Female dog hates other female dogs

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Female dog hates other female dogs

This is a discussion on Female dog hates other female dogs within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Stella is a 2 year old boxer terrier mix we got at a shelter. She was in a shelter or foster homes before we had ...

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Old 02-09-2018, 09:15 AM
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Female dog hates other female dogs

Stella is a 2 year old boxer terrier mix we got at a shelter. She was in a shelter or foster homes before we had her. Shes very friendly towards people and male dogs but barks and growls at any female dog we walk by. I have no idea why. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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Old 02-09-2018, 10:43 AM
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Hard to say. The best I can say is that some dogs just dont like same sex dogs. Females have a higher tendency to fight seriously. Males typically get into fights more often, but females tend to be more serious about a fight than males. Theres a saying " males fight to breed, females fight to breathe". Basically just be careful. We had two females who got along good for 3 years, a fight happened, and they couldnt even be in the same room together after that. Not all females are like this of coarse, but if yours is, you can try to " fix " it, and she may be fine around other females or not. Just be aware that they can get along great, but then theres that possibility of a fight. True of all dogs....but males typically just get it out of their systems and may be friends afterwards, they're usually not fighting for damage per se, but to settle a quarrel. Females fight for damage.
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Arrow DS/CC or manage the issue to keep her under threshold


Some breeds are more-prone to same-sex aggro than others, such as Akita, Boston [Bull &] Terrier, APBT / AmStaff, JRT, M Scotties, etc.
To the BOMK, Boxers aren't among them - the original cross which produced Boxers was Engl Bulldog x Great Dane / German Mastiff [Deutsche Dogge], & neither parent breed is particularly prone to same-sex aggro.

Maybe yer dog has some Boston in her ancestry, or a pittie-mix, but it's also possible that she's just not F-friendly.
She may have had a bad past experience, & this isn't inherited, but learned behavior - who knows? Only the dog.

U can try to counter-condition it, & change her feelings about other Fs - or U can simply manage it, & avoid other Fs.
IF U want to counter-condition, i'd suggest a copy of 'Click to Calm' as a reliable-source DIY manual.
Used copies are sometimes available via Amazon, Libris, & other on-line booksellers, but it's not expensive new.

In the meantime, i'd do my best to keep her under threshold [not barking, not growling] by giving her sufficient distance from ALL dogs, on the presumption that unless they are recognized by U & known to be M, they're all F.

I'd also specifically teach her a happy, fluent EMERGENCY U-Turn to get away from dogs who appear suddenly inside her reactive distance [pat yer thigh on the dog's side, announce cheerily, "Let's go!", reverse course, & TROT, do not -walk-, away from the intruder].

Keep an eye out for escape routes as U walk: cross to the far side of the street when a dog approaches head-on on a narrow sidewalk, go up someone's driveway, or dodge into a public parking-lot & use a CAR to block her view of the other dog, AND that dog's view of her, etc.
A wide umbrella with a metal ferrule can be very helpful - pop it open as a sunshade on hot days, & simply swing it down between Ur Boxer & the current dog in view, to provide a visual barrier for both dogs, & reduce reactions.

WRAP Ur dog's *collar tags*, too, to silence them - wide rubber bands, such as those on asparagus bunches, work well; be prepared to replace them every few months, b/c the UV will wreck their molecular bonds. [Quiet Spot is a neoprene bag for tags that does the same useful trick, but it's more co$tly.]

- terry

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