My dog keeps throwing up every few days

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My dog keeps throwing up every few days

This is a discussion on My dog keeps throwing up every few days within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Hello, I am very curious right now because my dog keeps throwing up all the time. I feel bad because being sick is horrible and ...

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Old 11-04-2017, 10:31 AM
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My dog keeps throwing up every few days

Hello, I am very curious right now because my dog keeps throwing up all the time. I feel bad because being sick is horrible and my dog suffers from it every few days, we've taken my dog to the vet for check ups, his ears & more. They have said he is healthy. And I believe that, In his 'spare time' outside going to the bathroom he goes under the deck eating whatever he finds. He eats cigarettes (and I don't smoke, my parents do) & he eats grass. And grass does not sit on his stomach at all, he doesn't eat grass just because he doesn't feel good, he likes to eat it for fun. Now about for a few weeks he was doing pretty good without throwing up but then It started coming on again, and again.
Yesterday he randomly went in his crate where he sleeps and usually he does not do that because he's worried he will have to go in his crate because he mostly only goes in his crate unless it's time for bed for him or nap time. He doesn't like to go in his crate because that means the fun time is over!
And so, he went in his crate and sat down and then all of a sudden It sounded like he threw up and it was every where. And he did, it was clear like water and it looked like there was some bits of food in there? I'm not sure if he drank water too fast or what. Then the day before that, in the morning before i got him out of his crate he threw up in his bed and there was probably about ten cigarettes in the vomit. He just throws up every few days and It makes me very upset, and I'm not really sure what is causing it. Could it be the stomach flu? Could it be because he just eats stuff on the ground that he isn't supposed to? Could it be that he eats tons of cigarettes? I truthfully don't know and I need some help, and I can't make him stop eating cigarettes because my parents usually throw the cigarettes under the deck and he finds them and he eats them. Advice would mean a lot because I don't know what to do and i want him to be a healthy, happy dog. (And even after he throws up he's still running around and he still loves to play. But I'm just very concerned about him and his health, I really hope someone has an answer to this. Thank you.
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Old 11-04-2017, 12:13 PM
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If your Vet can't find anything definitive, you need to keep him from eating things he shouldn't like grass, cigarette butts and the like. Another possibility, we discovered with our Samantha, who used to so the same, just every few days, not daily, she can not handle large quantities of food in her stomach at any one time. We feed her small quantities three times per day, and she does much much better. Also you might want to explore foods that are easier to digest, and still provide the unique nutritional needs that dogs have. We feed Samantha fresh pre-cooked food that comes from a kitchen that prepares only dog food. Everything in it is USDA certified for human consumption, they offer various food packs, some beef based, some lamb, some turkey and Samantha's favorite, venison. All have fruits, vegetables and that all important organ meat that dogs need.
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Old 11-04-2017, 01:02 PM
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First thing I thought of was try to keep him from eating stuff. That alone will make any dog throw up if they are eating cig butts. You also may want to get a slow feeder bowl because when a dog eats or drinks to fast it can cause them to throw up, and if that dosnt work try grain free as well.
Maybe set up a coffee can out of reach they can but the butts into and as for grass just try to stop him from eating that as soon as you notice him doing it, put toys out in the yard for him to play with or chew so he is less interested in eating stuff.
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Old 11-04-2017, 02:12 PM
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Happens to my pup as well when she eats random stuff In the backyard. I have two trees in there and branches keep falling which my pup loves to go chew on and its not good. Also my backyard is beside a school and sometimes kids throw things in my yard which my pup tries to eat. Another are the animals like squirrels ripping up garbage bags and throwing it everywhere. There's no end to it lol.

I just try my best to clean up ow and supervise her when she's out back otherwise she will throw up from eating random crap.
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Old 11-04-2017, 02:14 PM
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Tobacco is toxic if it's eaten, it's likely that that is causing him to throw up, and I'm not sure what other harm it may be causing him internally. You NEED to keep him from eating those butts. Let your parents know that they are poisoning your dog by tossing the butts where he can get to them. If they will not stop tossing the butts where he can get to them then your going to have to either keep him away from the area where they smoke, or muzzle train him and have him wear a BASKET muzzle outside. Another toxic substance that people tend to toss out on the ground is sugar free gum. Sugar free gum contains xylitol which is highly toxic to dogs. If any of y'all chew that type of gum do not discard it on the ground when y'all are done chewing it.

Here's a few articles about tobacco and dogs that you can show your parents.
Nicotine | Pet Poison Helpline
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Old 11-05-2017, 01:02 AM
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You need to stop him from eating the cigarette butts NOW! Cigarettes are toxic to dog and the butt of a smoked cigarette contains the "filter" which is full of all the horrible stuff inside the cigarettes. If the butts and all the other trash is under the deck than the first thing I would do is clean out the area under the deck and fence it off so he can't get under there. Cheap lattice or metal agricultural fencing from your local hardware store is usually enough to do the trick. The second thing I would do is buy my parents a personal ash tray trash can so the butts aren't just scattered about all over the place.

Have you talked to your vet about his vomiting? And are they aware of his cigarette eating? If you haven't had it done already it may be advisable to have some baseline bloodwork done on him. Chances are if he continues to eat things he shouldn't, especially cigarette butts, it's likely going to start wearing down his organ function and you'll want recheck his levels every 1-2 years to try and catch any organ failure in its early stages when you can actually do something about it.
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