My puppy fell while running from another dog.

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My puppy fell while running from another dog.

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Old 11-10-2018, 12:10 PM
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My puppy fell while running from another dog.

My puppy is 4 months.

I was walking my dog today, first time walking him alone. I’m 16. We were doing good for a long time but towards the end of our walk this lady lost control of her dog. My dog is a maltipoo who barely weighs 4 pounds. The lady’s dog began running and the dog was very tall and big. He was probably as tall as my waist and he seemed to be very heavy. I grabbed my dog and carried him and I ran as a fast as I could to protect him. I couldn’t run fast enough and the dog was coming for him. He begun to slip and I knew I had to put him down, I didn’t have time to grab him properly it was pure adredaline. I was trying to put him down and he fell and smashed into the floor. He squealed and he had fallen stomach first but he seemed to have hit all his paws. The other dog just got right next to him and didn’t do anything. The lady grabbed her dog and said that “he doesn’t bite” and “what a scare.” She left. When I tried to grab my dog he wouldn’t get up. I tried and tried and he wouldn’t. I lifted him, properly this time, and carried him home. My neighbors saw me carrying him home and gave the dog a bit of love and attention, they didn’t see what happened, they took out their dog, a maltese, and they licked each other. He was able to stand up now. I took him home and my mom gave him a lot of love but he wouldn’t let her touch his front paw since it seemed to hurt. We are going to the vet on Tuesday. I was able to take care of my injuries but I was wondering if there is anythin I can do for him to be comfortable until Tuesday? Thank you.
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Old 11-10-2018, 01:19 PM
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I'm sorry that happened to you and your dog, I know how scary that is! About the only thing you can do for him, till you get him to the vet, is to put him on crate rest so the he does not aggravate the injury. Do NOT let him go up and down stairs or jump on and off furniture, no jumping period.

Please do not take this next part as a criticism, because I completely understand why you tried running, running is an instinctual response. Do not run from a dog, unless you have some safe place to get to that's within feet of you like a building, gate, or car. You're never going to outrun a dog, even one as small as yours or mine is likely faster then a human. Running also triggers the dogs prey drive and they will want to chase you. Instead make yourself seem as big as possible, and tell it "NO, GO HOME!!!", or something like that, in a stern, deep voice, and begin to slowly back up towards safety. Hopefully it'll stop. If you have treats on you, you can try to throw them towards the dog which will hopefully get it to stop and search for them. Pepper spray can also be used, but it's hit or miss whether it'll work. Sometimes things like a panic alarm, or air horn will scare them off, just make sure your own dog is not scared of things like that.
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Old 11-10-2018, 07:05 PM
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Is your puppy limping/ lame? did any parts of your pup swell up? If you touch all over is there any reaction touching ribs or anywhere else aswel? You can bandage the sore foot- but dont do it too tight. You can also ask a vet for over the counter anti- flam if you've got an appointment. Ask for the natural alternative if they stock it or ask your health shop for dog anti flam. my dog is on devils root claw, its known for its releif from arthritis & joint pain but I've found it works all over, it helps releive ear itching too. I mix it with honey & almond oil. She has 2ml per 24hrs of the mix- so thats a lot of honey & a bit of almond oil so that she slurps it out of the syringe. I give her a bit of cheese after. Its also releived her anxiety. She's so much calmer. You did the right thing by picking your dog up. Ive had that at a dog park & this husky get jumping up & harassing us. It was scary! I kept saying DOWN DOWN & turning my back to it. Then I told the owner that by law here the council states that if your dogs off lead you have be able to control it by voice command & told him to either tell his dog to stop it or put it on a lead. Then I walked off once he had a hold of his dog. He was just laughing & saying that his huskys a puppy & wont listen blah blah its just playing. I said no its not, its got its feet on my arms (big pup) & is trying to nip becos my dog runs fast & looks like a rabbit when she runs. Your dog is mistakening mine for prey! Its not fair that I cant let my dog down in a fenced dog park because your dog is not leaving me alone! I had even gone for a ten minute walk CARRYING my girl while it followed us jumping at me- & he hadnt a clue where his dog was even. 😬I said its completely pointless bringing my dog to a park for exercise if I'm having to carry her around!!! & as far as socialization she was having fun playing with the other little dogs until you arrived & now she's screeching & scared. There is also tumeric fish oil caps I beleive for dog anti flam. is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 11-14-2018, 05:27 PM
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The question that looms in my mind is why a vet, knowing your dog has an injury would let you wait until Tuesday to see him? I would’ve taken that dog immediately to another vet. Your dog is injured and probably in pain… He should’ve been taken to the vet that day. Love is a wonderful thing to give your dog but not when he’s injured...he needs treatment. You should have insisted that he be seen immediately.
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