What skin problem does my dog have? Please hurry!

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What skin problem does my dog have? Please hurry!

This is a discussion on What skin problem does my dog have? Please hurry! within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Since I got her over 3 years ago, she's always had sensitive skin, but as time goes on it seems to be getting worse and ...

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Old 12-29-2017, 10:41 AM
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What skin problem does my dog have? Please hurry!

Since I got her over 3 years ago, she's always had sensitive skin, but as time goes on it seems to be getting worse and worse. The hair at the tip of her tail is falling out to the point that it's almost completely gone, and she seems to be shedding more than usual.
In between her claws/toes the webbing has had an infection for the past year, we got special wipes from the vet which we use on her about once a week as directed but they still don't help. She gets this icky brown stuff, it smells as well and seems painful to her. She hates her back paws being touched and I cant even trim her nails if theyre especially red after i clean them.
She also had a bit of an ear infection, the same smelly brown wax was in her ears, though I bought medicine and that seems to be going away.
I'm getting seriously worried about her, especially now that it's winter and her paws seems more and more painful. Money's tight and we don't have enough for another expensive vet trip. She also has what seems like anxiety and always gets agressive around [B]anyone[B] that comes in our house, and get trips are nightmares.
All I want is a diagnose and possible home treatment, or medication from a pet store that will help, sorry for the long post and if I'm asking for a lot here. Thank you!
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Old 12-29-2017, 01:42 PM
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There is no quick fix to these kind of infections. You must take her to a vet and get the answers. OTC works in some situations, others have to be fought internally. Don't have your pup suffer, I know you don't want that.
I wish you the best in solving this problem.
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Unhappy oooh, yucky.


That looks *nasty*, poor dog!

I cannot Dx, as i'm not a vet, but U already have a vet working with U on the issue - clear this WITH THE VET B4 use:
black tea is a safe & simple external wash for paws, pads, interdigital & human feet, too.

It's fungicidal, anti-microbial, non-toxic, helps to toughen pads, & is very very safe - the process is straightforward, use bagged black-tea or loose black tea; the bags are typically cheaper & as they're already contained, it's simpler, but if U like to use loose tea, just adapt the process.
Pour cold water over the tea-bag as it sits in a bowl, enuf to cover plus an extra 1/4-inch or so above the bag; let it stand overnight in the 'frig, it should swell considerably, & suck-up practically all the H2O.
Put on a pair of disposable gloves, & squeeze every drop of concentrated tea out of the bag that U can, into the same bowl; use a 2x2 square of sterile gauze, & pat don't "wipe" the affected area.
Discard the used gauze B4 U move to the next pad / paw, so that U don't carry along any microbes.

If U let the dog LICK it, it won't work - take her for a walk, play tug, somethin', till it dries; just keep her busy, & let it dry out.

bootee her foot with a waterproof boot for outside trips [disposable boots are good].
put a tube-sock on it for indoors secured at the top with vet-wrap [which sticks to itself & leaves no residue on hair, feathers, or skin].

If she tries to remove the vet-wrap & sock, use MITTEN CLAMPS or MATTRESS CLIPS or GARTER-BELT BUTTONS to secure the sock on the outside of each leg, & run elastic over her shoulders between the clamps / clips / buttons, to keep the socks up, under the vet-wrap; put a Cone on her, to keep her from messing with it; the deeper, the better.
The vet-wrap goes over sock-top AND clamp / clip / button, to hide them.

For drying purposes:
Check with yer vet to be assured this is OK -
Organic cornstarch is hydrophilic [repels moisture] & non-toxic - dust it over the surface thinly, then dry clean socks with vet-wrap & / or elastic "suspenders" with the clamps / clips / garter buttons.

Good luck - let us know how it is doing, please?
- terry

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Old 12-29-2017, 05:28 PM
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Lightbulb re ears: a common home-Tx & preventive for ears that R prone to yeast, mites, etc.


for the ears - again, clear this WITH THE VET B4 use:

Combine 1st-Aid strength H2O2 / hydrogen peroxide with cider vinegar - if the skin is unbroken, use 1:1 / equal parts.
If U even suspect there might be open skin / any lesions or sores, use 2 parts H2O2 to 1 part EACH distilled H20 & vinegar.

The vinegar acidifies the pH of the ear canal & knocks down yeast, which prefers alkaline conditions.
The H2O2 is a drying agent that reduces moisture; be aware that U cannot make the stuff ahead, nor can it be kept, as the H2O2 boils off & becomes water [losing the extra Oxygen].

For instance, 2 tsp H2O2, 1 tsp distilled H2O, 1 tsp organic [live] apple-cider vinegar, should treat both ears & waste little.
Or make up 1 tsp H2O2, 1/2 tsp each of distilled h2o & apple-cider vinegar.

Use an eye-dropper, & let the mixture dribble down the side of the ear-canal - DON'T insert the dropper in the opening.
It may take 2 ppl to do this, one to hold the dog's head with the ear being treated upward & head tilted, one to carefully dribble the mix into the ear opening. // Squish it around by mashing the ear pinna to the dog's head with yer thumb, gently but firmly; hold the dog's head against Ur torso with one hand, mash yer thumb into the dog's ear, & rub gently.

Itchy dogs will generally lean into this HARD, & groan as U rub - mashing it around distributes the fluid; if U let go of their head too soon, the dog will just shake it out vigorously, & no good will be done.
Pressing a 2x2 gauze square under the ear pinna will dry-up some of the excess; then let the dog shake, & standing her or him in the tub-shower is a good precaution, so they can shake all the goop out of the ear, & U can flush it off the wall & shower-curtain, down the drain.

Give the dog a high-protein treat [something they tolerate well or thrive on] B4 doing the other ear.
Repeat the process, immobilize head, dribble into tilted-up ear, mash pinna & squish about to distribute, press with fresh gauze, let dog SHAKE, give a high-value treat; let the dog go with the bathroom door closed, so they shake while still confined, vs running from the room to rub ear-goo onto the white brocade sofa, the blonde shantung drapes, ________ . U know they will!

This can be repeated weekly, or for dogs who swim often & are prone to swimmer's ear, after every swim [50/50 so long as the skin is intact / no lesions, no scabs, no weeping].

This is GRAS / Generally Regarded As Safe, but still phone the vet to get their opinion, just in case.

- terry

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