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Post-Spay Protocol?

This is a discussion on Post-Spay Protocol? within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Hello, My aussie is having her spay surgery in a couple of weeks. I've had several male dogs in the past, but she's my first ...

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Old 02-03-2018, 06:03 PM
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Post-Spay Protocol?


My aussie is having her spay surgery in a couple of weeks. I've had several male dogs in the past, but she's my first female. I'm aware that neutering is far less invasive than spaying, and I am unfamiliar with what steps should be taken afterwards.
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Old 02-05-2018, 12:19 AM
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I'm sure your vet will go through their recommendations at the time but in general:
- keep them quiet for 10-14 days post surgery
- lead only walks to go to the toilet
- a light meal the evening they come home
- prevent licking with an e.collar or similar if needed.

It is pretty much the same as after a castration. You are right the surgery is much more invasive but it's amazing how quickly they normally bounce back
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Old 02-05-2018, 09:44 AM
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Arrow 10 days on leash or in crate; No tongues / teeth on incision, NO jump or run


the BIGGIE with spay surgeries is no jumping! -
they can't run, either, but leaping onto or off the couch, the bed, skipping steps going up the staircase or leaping from the landing to the floor going down, are absolute no-nos.

It's safest to keep them crated whenever U are not literally in the same room, or for active dogs who jump about indoors, just leash her to Ur waist on a short 4-ft lead, so she doesn't have sufficient length to hop onto anything.
She needs to WALK up or down stairs, literally one step at a time, so don't let her fake U out - 2 or 3 days of being reasonable off-leash don't mean a thing; the very next day, she might decide to race down the steps & jump on someone entering the door, & pop 4 or 5 stitches... so i wouldn't take the chance.

Indoors, i'd umbilical her to me anytime she wasn't literally crated, & outdoors, i'd give her no more than 5-ft of leash max, while watching like a hawk for any sign that she was about to get frisky.
"No off leash exercise, no running, no jumping" is 10 days long - she can walk just as far as U want to take her, she just can't RUN & very especially, she must not jump. // U can set aside a couple of hours for a good long walk to get the ants out of her pants, every 2 to 3 days.

As she's umblicaled, U can also use the 10-days for training time indoors - work on manners at bottlenecks [a default so that she pauses to let U go 1st], being patient & working on a chewy such as an antler while U are on-line or watching telly, etc.
U can train for polite behavior at the table - "lie down behind me on a mat, & i'll give U something nice for being good, every 5 to 10 or 2 minutes". [Don't forget to provide her with busywork - a cow hoof or something long-lasting.]

training won't tire her physically, but it tires her mentally, while keeping her busy & improving her focus. Walking briskly point-to-point, & pausing at likely spots to let her sniff, will also help gratify her need to move & keep her nose happy.

For the 1st 24 to possibly 48-hrs, U may see a thin clear pale-yellow fluid seep from her stitches; that's within normal, it's SERUM - the liquid part of blood. It's see-thru.
What U do not want to see is any other color! - no pink, no red, no GREEN, no creamy opaque pus, nuthin'.
After 48-hrs, there should be zero drainage of any kind; the incision should be pink, dry, & not puffy or swollen. It should feel [i'd touch it with a gloved hand, wearing a fresh disposable glove] slightly warmer than the surrounding skin, but never "hot".
Between 3 & 5 days out, the incision should be pale pink, dry, & almost the same temp as the skin around it.

She may be tender for 2 to possibly 5 days, but that's a passing phase, & when it's over, she'll feel FINE & want to be an idiot - don't let her. There are 3 layers of muscle in her abdomen, & all 3 were cut, plus the external skin & the lining of the body cavity. // All those layers need to heal completely, B4 she's safe to be LOOSE WITH OTHER DOGS, off leash, or even to get close-enuf to another dog on leash that she might *consider* jumping on them!

Some dogs are impatient but co-operative while they heal; others are going bonkers, & take every opportunity to jump on humans, will struggle to leap onto park benches as U walk past them, spend hours trying to get past the cone-collar & rip out the stitches, & so on.
Hang in there, it's only 10 days; lay in a good stock of durable chewables [sanitized marrow-bones, antler, cow hoof, bull pizzle...], & gather some training ideas to keep her busy.

U might want to teach her to wear a T-shirt, preferably white or a pale cream color, so U can see the COLOR if there's any drainage; secure it at her waist with a 4-inch wide ACE bandage & 3 or more diaper-size safety pins, clear thru all the layers of elastic, using Ur hand beneath the bandage to prevent her being stuck by the pin as U insert each one.
The T-shirt also helps keep that bacteria-covered tongue off her incision, & the stitches safely away from her teeth.

If at any point her incision is WET, 1 or more stitches come out, the incision turns an angry red or dark-pink, or the incision swells around the stitches, go straight to the vet.
A popped stitch will most-likely be glued with skin glue; any infection [swelling, draining, pus...] will probly need antibiotics.

Aside from driving U nuts after the 1st 3 days, most dogs' spay incisions heal without any drama.

- terry

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When Samantha was spayed, which was when we adopted her, she also had kennel cough, an eye infection, and an ear infection. Between all of that she felt so crappy, keeping her quiet was not a problem. Fortunately she healed quickly and within 10 days or so was feeling pretty frisky.
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