Jaya's sick... ?maybe my fault :(

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Jaya's sick... ?maybe my fault :(

This is a discussion on Jaya's sick... ?maybe my fault :( within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Last Sunday, the oil light went on in my car. So it's been parked, and a friend of my brother's checked it out... it needs ...

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Old 04-14-2018, 12:14 AM
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Jaya's sick... ?maybe my fault :(

Last Sunday, the oil light went on in my car. So it's been parked, and a friend of my brother's checked it out... it needs a new oil pump seal...but the engine will have to be pulled to fix the seal. It's a 23 year old car, but only has 49,000 miles on it... so I guess I'm going to have to just get it fixed...it will still be cheaper than buying a used car..can't even find a decent one used for less than $3,000 and it will most certainly have 150,000+ miles on it.

I live a little over a mile out of town, plus it's another mile going through town to reach the first grocery store. If I were physically able to walk and pack back a small bag of dog food I would, but my disability isn't going to let that happen...so I'm going to have to rely on friends and family to be my taxi until I get the car fixed.

So...bad timing with the car -- my sister and my friends have all been either out of town this week, or had things scheduled (a wedding and family get together).

I ran out of dog food on Tuesday...but had a lot of puppy chow...so Jaya got puppy chow on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had no one to take me to town. I thought my sister would be back Thursday, but she didn't get home until tonight. (Friday).

Thursday, I woke up to the smell of poop in my house, and got up and saw AU was sound asleep, but Jaya was moving around looking nervous. I found where she went into a back room and it was a MESS...diarrhea. It must have hit her fast because she will whine and move around and wake me up to let me know she needs out...and that didn't happen. I'm a very light sleeper and would have responded to any whining.

I let her out, and got out my carpet cleaner and spent the next 1/2 hour cleaning up the mess. I knew the puppy chow must have been too rich for her (she's 13 - 14 years old or so now). But I had nothing else to feed her as far as dog food.

To cut down on the puppy chow, I baked and mashed part of a potato into her her next feeding - hoping that would help. She ate that Thursday night, but then today wouldn't eat anything. My sister got back into town from her trip, and came out to my house and took me to the store to buy dog food and I got home and come feeding time, I gave Jaya her dog food. She wouldn't eat.

I let Jaya and AU outside a short time later and I was standing on the porch, when Jaya suddenly squatted as if to poop and I saw just a blast of bloody liquid exit her...it didn't even look like poop...just blood and clear water. She walked quickly away from it, and I walked over to check it out and all I could see was blood splattered grass. So I call my vet...and it's about 7:30pm at this point.

I leave a message, then call my sister... who I Know was going to be asleep after her long car ride back from the city she was visiting. I leave a message on her phone saying I might need help getting Jaya to the vet's later. I hang up, and about 10 minutes later, my vet calls and I tell her what happened and about the puppy chow/change of diet for the past few days.

She asks if there's any chance of Jaya getting into poison...but I don't use it and she's not been able to get out of the yard and AU's acting just fine. So my vet is thinking maybe her bowels are just very irritated from the diet change...and to give her some kaopectate and monitor her if I wanted to...or I could bring her in. But.. since I don't know if my sister's even going to see my message on her cell phone until tomorrow...I tell the vet I'll monitor her and if things get worse...that I'll figure something out in getting her to the clinic.

Jaya's not acting like she's in pain, she's drinking water, and moving smoothly. I gave her the dose my vet recommended and she will get another one around 11:30pm. So far, she's resting and hasn't indicated she needs outside or acts like her tummy is causing her discomfort.

My sister did call around 10pm, and I told her about it, so in the morning, she's going to come out and help me take Jaya to the vet for an exam.

I just hope it is a diet issue....but I will feel terrible that I was the cause, in not being able to get her some dog food. I still have a fear it could be something worse. I lost a dog, Ernie, quite suddenly to a tumor that ruptured his pancreas and that keeps going through my mind. He was about 15 at the time.

If it turns out, Jaya has something quite wrong with her, I'll probably have to put her to sleep. She's a larger dog (65 pounds) and 13 to 14 years old.
When I adopted her they were guessing she was 5 to 6 years old. Given her age, and her high stress level at being handled, due to still being kind of feral, I know major surgery would be iffy and I'm not sure I would want to subject her to the fear and pain of one, if surgery even is an option.

My other dog, Lacey was very close to Jaya's size and build. Lacey at age 14 1/2 was hit with a bunch of strokes and I had to put her down...so I know Jaya...while she looks great and moves nice just like Lacey was doing up until about 2 weeks before I put her down, could also be having something going on behind the scenes that is just now showing up.

I am just hoping this is going to be a short term tummy trouble and she'll be fine in a day or two. I just hate it when my elderly dogs have issues that might not be so bad if they were younger...but their old age determines if it's worth fixing or not. I'm a firm believer in quality of life over quantity.

