books i have bought have stated, and nothing is working. I dont understand why!! I watch her in her crate, and when she starts sniffing, i whisk her outside, and then she just sits stubbornly and refuses to even move or sniff. I take her back in and she soils her crate. I cant physically make the crate any smaller, what should i do?? Also, any advice on gettin her to walk nicely outside would be good - she isnt bad on her leash any other time - and follows me very nicely on her leash anywhere else around the house. Just when i say "outside" and start to walk her towards the door she struggles and chokes herself, so i then have to carry her. If i keep doing this she wont know where to eventually go for me to let her out.

Any ideas would be gratefully received, as my time off wont last forever, and im starting to get so frustrated

Thanks in advance!

Nikki, Ozzy and Ellie
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Old 05-08-2010, 12:09 PM
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Sorry, I don't have any advice for you, but I can sympathize with you. We have had similar experiences with all the beagle puppies we've fostered (we have two 9-week-olds right now, as a matter of fact).

I'm not trying to bash the breed, because I think they are very cute and fun puppies, but someone who has beagles told me they are difficult to housebreak. Maybe they just require different tactics?

I'm subscribing to this thread because I know you'll get plenty of good advice.
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Old 05-09-2010, 01:01 PM
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crate soiling is hard to "break" once its begun. Basically they dogs den instincts are gone, so using the crate to housebreak it mostly moot at this point.

I would try a different tactic. Instead of the smaller crate...try a larger area, like a tiled room or x pen....create clear "bed areas" and potty areas with potty pads or a dog litter box and watch what her instincts do...if she starts going on the pads, or in the box, your golden...if shes peeing in the bed still, you will have to remove it...

once the dog is learning to pee in a place other than the bed, you can start moving the pads towards the doorway, or just start taking her out...another thing is feed her in her bed or crate. Dogs will generally not go where they eat.

another option would be to diaper her in her crate, which will prevent her from continuing to put that scent there. Also alot of dogs will hold it with the diaper on...but this is just a bandaid while you train otherwise.

if she doesn't like the praise party, dont' give one...just quietly say "good!" while averting your eyes and turning sideways to her and slip her a treat. She may be afraid to pee because of the party! lol

hopefully others will jump in, thats all I can think of

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Old 05-15-2010, 12:22 AM
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it sounds like the whole process is a pretty unhappy one for her, i mean look at it from the beginning, you are putting a leash on her and having to drag her, that doesn't sound like much fun to me... let's start with that, you may want to just carry her for a while, go ahead and clip the leash on, but don't drag her... maybe talk quietly to her in a soft encouraging tone say "outside" then set her down in her spot and wait, making sure you are standing sideways to her, and not staring at her too much (this can be very intimidating) when she goes, just say "good" again, in a soft, encouraging tone, and feed her the treat... if she doesn't go in 10 min, take her back in, but keep her leashed, just set her on the floor for a second, then pick her up again, and repeat...

it may also help to take something that has been soiled on and put it in her spot outside so that she smells it out there too...

as far as crate soiling, i would definitely follow crio's suggestion...

i hope that helps you...

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