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This is a discussion on NexGard? within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Originally Posted by Ldk0825 Hi there, I'm having a hard time finding other reports an adverse Nexgard reaction like my dog is having. I work ...

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Old 11-30-2015, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Ldk0825 View Post
Hi there, I'm having a hard time finding other reports an adverse Nexgard reaction like my dog is having.
I work at a veterinary hospital as a technician- I'm up to date on the details of all the latest products: nexgard being the most recent addition to our supplies (among parastar, k9advantix, sentinel, trifexis, scalibor collars etc) other staff members, a few clients have already successfully implemented Nexgard for their dogs monthly flea/tick prevention.
This morning about 10am I gave my 1 yr old, 25lb mix breed his monthly sentinel(has been on for 6mo) and his first nexgard dose (I'd previously had him on k9 advantix). Around 12pm I noticed he seemed just a little itchy, no lesions or redness I could see at that point. As the day has gone on he's gotten progressively itchier. At this point he is panting, totally agitated, and cannot stop scratching all over! Head/ears, armpits, groin, sides etc. his skin twitches all over when I touch him. No hives, but he's now inflamed all over, bright red, and from scratching himself is bruising and starting to break the skin!
I've already given him 2 doses of Benadryl, a cool bath, held ice packs and nothing Is relieving the itch. I spoke to my vet earlier when the itching had started to worsen and he said I'd be safe continuing Benadryl every 8hrs.
It's 11pm now and he's finally falling asleep- exhausted from itching I'm sure. I plan on bringing him into the office in the morning for some injections(antihistamine possibly steroid if he's as bad tomorrow).
Im really curious as to why this sort of thing was not encountered or listed in their adverse reactions! And I mean, this is no "dry/flaky skin"... My lil guy isn't particularly sensitive either.
I realize a dog can end up allergic to absolutely anything at any time, but I felt fairly confident in the research I've been heard and read about Nexgard, and I'm concerned that this reaction hadn't been reported or at least documented to my knowledge- hence my trip to the message boards. Anyone else experience this??
Needless to say I won't be using it again.
It may have been the combination of sentinel and nexgard, I too am a vet nurse (Australia) and the reps of nexgard say not to mix products , call the company and ask them.
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Old 12-01-2015, 07:54 AM
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My 1 year old Aussie has been on NexGard since he was able to take it, as the ticks are so bad around here. Absolutely zero side effects and I've yet to see a flea or an attached tick.
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Old 12-03-2015, 12:25 PM
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Has anyone tried this,

Currently my dog uses Sentinel and Frontline (hard to apply with his tinny short hairs and about half way through he freaks out that he is getting wet, weirdo loves to swim though) and my cat uses Revolution.
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Old 12-06-2015, 02:17 PM
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I had our poodle/bischon mix on NexGard, but she developed virtually every published side effect, and then some. I keep her on Frontline+ and Heart Gard, which seems to not disagree with her. I don't use Frontline during the winter months, so having a separate flea and heart worm medication really works better for us.
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Old 12-17-2015, 08:33 AM
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read these reviews: Nexgard Reviews

So, as a technician, do you know about using diatomaceous earth (DE) to control these bugs? Or is it just about chemicals? There are holistic vets out there. They aren't all overpaid marketing outlets for pet drug companies.
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Old 12-17-2015, 12:22 PM
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If you are thinking about using DE check this out. I am a fan of the holistic/homeopathic but there are cons to using DE such as inhalation is bad and can cause problems (both food grad and not food grade).
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Old 01-18-2016, 12:52 AM
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Possible trouble with Nexgard

I have 2 cavaliers. I was using Advantage 2 with good results for years but it was slipping. I gave my dogs two monthly doses of Nexgard. One dog was fine but the 4 year old has become quit ill. A very active happy playful dog several days after giving her Nexgard she started acting like she was inflamed and in a great deal of pain. She yelps when she walks or is touched She has stopped playing and doesnt want to walk she just sits down. She acts like she is in total body pain. She also acts like she is having trouble seeing. She appears not totally blind but unsure of herself and afraid to walk around like she cant see her surroundings and is confused. This all started within days of taking Nexgard and was made worse with the 2nd month dose. The vet said he had not heard of this and did not believe it but she is on Rimadyl and pain meds which help. t has been several weeks and she does not appear to be getting worse or better but she is not the same dog and looks like she is in trouble. This stuff is new. I would hold off for now and give it more time to develop a safety/ risk profile. I will not use this again and I hope my dog recovers.
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Old 01-25-2016, 12:38 PM
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If I suspected adverse reaction to any medication, I'd not have given the second dose.

Has your vet thoroughly investigated your dog's problems?
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Old 01-29-2016, 08:25 PM
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I was also wondering about NexGuard or Comfortis or Bravecto. I use Advantage for all of my cats and on my puppy, but none of it seems to work. I've been thinking about switching to the chewable type, just so expensive! But if it works, it's worth spending the money...I was even told by the vet that spot-ons don't seem to be effective this year-maybe fleas have become resistant?...
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Old 01-29-2016, 10:14 PM
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Of the 3 oral flea preventatives (Nexgard, Bravecto, and Comfortis), Comfortis is the only one currently known to be safe for cats, so if you want a pill for them, that would be your only choice. I know of some people who are using it for cats, and it seems to work well for them.

Personally, I like Revolution for cats, because it also does ear mites, and round and hookworms, though I've also used Advantage, Vectra, and generic Frontline. I only treat my cats (indoor only and dogs are on prev) if I see them scratching or evidence of fleas, but my parents' indoor/outdoor semi feral gets treated year round with whatever I can get cheap (there's usually a brand having some sort of promo at any given time) or free (staff rewards/newly expired) from work, and he's done ok with all of them. We're about to try Comfortis on an outdoor only feral (no chance of applying a topical), so I'll see how it does for her.

For my dogs, I currently avoid topicals primarily because it is hard to keep Bus out of the water long enough for them to dry and he sometimes gets wet/rinsed/bathed multiple times in a DAY, so I have doubts about their staying power under those circumstances. I also usually only treat if I see fleas, and during the 4 or so heavy flea months in my area (Aug-Nov/Dec). Before getting him, I used Advantage, since getting him, I've used Comfortis (worked fine), Vectra 3D (awesome to see mosquitoes avoiding them, but that only lasted about 3 weeks, though he put it through some pretty adverse conditions), Trifexis (got one box free- worked fine), and Nexgard (worked fine). My work is phasing out Comfortis because the newer oral preventatives also do ticks, so I'll probably stick with Nexgard next year, unless we get something else free. Bravecto has only been out for this year, and I'd like to wait a bit longer before trying it, plus I usually need more than 3 months, but less than 6 months of protection, with sporadic months here and there, so a monthly pill works better for us. I haven't experienced any adverse side effects in my own dogs, but it's something that can happen with any drug, and IME both vets and drug companies usually want to hear about things like that (or products being ineffective).
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