Well... I need to get get her next dose of meds down her. It's like trying to work with a 65 pound furry boulder - that is after I get her to settle - which means several trips running through the house before she gives in and jumps up on the loveseat she sleeps on and hunkers down. She just locks up and trying to maneuver her so I can give her meds is difficult.

Sorry for the long post... not much anyone can do right now...and I just hope hope hope... it was the feeding that irritated her gut lining and has caused the bleeding and nothing like a tumor or anything.

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Old 04-14-2018, 02:46 AM
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Oh I'm so sorry that she's going through that! I really hope it's just a bout of colitis, or major, upset tummy, due to the change in diet. Make sure to fast her 24 hours, to give her system a chance to settle down, then once it does give her chicken and rice for a few days to give it time to heal up.

Have you looked into ordering food from Chewy.com? The carry a lot of different brands including ones found at the grocery store, and are very reasonable with the price, they have 2 day free shipping on orders over $49. What I do is just order a 2 month supply of food, along with my boys treats and maybe a toy, it bumps the order up to $50 and I only end up spending around $25 a month so it's still reasonable. I just looked up Pedigree to double check that the price was good. A 33lb bag of it cost $18.99
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Old 04-14-2018, 09:34 PM
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@Rain, Thanks for the information.

It was such a mess today! But some good things happened too.

During the night, Jaya threw up kind of a brown liquid...not slimy or anything and I soaked some of it up in a white paper towel to see if any blood was in it, but I couldn't see any red to it, so it might have just be bile.

Still, she looked relaxed and not stressed and she was drinking water...so I decided to wait until morning to take her to the vet.

Around 8:30am, I lost my internet. So, I took a shower, got out and got dressed and it's close to 9am, and even though I hated to do it, because I know my sister was tired from her trip the day before... I picked up the phone to see if she could taxi me and Jaya to the vet's before noon...as my vet closes early on Saturdays.

My sister has a cell phone, I have a landline and a remote phone. I call her and got a busy signal! Cellphones don't have busy signals...the calls go instantly to voice mail if the person is on the line or not answering. So, I tried to call my brother who was at the family store...and that's a landline number. I get a error beep and a computer telling me 'this number cannot be connected as dialed' I tried again, just to make sure I didn't hit the wrong buttons... same thing. So I tried a few more numbers and get the same results.

My dog needs to go to the vet, I'm about 4 miles from the clinic, with no car, and no way to call out and my internet is off too.

By now it's 9:30am, and I know both of my neighbors are early risers, so I walked down my alley, around the corner and try my first neighbor... no one home, they must have gone someplace for the weekend. I walk further down the road to the next neighbor and they are home. I ask if I can use their phone if it's working.

They have a land line, and fortunately... it's working. So I call my sister, and I'm not sure if she'll even wake up if she's asleep, or even listen to a message from an unknown number. I call my brother, and tell him what's going and ask if he too can call our sister and leave a message as I know (if she's awake) that she will respond to his number.

I try to call the vet... but get that 'cannot connect message' so I visit with my neighbors for about 10 minutes...and their phone rings and it's my sister, who said she could come out and pick me and Jaya up and take us to the vets.

While I was at the neighbor's I had taken my phone bill, which has a tech number on it, so I call them and get put on hold...after about 10 minutes... I hung up.
I walk home, and my sister pulls up about the time I'm climbing my porch steps...she comes in and helps me corral Jaya and we go to the vets.

When I get there.. I find out my vet has gone to Boise for the weekend on an unexpected trip.

I'm thinking like "Seriously!" The car, the phone, the internet, now my vet who is almost always there on Saturday's also is having problems that took her out of town. The vet tech does what she can with Jaya, takes her temp, feels her tummy to see if if feels hard or causes Jaya any stress...which is difficult to do, since by now, Jaya is at maximum stress level from being handled and the car trip.

The tech said Jaya was running a slight fever, but she thought that since Jaya is drinking water and not seeming to be in pain that it would probably be best just to monitor her over the weekend and come in Monday morning if things continue...or if she gets worse, to take her to the other clinic in town. I also found out while I was at the vet's that their internet and phones are down too.

Since Jaya hasn't eaten since Thursday night, I asked my sister to take me to the large grocery store in town and I wanted to buy some plain yogurt to see if Jaya would eat a little of that. I get into the store and it's a MESS in there. That store had lost their phone, and internet connection and they could only take cash, checks, and credit cards. No EBT (food stamp cards and no debit cards, and no coupons could be scanned either).

Good thing I still carry 'old timey' checks. But a lot of people were milling around and some were leaving grocery carts of food and walking out...and the staff was rushing around trying to put frozen and refrigerated foods back into the freezers/coolers. I got my stuff and got out pretty fast through the express lane.

Anyway... After I got Jaya home, I let her settle for about a half hour, then put 2 tablespoons of yogurt that I had left out so it wouldn't be so cold, to her. She ignored it at first but about 5 minutes later I saw her stand up and lick out the little shallow bowl it was in....and she didn't sick anything up later on either.

