Chewing electric cables

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Chewing electric cables

This is a discussion on Chewing electric cables within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Hello, I have a male labrador puppy. He chew electric cables. How I can stop it from chewing electric cables?...

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Old 10-12-2017, 02:54 AM
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Chewing electric cables

Hello, I have a male labrador puppy. He chew electric cables. How I can stop it from chewing electric cables?
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Old 10-12-2017, 09:30 PM
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To be on the safe side put them up higher on something or put something in front of them. I would tell him no and every time he isn't going over by it say good boy a throw him his favorite toy :-):-)
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Old 10-12-2017, 10:53 PM
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I would not consider this a behavior that can reliably be "trained out" when you're not there. Eventually, he may get bored enough to test the cables. Mostly, this is an issue of management- arranging his environment so that the behavior does not have a chance to present itself.

I think it's important to teach him a strong "leave it" and use it to redirect his attention from the cables, for use in other people's homes, but like I said I don't think this is something you can reliably train out when you're not there.

In places he is in often, you can get clear tubing from home depot, make a continuous slit down the side with the scissor, and insert the exposed cable(s) into it. This will stop his from having access to it.

If you don't want to cover it for some reason, you should be absolutely sure that he does not have access to chewing cables, which means watching him very carefully when he's around them, and redirecting attention from them when he tries to chew them. Personally though I'd just cover the cables.
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Old 10-13-2017, 06:07 PM
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In the short term, at least, you are going to have to keep his access to electrical cables completely restricted. Not easy, I realize, but the risk to his life is unacceptable if he can get to them.
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Old 10-13-2017, 06:44 PM
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Question Have U got a shipping-crate?...

If he were mine, i crate him [in an airline-approved shipping kennel, not a welded-wire 'show' crate] whenever i could not directly supervise him, while asleep, off-premises or on & working, etc - OR - if i was at home, but too busy to keep both eyes on the pup - i'd confine him to a single dog-proofed room, with all the electrical cords encased by METAL conduit, to make it tooth-proof.

plastic tubing won't keep the sharp teeth of a dog from gnawing a cable - but metal conduit to completely enclose the cable, or thick-walled PVC pipe of a sufficiently-large diameter that he can't get it into his mouth, makes the cable inside it impossible to chew.
The newest iteration of "no longer pocket hoses" is made of spiral S/S, & that would be a perfect 'cover' for electric wires - it's flexible, lightweight, & once the hose-hardware is cut off the ends, should be / might be wide-enuf for the plug to fit into & thru the hose. // Obv, measure th internal diameter B4 buying it; don't buy it on my say-so, & then find out the 3-prong plug is too big to fit into the opening!

Using wire-staples WITH A STAND-OFF to prevent punctures to the electrical cords, & running them along walls, then covering the stapled cables with half-circle conduit, & half-hoops screwed into the wall at intervals to secure the conduit to the wall, is another option.

A locking-box to cover the wall receptacles where plugs enter the outlet, is also a good way to ensure the safety of children, pets, & ppl with dementia.

- terry

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