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Banchee Screetching

This is a discussion on Banchee Screetching within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Hi there, My boyfriend and I recently added a dog to our pack. We've had him for about 3 months now. We have a few ...

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Old 06-11-2018, 06:57 PM
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Banchee Screetching

Hi there,
My boyfriend and I recently added a dog to our pack. We've had him for about 3 months now. We have a few behavior issues which are the usual and easy to fix (chewing, not listening, ect) however, he has one habbit that we aren't sure how to approach, one that will likely have the authorities called on us for one of these days.
Whenever we come home, as soon as he hears us pull up to the apartment, he just starts yelping and Screetching at the top of his lungs. He sounds like hes being beaten. He's just excited or anxious to see us and wants us to pay attention to him NOW. We keep him behind a baby gate while we are out to limit the risks of "accidents" or marking. So he often won't stop Screetching until we let him out. We try to show him that he won't be let out until he contains himself a little, but it takes a long time and he never truly calms down.
If anyone has any suggestions, we'd gladly take them.
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Old 06-11-2018, 07:24 PM
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What I would do is alert your neighbors that you know about the problem and are actively working on it. Ask them to please have patience and bring them some sort of little gift like fruit basket, or nice cheesecake as an added good will offering.

Next go out and buy some really good earplugs, you are going to need them, and charge your phone, get a nice book, whatever you need to pass some time because it will help you wait.

This is the hard part and why you need the ear plugs and something to pass the time, So long as he's barking you do not open the door, go towards him, look at him, or acknowledge his presence, his barking means he does not exist, and any acknowledgement of him by you will just encourage him to keep making noise. So what you do when you go in is put your hand on the door and start to turn the knob so long as he's quiet. If he barks, whines, screeches, etc. while you are turning the knob stop and wait for him to be quiet for 5 seconds before turning it some more. Every time he vocalizes restarts the countdown. It's basically a demented game of red light, green light. Vocalizing = red light and causes you to stop in your tracks. 5 seconds of quiet = green light and causes you to move again. You'll be doing that as you turn the knob, open the door, go towards him, etc. Every time he vocalizes freeze, ignore him completely, you can turn away from him if you like, and wait for those 5 seconds of quiet.

Do not, repeat, do not, let him out while he is vocalizing, or you will just teach him to vocalize louder, and longer, because it works. What he's learning now is that making noise is what works to get you to go to him and let him out. So do not give up and give in.

It'll take a few days but if you persist in only letting him out when he's quiet he'll learn that quiet is what gets you to give him attention, and let him out to be with you. Once he learns that he should stay quiet while you come into the house and go towards him.

It may also help to reward him throughout the day for just laying around and being quiet. When you catch him just laying around give him a bit of attention or toss him a treat.
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Great advice but really hard to stick to in a city apartment setting. Everyone calls the landlord and animal control for every little thing and is very quick to suspect abuse, so waiting it out isn't always an option.
I thought I read or heard that a good way to stop nuisance barking was to teach the dog to bark on command, ie speak!, Then teach quiet!
Or maybe take him somewhere isolated and quiet on weekends and try to recreate the situation with the above-mentioned tips so no one calls and reports you?
My dog goes absolutely nuts barking at every little sound at my front and back doors. I like him being protective but he goes overboard and will keep barking and lunging and jumping at the door and growling and sounds like he's going to take the whole door down for twenty minutes straight every time someone walks by. I live in a large five floor apartment building with four apartments per floor right near a busy area of the city and people come home and leave and walk their dogs and go out to smoke and have parties on weekends literally all hours of the day and night. I don't need my dog racing over my stomach and legs at 2,3,4,4:15,4:30,4:40&5 am every night charging to the door barking like a maniac for twenty or more minutes each time each time.
Now I confess if I get woken out of a sound sleep by 90 pound paws stabbing into my stomach, legs, post-op arm and then tons of loud obnoxious barking, I rarely wake enough to know exactly what I do. I just know there's a lot of cursing and probably yelling and fast silence and he slinks back to bed or his crate and there's lots of pain involved for me too from being run over.
If I'm more awake I call to leave it and call him back to me and say quiet or no barking which usually works. Same as at the dog park. I praise and give treats for good recall and listening.
I will add that's for barking, the frantic screaming described would absolutely drive me nuts. I agree not to reinforce it at all but can see how it would be really hard in a busy apartment setting.
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