Dog Aggression, maybe?

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Dog Aggression, maybe?

This is a discussion on Dog Aggression, maybe? within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; So I have a 7 year old rescue dog who is probably a boxer/rott mix, (but he could be a boxer/lab, so that is what ...

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Old 01-20-2018, 09:25 PM
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Dog Aggression, maybe?

So I have a 7 year old rescue dog who is probably a boxer/rott mix, (but he could be a boxer/lab, so that is what we tell my apartment complex). Generally he is the sweetest dog ever, loves people, is good with other pets and other random animals. I have literally had this dog around everything; chickens, camels, pigs, zebras, horses... not to mention cats, rabbits, and other household pets. Off leash on 100 acres with no problem, ect. He used to go to the dog park regularly until it got so cold hell froze over. Everyone who has ever met him agrees that he is the sweetest dog ever.

But occasionally he acts aggressive to other dogs when on a leash. This is pretty hit or miss. My apartment complex is very dog friendly, so we are always running into new dogs for him to meet. 90% of the time he is very good and usually just ignores the other dog. 10% of the time he is Cujo. So we've been working on that, and it went from about 50% Cujo to 10% Cujo since I've been living at these apartments.

However, today I was taking him out, and he got off his leash. Because he is usually sweet to other dogs off leash and can pull and be Cujo on leash, I was just being lazy about putting him back on leash and letting him sniff the bushes. Anyways, he went into the bushes and was sniffing around and a lady and her dog walked up. All of a sudden he just went after the other dog and would not stop lunging at her and barking. I've never had that happen before. He didn't hurt the other dog I don't think, but he was really loud and it was really scary. I finally caught him, and then he acted like it he had just had the most fun ever and wasn't his mom lucky to have such a strong and ferocious dog.

Lesson learned, he is going to be on a headcollar from now on and no escaping that. But does anyone have any clue what is going on here? I didn't see pain or fear in him when he did this, just high energy and excitement, and as soon as I grabbed him he stopped.

I hate that he is randomly aggressive to other dogs on leash and most of the time he's not, and then occasionally he is. And then this was just completely out of the blue. What can I do to change it when it is so hit or miss? I'm at a loss.
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Old 01-27-2018, 04:18 PM
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lIve just experienced what you described with mine. Its rare, but she decides, based on what? that THIS leashed dog, is a threat. And arcs up.

Its hard to train a behaviour, when you struggle to 'capture' it.
twice a week, she has worked around, amongst, over, under other dogs at training club. and nothing. We will see 50 walkers, no reactivity, 51st comes along and she hates it.

This morning, was a jack russell, on leash, with owner. Its 5.30am, its gonna be 48 degrees today, we are out before sun up, for some exercise.
and nowt unusual for us in summer.

Lady clearly had similar thoughts.
There were 2 dogs, reacting badly, 40 foot from her. I cant go to my left, i cant go right. So i stop, and ask her to step back to allow me to pass. (if i can get juice under control. I tether eddie, who is trying to get in the lake to our right as its already 28 degrees. And, he doesnt want any trouble, so avoiding.

Whilst juice is barking (big girl bark) and lungeing at JRT, she moves towards us. Being friendly i am sure. I put my hand up, and say STOP, my dog is not friendly (bloody obvious id of thought) and she's still walking away. I have to quickly untie eddie, and go back the way i came, and around other side of lake, another 2k walk.

Safety first. For me anyhow, i dont bounce these days so well.

Have the right equipment. And you've been shown, your previous tack was inadequate. I had a pinch on juice, but leash not attached (my bad) to it, just to flat collar.
So i'll be ensuring she's connected to her adequate equipment next time.

I managed my situation, by working her on a tug i had, away from JRT dog. Out comes tug, JRT disappears from her attention.

I had 2 dogs to control, impossible to work 2 pups for me currently, but we are working on it.
Eddie, is amped up from her reactivity, and has decided, ducks on the water = prey for the 1st time. He's been working around ducks for 8 weeks fine (on land). Not this morning.

I was also struggling to keep a foot hold, as in mud on edge of lake. So i have made note of that.
My club has an open day, where strangers can come, and see dogs being IPO trained, she's going to have some exposure there, in her down time. And i'll be able to get help on it.
Can you join a club?
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