Leg deformity?

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Leg deformity?

This is a discussion on Leg deformity? within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; So I got Joey at 7 weeks old and was told her was a boxer/pit mix, he looked like he could be one, never questioned ...

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Old 10-11-2018, 10:31 PM
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Leg deformity?

So I got Joey at 7 weeks old and was told her was a boxer/pit mix, he looked like he could be one, never questioned it, until he started growing more, at around 4/5 months old I started noticing his paws would turn out and the leg was knuckley, as he grew more it got more pronounced. We then assumed he must have basset or corgi in him, some breed with those short squat legs. As he got even older the turning out of the feet got more dramatic, when you look at his front legs the bones aren’t strait at all. We did a DNA test and to my surprise he isn’t mixed with any breed that has these short type of legs, his mix is mainly boxer/am staff, with some German Shepard, chi, and cocker spaniel ( weird I know) Anyway, his leg issues doesn’t bother me, I love him not matter. However I wasn’t exercising him cause when he was younger he would limp after walks. So he just got his energy out by playing with the other dogs and running around the yard. I’m thinking it was growing pains though. Now he is 11 months old and I’ve staryed talking him on walks again, no limping, even did little intervals of jogging. Then today we did 4 miles of light jogging, he lead the way the hole time. He isn’t limping, seems content and to my delight tired!! I was hesitant to work him out since when he was younger he would limp but since he seems fine now I’m wondering if In the past it was growing pains due to his deformed front legs, I’ll attch picS. I just want to make sure, that as long as he doesn’t limp or show signs of any pain or discomfort, if it’s ok to continue taking him out, cause it’s making a huge difference, with mostly Boxer in him he has that really high energy. Anyway just curious and wondering if anyone else has a dog with legs like this, that isn’t a breed that it is common with. Thanks
Pictures are great, I’ll try to get more we’re you can really see those front legs all turned out. My roomie called him “twistie feet” lol
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Old 10-13-2018, 01:49 AM
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With legs like that I wouldnt over do it. Exercise yes but be careful, it looks like it would be hard to use those legs & you dont want to find out you've made them worse by aggravating the legs. Dogs can be in pain without limping. The deformity may have been from an accident before 12 weeks eg being dropped & what happens with bowed legs is they dont finish growing at the top which is the part that holds the legs in the correct position. So they splay outwards, malnutrition as a pup can cause bow legs too. The feet may have twisted to try to counteract the position & support the dogs weight. I would ask a vet that knows about legs. My dogs back legs splay out like a frogs & are too rounded the opposite way to yours, but similar causes. Also if 1 bone grows more than the other one inside the leg it can go bandy. Listen for any whimpering or shaking shuddering coz thats also a sign of soreness. It can also be a mutant hereditary gene from any of those breeds.
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Old 10-14-2018, 07:37 PM
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It looks like your boy has chondrodysplasia, also known as dwarfism. It's normal in some breeds (dachshunds, bassets, corgis, as well as others) and dwarf breed mixes, but can also pop up in breeds where it is not "intentional", like chihuahuas, malamutes, pit bulls/(more commonly) Am bullies, and virtually any other breed. Unless the leg "deformity" is severe, it usually is not a significant issue, though it is a good idea to keep the dog lean and use sense in selecting appropriate forms of exercise (I would avoid activities like running down many steps, jumping off of high objects, and heavy pounding activities like running on concrete (IME, trotting is ok), or keep them minimal). Also, keep in mind that dwarf breeds can be at higher risk of spinal issues because of their longer bodies and sometimes defective connective tissue/degenerative changes associated with the defect. I have seen a LOT of dwarf pit bulls and Am bullies (poorly bred, it is a fault the APBT breed), so it would not surprise me if that is where the trait came from, but he looks smaller than I would expect the average pit/boxer, and maybe a little too "fuzzy", so it wouldn't surprise me if maybe one of the smaller breeds where dwarfism can crop up is also/instead a factor. Either way, he is very cute, and I doubt his legs will bother him (have seen much worse bowed legs and dogs do fine- dogs are amazingly adaptable!), but you can certainly ask your vet if they think there is an issue.

You can read more here:
Osteochondrodysplasias Leg Deformities and Dwarfism – in the Canine | SIRIUS DOG

and here (specifically regarding the spinal issues)
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