lump or lipoma or?

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lump or lipoma or?

This is a discussion on lump or lipoma or? within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Hi, I am asking about a lump on my dog's chest....well, it's closer to one of her front not exactly in the center. Also, ...

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Old 08-13-2016, 03:09 PM
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lump or lipoma or?

Hi, I am asking about a lump on my dog's chest....well, it's closer to one of her front not exactly in the center. Also, she has two nipples and one is small and the lump/lipoma is near that. I think they're nipples as they are smaller than the rest but I believe they're nipples and there's two and spaced apart - pretty close to the the spacing between the rest.

Anyway, I think the lump would be called a lipoma until we/I know more?

I am hoping it's benign but I am wondering what should be done - well, at this point, have it checked out at the vet? I did have a vet look at it but she wanted to remove it (right away). I thought that was odd since she was just assuming to remove it no matter what it really was. I think her reasoning is to be on the safe side and remove it. But, I thought it is better to know what it is for sure, isn't it?

I read online that the usual step-by-step with this is to stick a needle in and get the contents/fluid and examine it under a microscope. Is this not a reasonable procedure to do now? I hope so. It's less invasive and the dog won't need extra treatment if it's not serious.

I think it's called a needle aspiration. But, the vet wanted to remove it and I didn't know about this procedure until I read it recently. Will other vets suggest doing a needle aspiration. No one is open at the moment save for emerg/24 hr vets and they will just say to wait til a vet who's open tomorrow or Monday. Alternatively, bringing her in will be expensive.... to the Emerg service.

I feel bad and guilty that I waited until now but I just looked at it today. I think it might have grew a bit but I also read that it can be normal (to get a bit bigger).

I read these pages:
Ask a Vet: Do I Need to Worry About a Fat Lump on My Dog's Chest?
Help! Found A Lump On The Dog... Now What?

Can someone please advise? I hope it's benign...already going through enough problems, lost my previous dog to congestive heart failure, then my mom to cancer and now I don't know what is wrong (if anything) with this dog.


Crossing fingers...
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Old 08-13-2016, 04:43 PM
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Is she spayed? It's not uncommon for unspayed (or spayed later in life) female dogs to get mammary tumors, which can be malignant or not. A lipoma is also known as a "fatty tumor", and is a specific type of tumor that is usually benign, but can get large and cause problems depending on the location of it.

A vet can possibly aspirate the growth, then examine (or send out for examination) the sampled cells to try to identify the type of growth, but needle aspirates are sometimes not diagnostic (pathologists are unable to identify the growth based on the sample), in which case, you will have spent money to have a sample collected and tested, and still not have any better idea what the growth is. Then there is always the possibility that the growth will be something that needs to be removed anyway, in which case, you will spend more money for removal and biopsy (to make sure it is completely removed and confirm its identity). In that case, some people feel that they should have forgone the FNA and simply had the growth removed from the start. Of course, the vet may aspirate the growth and find that it's merely a lipoma, and nothing to be alarmed about, in which case you will have saved money and avoided surgery for your dog. It's certainly worth asking the vet if they do needle aspirates, and if they don't recommend it for that growth, asking why. Their response may help you decide either way, or if you are still uncertain, it can't hurt to get a second opinion from another vet if you have doubts.
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Old 09-04-2016, 11:49 AM
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Not spayed. The last vet I took her to, said something about a mammary tumor. She was guessing or suspecting?

I think that vet was thinking along the same lines you are mentioning.

I don't know if she does needle aspirates and I don't know if she just thinks that the biopsy might not confirm so she thinks it's safe to just remove or what. I just think if it is benign, it's a major operation/surgery for something benign but maybe safer than sorry?

I might get a 2nd opinion...the problem is I no longer have a vehicle so I have to arrange a ride or find someone to pick me up. Also, any exam plus procedure = $. I feel bad but I better figure out what it is soon.
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Old 10-13-2016, 02:18 PM
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Hi, I hope someone can comment. Quite concerned.... got another opinion. I/we found more lumps... I knew she had at least two but it looks like there are 4. The other two were hard to find, though.

An estimate of $450 (with tax) to confirm what these lumps are - they will get biopsy samples and send to the lab (I guess a veterinary pathologist will look at the tissue/cell samples, right?).

She's not spayed and 9 y.o. The lumps are located: one on her chest and the three are in the abdominal area - I think mammary gland tumours were mentioned by both vets (just went to the 2nd one - 2nd opinion).

I don't presently have $400 and it doesn't sound like they'll take payments. I can come up with $300 in two weeks.

I think this should be done but the financial obstacle is a problem. Any advice? Not sure what to do and worried that it may be malignant. :-(
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