Dog wetting the bed

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Dog wetting the bed

This is a discussion on Dog wetting the bed within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Hello all! I had another account before this one ( I believe) I just for the life of me couldn’t remember my login, and the ...

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Dog wetting the bed

Hello all! I had another account before this one ( I believe) I just for the life of me couldn’t remember my login, and the email for the account. I posted a few months back, about how I had a puppy, and had to rehome him due to being hyper, biting, chewing cords, not potty training. I contributed that it was probably my odd work schedule, off and on not super consistent. I did spend lots of time with him outside though, and rewarded him when he did go outside, but It was more like outside playtime than a walk.

Anyhow. I rehomed him, because he chewed cords to a 2000$ monitor, TVs, heating blankets. Etc. but never chewed his bones, rawhides, and like other 20 chews I got him. ( soft ones, hard ones, rubber ones) and the edible bones and other chew treats just gave him diarrhea and he finished them almost instantly. My Girlfriend was getting sick of him destroying her stuff, her glasses, her shoes anything that wasn’t 3ft off the floor he would destroy. And when he was crated he would scream non stop, I tried doing this and ignored him and would reward him after being quiet for some time but he was only quiet when he slept, and would cry again every time.

He went to a seemingly great family, who had another dog, who was also a German Shepherd ( mine was a gsd mix)
A few months later they contacted us and asked us to take him back, because they were having a baby and were scared for thier babies life.
We took him back of course, I felt horrible rehoming him in the first place.
When he came back he was super skinny, maybe 25lbs. The vet said he should be 40lbs. And I have gotten him at around 36-40ish now. (We have to feed him fattening food because he will eat a lot of food, and still won’t gain weight think a shoebox full of food constantly being filled throughout the day and eating scraps and such)
He doesn’t have parasites/worms either. Might have a flea allergy, but the flea medicine makes his skin peel and get gross.

ANYWAY we took him home noticed he was crazy skinny, he was somewhat house trained, he won’t go potty in front of you, but if you leave him alone he will manage to fill a room with feces and peepees in moments. He does okay in the crate now, we crate him whenever we aren’t with him.
He does chew sometimes but usually only things we give him. And if he does chew something that’s not his, he won’t listen about not chewing it. He doesn’t care if it’s sprayed with bitter stuff either. I just have to move the thing high enough he won’t reach it.

A few days back I came into the room ( we have a basement part of the house to ourselves, he lives in it with my gf and I)
And I smelled strong pee smell, I went and let him out of his crate and he wet his bed. I cut the foam ( it looked like this wasn’t his first time peeing on it) out of the bed and washed the cover, and put a big comforter in his crate instead so it would be soft. ( he sometimes sleeps in there at night with the door open) so I didn’t want it to be hard wire on the floor. I walked him about 2 hours before that. ( I was at work) and he peed when I walked him right after that.

I found more pee this morning on the comforter, I figured I did sleep extra long so I wasn’t mad at him or anything ( though I was a bit angry he peed on the comforter I didn’t yell at him or anything) I went upstairs to put it in the wash and I put pads in his crate to see if he peed again. (Right after a walk) and when I came and let him out of his crate he did pee, just a little, maybe a half of a cups worth. I’m tired of having to bathe him every time he pees his bed, and he always smells gross, and he always has an irritated backside and belly. ( the vet said he had a flea allergy and it would clear up once he didn’t have fleas.) It hasn’t cleared up, and the vet was a waste of my money, I could have guessed at a flea allergy for free. Bringing him back to the vets to miss diagnose him again isn’t an option and I doubt it’s medical.

If he could do anything to make me want to rehome him again, it’s this, I can’t be bathing him every day because he decided to wet his bed. I love him, my gf does not, and him starting to do this does not make him any more appealing to her. ( she wants a different dog, “one who doesn’t stink all the time and isn’t gross”)

Any help would be grately appreciated! He’s usually a good boy but I don’t think this is a new problem just one I caught onto. ( his foam bed must have been soaking it up and the dehumidifier and just the super dry room has been absorbing it I guess, idk) I don’t want to rehome him over something this weird and if I did rehome him I’d have to be super specific.
He’s very excitable, super submissive (he came back to us like that) and needs a lot of exercise and training. He can’t be kept with any kids under like 14ish. Because he goes crazy, jumps on everyone but me, and bites if he’s played with unless it’s me. (I do positive reinforcement for doing good things but I will yell at him if he does something bad, like “no!” If he jumps on my gf, bites (playfully but he still bites really hard), or if he chews on something that’s not his. I’ve gotten a warning system though, I can clear my throat in a certain tone and he knows whatever he’s doing he should stop. I’ve also gotten a shock collar, put on vibrate because either he doesn’t feel the shock or it’s not touching his skin, because on upper settings he still had no reaction at all. ( I’ve used the collar on myself, and at 20 it hurt, I wouldn’t even try above 15 on him) so it’s on vibrate, and it does the same thing anyway, it takes his attention so mid jump on my gf he gets a vibrate, mid bite he gets a vibrate. I then make him do a trick and he gets a reward. The collar also has a beep mode, that doesn’t phase him.

So I’m looking for general help I guess, I want to be a better owner, and I want him to stop wetting his bed.
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First off, sometimes dogs stink and "are gross". Everyone in the household needs to be on board and participate in the training or it isn't going to stick.

Create and write down a potty schedule. There's tons of great housebreaking schedules and blogs online. Withhold water after his last pee before bed. How old is the dog? His age in months + 1 = how many hours he can hold it in his crate. You can't be mad at him if he's in his crate for 8 hours and pees and isn't physically able to hold it. It means you need to let him out more.

I had a rude awakening when my first dog became a super hyper, destructive mess. I wasn't walking him or exercising him enough. He gets 3 miles in the morning now, and 3 miles when I come home from work. And this is plus countless hours of fetch and running around in the yard. Running in the yard isn't enough. A tired dog is a good dog. You have to be consistent. You will be tired. He's destructive because he's bored. Find a dog park and let him play with others, but be careful if you haven't socialized him before. Take a training class. Petsmart has great affordable obedience training classes and those are chains all over the place. I hope you can find something near you. Taking that extra hour out of our week has changed my life completely in dealing with a high energy, crazy dog.

It's up to you if you want to use the shock collar or not, but from my expeirence positive reinforcement has always worked better than anything negative.

It sounds like you need to decide whether or not you and your girlfriend are both on board. Be prepared to spend lots of time, and money, on making sure this dog is okay. If you can't do that, find a no kill shelter or a rescue that will take him.

Good luck!
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I don't know what to tell you about his irritated skin and messed up tummy. Maybe food allergy? Try a limited-ingredient food. We use potato-lamb blue basics from blue wilderness and both dogs do great on that. Find a different, reliable vet. We have such a great vet's office, I've never felt as if my vets misdiagnosed me, or gave me information that I didn't find valuable, or charged too much for a service. You need to find a place you can depend on, that can help you with his problems instead of making you feel "misdiagnosed".
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