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depressed puppy? help!

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Old 02-24-2009, 05:23 PM
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Unhappy depressed puppy? help!

I need some advice about one of my yorkie’s recent behavior: I adopted him roughly a year ago with my boyfriend and although it was my idea and I’ve always wanted an adorable little teacup puppy, Bruiser took an immediate liking to my boyfriend. He seemed like a happy puppy but he always ignored me—I tried everything to get him to like me (constantly tried to play with him, take him to dog parks, take him for walks throughout the day etc.) Well about a month ago we broke up and he moved out. Bruiser still lives with me but has been noticeably depressed and refuses to eat. I’ve taken him to the vet and they keep telling me to try different dog foods but he still won’t eat them. He doesn’t respond when I try to play with him either. I am very worried about his health and mental state--- does anyone have ANY suggestions about what I should do?

PS I received a lot of messages about one of my previous posts concerning a carpet cleaner I used called Get Serious… some of you wanted to know more: to answer a few of your questions (based on my knowledge as someone who has been using this cleaner for awhile) Its not an enzymatic cleaner (like natures miracle), which basically means its really safe for people with allergies (like me!!). The other difference between these two cleaners is Get Serious completely removes any trace of Pheromone- This is the first cleaner I have encountered that could do this (ones that “neutralize” the pheromone really just cover it up- my puppies have always ended up feeling the need to re-mark their territory after I’ve used a neutralizer). Also the reason why I wanted to spread the word about this is because pet owners are using toxic and non biodegradable cleaners- BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT and for our animals! If anyone wants more info head over to Petsmart’s website- they can probably be of more help then me! I hope this answered some of your questions! Glad I could help!
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Try training him with good treats like "real" cooked chicken bits, cucumber slices, and/or cheddar cheese bits.. I would try to work with him, get him to trust you and to let him know that you are his master now and not your boyfriend.. also just keep giving lots of kisses, and cuddles and soon i am sure he will open up. We also have an adopted yorkie, and it took a good 6-8 months for him to really open up and come into his own...when we first got him, he was a VERY picky eater, would not eat a lot at all, and all he would do was keep to himself curled up on the couch wanting nothing to do with us... it takes time for them to transition from one master to the next i guess... but eventually he snapped out of it.. :-) Good Luck!
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I think of my dogs as people in certain situations, and I think you should do the same. Your boyfriend was his best friend, and now he's gone, you'd be sad if you lost your best friend too right? Did your boyfriend and bruiser ever do any sort of certain activity? Try playing with him like he did, and start the trusting process again. Think of him like a new pup you JUST brought home, and show him you can be just as good of a friend as he was, and DON'T GIVE UP!!!
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Hot Dogs...Xander luved getting hot dogs, and I still use them when trying to train him for new things. In this case i would just sit quietly on the floor with them...make sure he gets a good whiff of what you have...when he comes up to you give him a small piece and softly pet him on the head. If he's food motivated this should work great. Also have you thought about enrolling in an obedience class?? It's a great way for you and your pup to be able to bond together.

I wouldn't coddle him too much while he's actually mooping, this could have the opposite effect of prolonging the process. Just be patience and show him kindness and love and he'll come around soon enough.
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