Why does a three year old dog get hypothyroidism?

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Why does a three year old dog get hypothyroidism?

This is a discussion on Why does a three year old dog get hypothyroidism? within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; As I mentioned in a training thread post, I just learned my three year old mutt has hypothyroidism. He also has ibd and food allergies ...

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Old 03-03-2018, 07:28 AM
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Why does a three year old dog get hypothyroidism?

As I mentioned in a training thread post, I just learned my three year old mutt has hypothyroidism. He also has ibd and food allergies and separation anxiety, plus an umbilical hernia. Lots of stuff and expensive for a young mixed breed dog!
I'm really glad I got him pet insurance the minute I adopted him! The vet doesn't think it's environmental or anything I'm doing wrong. Is it just bad genetics? I always thought mutts were supposed to be healthier than purebreds because of supposedly greater wider variety of genepools and all that. And he's had Lyme disease and is sensitive to and can't take any benzodiazepines.
My last dog was healthy as a horse til age ten got arthritis, joint suppliments fixed that within a week or two and at eleven got genetic disease of degenerative myelopathy. His ACL injuries were started from my horse stepping on him so my fault not his weakness. Had a rock solid disposition and stomach could eat table scraps, pizza, fried good, anything, never got sick til the last year. Did have liver issues in bloodwork last couple of years but never sick. I could leave him alone in my apartment twelve hours and not a sound if I had to. I tried not to.

This pup the wisdom DNA testing said is 25 percent boxer and 25 percent Chow Chow but they also said they thought each grandparents on both side were half boxer and Chow Chow so he was inbred boxer Chow Chow mix on grandparents if that makes sense. Then 25 percent gsd/shepherd/herding maybe hound mix, 12.5 percent lab and 12.5 percent American Staffordshire terrier. Then should have genetic variety for better health?
I'm glad I caught this relatively early before some of the awful symptoms I read about can happen from the website the vet gave me to read. I also have hypothyroidism so I maybe know how he feels. He's only three so I hope this doesn't mean he's aging faster and won't live very long.
He gained ten pounds in only a couple of months and barely eats. He sleeps all day and most of the time, barely plays or exercises despite whatever I try to do with him and is very low energy. Only his very best dog buddies and me literally pushing him on to them saying "GO PLAY!!!"and holding his harness and leash and threatening to leave can get him to play or move at all. He won't play with me at all unless it's brief tug, find it which is not much exercise or a few rounds of fetch with a squeaky for treats.
Same with eating. Has to be Alpo cans in gravy and I have to stand with him and spoonfeed him and tell him to eat for an hour or he won't eat at all.

Hopefully the meds will improve all that.
Anyone else have hypothyroidism dogs or words of wisdom? Any other young onset hypothyroidism pups? Luckily his stomach and ibd issues seem much better recently.
How do I get him to be more active if he just wants to sleep all the time? I have a bad knee so I can't walk miles each day and I can't run or ride a bike at all. I sit and stand and walk around the dog park and field for hours every day as it is hoping his best buddies will show up and trying to get him to play and be more active. He does walk around a lot there.

I've taught him every trick I can think of how to teach him and he does them all perfectly. He's even getting good loose. I think he's burned out on training by now. He's even much improved at coming back to me when a new dog gets to the gate. I'm not that creative anymore.
He used to love to jump fences to escape but when I tried to have him jump horse fences at the stable he'd do a couple then walk away or go under them. Didn't love it like my last dog did. Seems to love to do things when they're defiant but not like them of they become a job.
Sorry this is long, he used to be very high energy and.y last dog was very high energy his whole life and I miss that.
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Old 03-03-2018, 11:18 AM
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Sometimes, despite doing everything right, our fur babies get sick. Just bad luck, and all you can do is follow your Vets advice, and deal with it.
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Old 03-03-2018, 01:07 PM
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You say you have hypothyroidism (same here) so understand the sort of incessant tiredness this brings. Why does he have it? Can be inherited. Can be trauma, can be mother given anti biotic tetracycline in pregnancy. Who knows really. But my illness is the reason i have working dogs - to keep me going. So when im too tired- i still have to get out n about. Its an auto immune disease. So having 2 or more together is common. I have chrons.like IBD You dog has IBD. These 2 diseases are likely in a dog with auto immune disease. So many links between these diseases. Theres the why. Yes- meds prevent cretinism occurring. And lift energy. But unfortunatetly not all the tiredness. As i am sure you know from personal experience. Keep him as active as you can. As everything slows down in hyperthyroidism- including metabolism, so we get fat easily. Adjust diet to energy output. To keep weight in check. As ive and you have discovered - you could happily sleep any time of day given half a chance.
If you let yourself get hooked by all this, youll take a dive into sloth land yourself. Act as if its not there. Keep walking. Enticing. Meds taking. It will improve. Perhaps not to pre illness levels. But improve it will.
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Old 03-03-2018, 02:57 PM
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Thanks for the advice. I alternate between insomnia where sleep is tough and bring able to sleep nonstop. It's tough to know what pre illness was for him since he was a hyper adolescent and I expect him to slow down a little after two and a half to three.
I didn't know about the link between ibd and hypothyroidism. I just have the hypothyroidism but I think it's relatively mild. I only had the free T4 level off but a lot of symptoms. Even with the medication it's very hard to lose weight.

I force myself to be active, now I'm forcing him to be active too. I have a large dog to help motivate me to get out, it's not quite working out that way like it did with my last dog. Although I do get out for him more.
I hate it when people keep asking me if he's older and say how calm and mellow he is. He's not, he's sick. Yes he's relaxed now but this is extreme.
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