Help Me -Stressed New Dog Mom behavior issues

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Help Me -Stressed New Dog Mom behavior issues

This is a discussion on Help Me -Stressed New Dog Mom behavior issues within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Our new dog Rosie has very specific set of issues and as a new mom, she's acting out. Distant relative gave up her dog, we ...

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Help Me -Stressed New Dog Mom behavior issues

Our new dog Rosie has very specific set of issues and as a new mom, she's acting out.

Distant relative gave up her dog, we adopted her. Although it was obvious she had separation anxiety and some minor bad manners, she was pretty easy to train and catching on quickly. By the 10th day we were bonded and she stopped numerous behaviors like pulling on the leash. On the 10th day we had a house fire and she ran away. The next day, her first mom/ that distant relative found her and offered to watch her while we handled the fire and got in some temporary housing.
2 weeks later her prev owner/relative would not return my calls about getting her back. We were heartbroken.
Weeks later she called and gave her back to us. "Because Sorry she couldn't part with her a second time but came back bc she knew she could have a better life with us".
She took to us again easily but did have some bad habits again. Then we realize wks later she's pregnant. Take to the vet, she healthy and 45+ days pregnant. She disliked being pregnant and basically begged for food and belly rubs all day long. She has the puppies after a hardcore 24 hrs. She is very attached to me and wouldn't let me even leave her side that night. Immediately she was so proud of them, caring for them- licking them, feeding them, keeping them warm.

We set up the whelping box in the lvg rm and after reading online about her anxiety and seeing her carelessly step and lay on the pups (even though she's usually quite graceful), I stay with them 24/7. She did lots of cleaning licking loving feeding the first day but slowing has gotten worse about caring for them.

We are at day 7. Now about 50% of the time, she feeds them on her own , keeps them warm, helps them potty...but the other 50% of the time she lets them cry when they're hungry & I have to help by getting her to lie down and direct them on her teats, lay them on a heatat when she leaves the box wanting to hang with us instead. They show signs of hunger like crying and trying to suckle one another 🙁.
Times we will get her people food at lunch or dinner (only meat or eggs) and she has always feeling good about stop being a sometimes treat. Even now if you say no she will stay back and either watch or do something else. but now if she's feeding the puppies and we start to eat she will jump up ignore the puppies as they cry and run to beg to get our food! Worse?- She has decided to stop going potty. She was waiting until I would pass out for like 20 mins then pee and poop in another room. We never had potty issues before. I have all of the rooms blocked off now, so she just holds it! Begs to go out and is all excited but then after 60 seconds she will just stand still and stare at me, then she will choke herself pulling on the leash to get back inside instead of going to potty. At first I thought it was to watch over her babies but it's not she just goes back in and hangs out!

I've tried for 4 days now the technique of going out every 2hrs and standing for 10 mins, only saying hurry up or go potty w her on the leash. I can't stay out there for too long because we have to watch after these puppies. I gave up take her back in and ignore her. If she's acting up like this I only give her attention for staying in the Whelping box and caring for them.

She finally gives in and goes in the evening. Shes eating 2-3x her reg food so she does need to go! When she finally does go unlike the sixth trip outside (omg).. I praise her and give her a treat or praise her and give her a fun walk. Every time I'm convinced we've made a breakthrough but it happens again.

I am so confused!! Is it just the stress of all these changes / hormones / puppies / new home...What am I doing wrong? What can I do about it?!
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You've had quite an experience with your new dog Rosie.

Our resident new mom/ puppy expert is @LoveMyFosters who has raised and written about numerous foster dogs and their litters. I would suggest reading this thread from beginning to end and asking for her advice.
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Okay, so just from first looking at your post, I would honestly be giving her Calcium, her stepping/laying on them and not being very attentive is often a sign they are low and need a bit extra. Does she pant and pace at all? I have only had to give calcium a few times as most dogs don't need supplementing, but for the few I did, they were acting similar, along with being very restless, after getting some calcium, it was like a night and day difference in their behavior. Not sure where you are located, but I picked up some Tums from my local store and it did the trick.

It is common for moms after the first week to become more willing to leave their pups. If you leave her be, how often does she go in and feed? A crying puppy does not always mean they are hungry, could be too warm, too cold, or needing to potty as well. From the photo you show, they look fat and well fed, so I really don't feel she is truly neglecting them.

With the potty issue, I would not be stressing, let her tell you when she needs out, and if she isn't doing that, just keep an eye on her. Adult dogs, even those nursing can not go potty for hours at a time. I feel like forcing her out every 2 hours might simply be making her stress worse. Just keep an eye on her, and when you see true restless behavior like she needs to go, then take her out.

A lot of this is likely hormones, a dog with pups is so different from a dog without, they can be protective, worried, scared, and can do strange things, such as forgetting house training, showing aggression, etc.

Please ask away with any questions, I have a lot of experience and will help where I can!
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