But I just met her?

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But I just met her?

This is a discussion on But I just met her? within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Hi! I am new here and I have a few questions. I met my eldest brother's 2 year old female pitbull terrier yesterday. I came ...

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But I just met her?

Hi! I am new here and I have a few questions. I met my eldest brother's 2 year old female pitbull terrier yesterday. I came with my mom and my older brother. We pulled in and not a bark out of her she was extremely well behaved and calm great! Well I get out of the truck and she comes to greet me and a neighbor's dog comes to say hello too. Now please note she was perfectly fine with the other male dog. Friendly as ever. He tells my mother and I to go in and she follows me. I gave her attention as usual and I notice...she's not moving from against my legs. It was almost as if she was in protection mode. That's just the vibe I got. She finally lays down by my feet when the male walks in. She immediately jumps up when he comes to me and is going under his head and nudging him away. I thought ok What's this about?! And it got to the point where I could feel tension in the air and she just was acting like she was about to snap at this dog. So I had my mom make the other dog go outside and she does the same thing puts all her weight on my legs and goes into this mode. We left and he texted me this morning saying she's been pacing the floors and crying all night. Guys I have never met this dog before yesterday. I know well I think I know lol a good bit about dogs as I've had several but this behavior is new to me. Why would she be acting like this when she just met me? She doesn't even act this way towards her owner.
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Maybe you gave her more attention than anyone else, or scratched a good spot. Maybe you remind her of a previous owner. Without knowing her history it's impossible to say.
When I got my last dog from the shelter I felt a "soul mate connection" with him within minutes. He still needed training and wasn't always the easiest dog his whole life but we had an amazing bond his whole life that I can't even describe. From that first minute I saw him.
Had the same thing happen with a starving stray kitten I found literally next to a busy road in Aruba. I didn't need or want any more pets nor did I want to pay airfare to bring a cat back to the US. But I just picked this tiny kitten up off the street and looked into his eyes and there was instantly a strong bond. Eight years later this cat follows me everywhere and actually has separation anxiety from me. He hides from all other people and won't go near anyone else. I can't even go to the bathroom or take a shower without him following me. Not all cats are distant. He sleeps right next to my pillow.

Something about your interaction or your look or your smell or mannerism or touch drew the dog to you if she's reacting that strongly. Or you remind her of someone she had a strong bond with in the past.

Both my last dog and the cat I described were very jealous of anyone else getting close to me too. The only time my last dog ever actually hurt and drew blood from another dog was on a dog he'd gotten along with fine for years. One day I petted the other dog and he lunged and bit it and punctured its ear. Only thing different was I petted it in front of him. $450 vet bill I paid the other owner. Never did that again.
He viewed my cats and horses as family so was fine with me being affectionate with them.
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