My dog was scratched by a cat with rabies

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My dog was scratched by a cat with rabies

This is a discussion on My dog was scratched by a cat with rabies within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; So the title isn't entirely accurate but it's kind of the main point. Today I was walking a dog (not my own) and a cat ...

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Old 06-30-2017, 12:18 AM
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Exclamation My dog was scratched by a cat with rabies

So the title isn't entirely accurate but it's kind of the main point.

Today I was walking a dog (not my own) and a cat was near. The cat almost instantly stepped forward and attacked the dog. The dog was scratched near the nose.
The cat was drooling, which could be due to them being agitated but it could also mean that they have rabies.
I searched a little bit online about rabies in cats and dogs and it was written that rabies is a potentially fatal disease and cannot be cured.

And that leads me to the question:
If a cat with rabies scratches a dog on the nose could the virus be transferred to the dog? If it could, how should you treat your dog? If they end up getting rabies from that scratch is there a way to treat and cure it?
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Old 06-30-2017, 12:44 AM
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1) all dogs should be vaccinated for rabies unless they live an a place like Hawaii that has no rabies.

2) foam, not drool, is an indication of rabies.

3) rabies is transmitted through saliva. I am not sure if dried saliva from a paw could infect but I've never heard of it happening.

4) a rabid cat would likely have full scale attacked, not just scratched.

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Old 06-30-2017, 12:49 AM
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Thank you for the reply! Yes, he is vaccinated. The cat looked like foam was coming out of its mouth, not drool, I phrased it incorrectly - though there wasn't a very large amount of foam. I informed the owner several minutes after the incident and they will have the dog checked, but now I feel somewhat more relaxed from reading your reply.
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Old 06-30-2017, 05:51 AM
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@Opera you should absolutely report that cat to animal control. They need to know if a suspected rabies case in in the area. It's a significant work risk for them if nothing else.
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Old 06-30-2017, 09:53 AM
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Its unlikely rabies could be transmitted via a scratch. There is seemingly only a small chance the cat was infected with rabies, but its a serious disease and any possible exposure should not be taken lightly.
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Old 07-02-2017, 02:02 PM
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Sorry to disagree, but rabies can easily be contracted from a scratch from a rabid animal... many animals groom their feet, and cats certainly do, and a scratch from a rabid cat is certainly Very likely going to spread rabies. However, saying that, rabies is pretty rare in cats (it occurs, but the cases per year in the US can usually be counted on one hand). This is a good thing as I cannot even count all the times I have been bitten or scratched by cats over the years (part of my job)..many many hundreds of times, and often from feral cats. A few times some of the cats have been suspect and were euthanized, head sent in the county and brain examined for rabies, but so far, I have not personally seen a single cat with rabies in practice (over 30 years).

Also, rabid animals are not necessarily more prone to attack, scratch or bite... they are simply confused and neurologic, though some can exhibit a 'rage' personality that goes along with the neurologic damage.

Main signs of rabies in most animals is just abnormal behavior. In some animals, it is being overly depressed. In some, wobbly and disoriented. In some, out and about in the day when normally they are only active at night (particularly the case with bats, skunks and raccoons), and, with cattle, trouble eating and more anxious than normal (never heard of an 'attack cow' with rabies). As neurological problems worsen, some lose the ability to swallow- hence excessive drooling and sometimes a last minute, learned 'fear of water' (famous symptom, but pretty rare actually) due to the trouble they have swallowing it. The disorientation can lead to anxiety, or sometimes a total lack of any anxiety or fear as they get more and more confused. So a skunk may just walk right up to you when normally they should be very afraid. Same for dogs, cats, raccoons and even bats. Most rabid bats eventually lose the ability to fly and that's when most people get exposed to rabies, trying to pick these poor 'injured' creatures up with their bare hands.

My only exposure to rabies was actually from handing a deceased cow (cause of death unknown initially) and I only had contact with the coat. However, cows, like cats, can groom themselves, so all of us handling the cow in any way had to receive rabies vaccinations (boosters for most of us as we had been all vaccinated already). Cows get rabies WAY more often than do cats, by the way (get fed on at night by vampire bats... of all mammals in the US, rabies is MOST common in bats).

By the way, it is also not unusual for a cat to attack a dog if they feel threatened... certainly does NOT mean they have rabies... just that they are exceptionally aggressive or anxious cats (sadly not very rare) and probably feel like they are protecting themselves.
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cat aggression, help!, rabies

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