Loss of appetite and vomiting bile

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Loss of appetite and vomiting bile

This is a discussion on Loss of appetite and vomiting bile within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; My dog has had the occasional hunger pukes since she was adopted (about a year ago), at least that's basically what the vet called it ...

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Old 05-10-2016, 03:34 PM
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Loss of appetite and vomiting bile

My dog has had the occasional hunger pukes since she was adopted (about a year ago), at least that's basically what the vet called it since nothing was found on her routine check up.

I started feeding her smaller portions 4 times a day and it seemed to work, unless she skipped a meal and then it happened again. But it would only last a day, the loss of appetite and the vomiting accompanied with some stomach noises.

I move recently, about a month ago, and the change was a little jarring for my dog, but she ate well so I wasn't worried. However, three days ago she didn't want any food in the morning, ended up eating just a little, and then after that she wouldn't eat. She ended up eating about 12 hours later and then she even had a treat and another small meal before going to bed. Next day she didn't have an appetite again and when she did, she only had canned food. I usually give her a mix of kibble and canned food/toppers.

Today she woke up, didn't eat, hasn't had any food and it's now almost 4:30pm and her last meal was last night around 11. She vomited this morning, just bile. And she vomited again a little while ago, a bit more than this morning but just bile.

I called her vet and I was asked about other symptoms. She's playing, took her for a walk this morning and I know if I tell her the word walk she'll go crazy and enjoy going outside. Loss of appetite seems to be her only symptom. Her stool today was firm. It was a bit runny the day before yesterday, and it seemed to be a bit covered in yellow mucus? but other than that, she seems fine to me, perhaps a little down right now but she hasn't eaten and her stomach is now making noises. Vet told me to just watch her, if she drinks water and keeps active, and that if she was the same and doesn't eat, to bring her tomorrow or thursday, that not eating for a day is okay and sometimes recommended for her stomach to settle.

I'm just worried and was wondering if someone has experienced something similar. I don't want to force her to eat, but it just breaks my heart to know she hasn't eaten yet when her appetite was pretty good before this started.

I feed her grain free wellness core for small breed, canned food is from the same brand, and i give her the occasional blue buffalo topper (this i divide in 3 portons or so since i never give her the whole thing).
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Old 05-10-2016, 08:58 PM
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Hi! I don't have much experience but I wanted to reply and lend some support. If you're still concerned despite your vet's opinion, it might be worth it to trust your gut and seek a second opinion. They say parents/owners always know when something is up!
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Old 05-10-2016, 09:59 PM
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Hey, thanks. Unfortunately during that second walk her stool had some blood and when she did again, it was pretty much just mucus and blood. At home she went again twice and it was the same, so she's going to see the vet first thing tomorrow morning. I'm just trying to keep her hydrated right now, a little difficult since she's not interested in water either.

Trying to stay calm for her too
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Old 05-11-2016, 08:58 AM
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Could this be pancreatitis? One of my pups has chronic pancreatitis and has bouts of vomiting, refusing to eat, stomach noises, diarrhea (sometimes with blood) and stomach pain. We have her on a prescription diet now because deviating from that seems to bring on the symptoms more often. It's very upsetting, but we have learned to manage it better.

If your dog is drinking water, this is a good sign. My vet told me that most dogs can safely go without food for several days as long as they are still drinking. (This was because at her worst, my poor pup went nearly two weeks without eating and I was terrified she was going to die).

Good luck. I hope your pup is feeling better soon.
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Old 05-21-2016, 09:34 PM
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Replying to update: That day I took her to the vet she was running a fever and was dehydrated, they gave her a shot of antibiotics and some liquids to hydrate her. They couldn't get a good poop sample, so I went home with her with two kinds of antibiotics. Was able to bring a stool sample a few days later (she was not pooping before my work hours and then didn't poop for two days). Two days later I got the results, positive for hookworms. Was given a dewormer and vitamins. She had her first dose of dewormer a few days ago and the second dose will be in two weeks. She's taking vitamins twice every day for now.

She was on a bland diet, chicken and rice, and I have been introducing her kibble again. The bland diet still makes up most of what she's eating right now.

Her poop had been improving slowly, no blood, not that I didn't see at least. But a couple of hours ago she pooped and part of it was encased in a clear/grey mucus kind of membrane thing?/sorry i'm not eloquent but i have no idea how to describe it.

Everything I read about it mentions worms, which she has and is being treated for it, so I plan on waiting to see how she does tomorrow. She's been eating and drinking and playing, I even see more energy now than last week. So I want to think this is just because of the worms and it'll go away soon as she recovers.
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Old 05-22-2016, 01:43 PM
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I did it turned out my hound was meat intolerant. I switched and switched and he never got any relief. I ran out of food to switch yo so I home cooked and veggie meal. I got results right away no more stomach issues. After 3 months on the veggie meal I added ground turkey it was the only meat he had never eaten and he could tolerate it. . At the time there were no turkey based single protein diets out there so I continued to home cook. Then blue buffalo came out with a single protein food and my dog could eat it without any stomach issues. Then I found Zignature I like that they removed the potato and added beans. I would try another meat that you are sure that your dog has never eaten and see if it helps. Zignature has a few. Make sure your treats are the same meat and also single protein. Honest kitchen also has a few to choose from. What you are describing with the mucous on the poo usually means your dog has eaten something that he can't tolerate. Have you tried eliminating the treats you are using that could also be the problem.
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