1 year old went after puppy

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1 year old went after puppy

This is a discussion on 1 year old went after puppy within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; My 3 month old puppy Max and my 1 year old dog Joey get along really well, I’ve had Max since he was 6 weeks ...

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1 year old went after puppy

My 3 month old puppy Max and my 1 year old dog Joey get along really well, I’ve had Max since he was 6 weeks and they are the best of friends, play really well together and love each other. However last night my roommate and I were sitting on the couch,Max was sitting next to my roommate on the floor and Joey goes up to Max and starts licking his ear, Joey does this to my other dog too and I have to stop him cause it can cause ear infections. So I said No and went and gentles pushed Joey back. Next thing I know Joey just goes after Max, Max falls over and Joeys on top of him, Max is screaming and is peeing himself and I grab Joey by the scruff and lift him up and away from Max and put him outside while I checked on Max, he wasn’t hurt just got really scared and Peed all over himself, Joey has never done anything like this before, and there was nothing that started it, no bones, toys, around. I’ve pushed Joey away from my other dog before when he was licking his ears and nothing happened. It was weird. Now they are totally fine and playing and running around.

After this happened last night I remembered something else that happened a week ago. The dogs were outside just sniffing around, none of them were playing, just walking around outside. All of a sudden I heard Max screaming and saw him under the coffee table outside, I thought he hit his head or something, so I got running to him to see what was going on and I use one hand to get him out from under the table. At that point since Max is still screaming the other dogs come to see what’s going on and Joey is the first there so I push him back so I can get to Max and then Joey just gets aggressive all of a sudden. I had to pick Joey up by his scruff one handed so he wouldn’t get to Max.

Any idea what’s with this random behavior? Joey has never done this before with any other dog, or puppies and they are the best of friends, we just had these two issues this last week. I’m wondering if since Max is getting bigger if it could be a dominant thing on Joeys end? Idk. They all eat together and Joey just sits next to Max while he is eating and waits, no aggression, plays all day everyday and no aggression but the. These random two times. I’m stumped and I wanna figure out the issue cause I feel bad for Max.

Sorry this is so long, thanks for an advice!
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Is Max neutered yet? Some dogs get aggressive to unneutered adolescent males around that age when they start smelling the hormones. My dog used to be friends with a husky younger than him and they used to wrestle and play. He was always gentle since the husky was smaller. Once the husky hot around six months they had two times when they had two episodes of play that turned into fights. No injuries just too wound up and my dog overreacted to the hormones.
Two years later they get along fine and see each other almost daily but never played again.
Once males get to that adolescent age I've seen adult neutered males don't tolerate much and will sometimes get aggressive for little or no reason.
Just a guess since it sounds like you didn't see any other provocation other than you pushing off the adult.
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