Around 3pm, I got a knock on my door...and it was the vet tech from my vet's clinic. She said just before closing, and while she was doing clean up and checks on all the animals at the clinic she tried the phones again and managed to get through to Andy, the vet. She told Andy, what she observed with Jaya and Andy prescribed a medicine to help Jaya's tummy troubles, and the vet tech was kind enough to special deliver it to my house after she locked up the clinic.

After the vet tech left, I gave Jaya the pill, and then about an hour later, I gave Jaya about 1/2 a cup, of dry kibble that I had soaked in warm water for a while, and mixed in another tablespoon of yogurt. She ate all of it and so far hasn't got sick from it.

So.. I am hoping that this is all due to the puppy chow upsetting her digestive system....and not something worse. But I will be taking her in on Monday and the vet told the tech, that then, we will run some blood work on Jaya and do another exam just to be sure of things.

I sometimes think I have the best vet in the world. Her place isn't fancy, and she isn't either most of the time...looks like she's always ready to head out to a cow pasture...wearing run down looking clothes and such. And, she probably does have to do that a few times a week. But dang, so nice of her prescribe something to help sooth Jaya's tummy, and her vet tech being willing to bring the medication out to my house after hours. The vet tech was so happy to see AU too...and amazed at how well he's moving.

Anyway, it was a long crappy day for the most part...along with all the above it was raining all day... I got pretty wet walking to and from my neighbors. My phone and internet still did come on until almost 5pm. Most of the town was down for the count today so at least it just wasn't me the gods of bad luck was picking on. :P

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Old 04-15-2018, 05:54 PM
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Stormy, sure hope its nothing more that a reaction to the food. Food changes can upset any dog, but probably especially older or senior pups. Think positive, lets hope by tomorrow she is back to, or very close to normal again.

Yes your Vet sounds like a real find!!! She obviously loves what she does and her furry clients. Wish they were all like that, and really many are. This is not a field anyone would or should go into, without a deep love of animals.
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My dog is only three and at two he got diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. Any kind of sudden diet change will give him very similar symptoms the day after the new food to what Jaya had. I don't remember if he ever pooped blood but inflammation and irritation can cause bleeding. He doesn't even take any medicine except daily probiotics anymore. I just keep him on the same food. I have antinausea meds, antidiarrhea meds and human Prilosec for heartburn for when his symptoms do flare up. His monthly heartguard makes him sick so I always give it with stomach meds and after hes eaten.
Hopefully that's all she has. Without a lot of diagnostics it's not very expensive yo manage once stable. Boiled hamburger or chicken breast and plain boiled white rice is easy on the stomach. My dog is allergic to chicken dog food or rich fried chicken but is fine with a small bite of grilled or boiled white chicken.

Hope it's not serious and she recovers!
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Old 04-16-2018, 10:08 AM
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Will be awaiting your update!
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Old 04-18-2018, 04:25 PM
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How is she???
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Old 04-18-2018, 08:43 PM
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Hi Stormy,

I almost never read the Health section, so I've just found out about Jaya and your troubles. How is she? A bit worried since you haven't updated this thread for a few days.

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With me even if my hound acts sleepy in times when her usually is not this makes me feel like there is something wrong.

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Sorry for not updating. I kind of sunk down into a deep depression over the past few days and haven't done much of anything but sulk beneath the covers and sleep....and sleep is usually hard for me to come by, so I didn't even try to fight off this depression episode like I usually would. All of these 'hassles' just finally caught up to me... starting clear back with the fridge going down, issues with AU's hips, the phones and internet not working the same time I can't use my car and needing to get Jaya to the vet... and the car itself... still not fixed.

I woke up feeling a lot better today, so I've pulled the curtains open and started picking up all the little messes I've left around the house...dishes are in the dishwasher and laundry is in the utility waiting it's turn.

Jaya is feeling good enough to eat now. But... she's so hard to monitor...if she knows I'm watching her, she delays doing what she needs to do until she can't anymore. It was only her urgent need that let me see she shot out blood that one late afternoon. The medication my vet had delivered to my house, is called Metronidazole.

Here's what it said on search for it's use with dogs:
A prescription antibiotic used in dogs and cats to treat various conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, nonspecific diarrhea disorders, infections caused by Giardia, and periodontal disease.

So she's been taking that, and as I said her appetite came back and she seems to be drinking enough water and even being a little playful with AU when outside. I still want to get her in to see the vet and have maybe a geriatric blood test run on her to make sure there's no warning signs of other things going on with her.

I'm also having issues with AU. During the winter, before he was operated on and after... my back yard was a mess...either snowed under, iced under or a soggy soggy mess... so unless I put on shoes (and with ice I couldn't even risk that)...I could not get out to stop AU from barking at whatever when he was across the yard.

This barking hit the same time his adolescence kicked in and he stopped obeying me...If I said 'come' he would sit down and look at me. If I said, 'stay' 'sit' or 'leave it' it was the same thing...either ignore me altogether or sit down and look at me. THEN...he spends a total of like 20 days at the vets during his surgeries and recoveries....and along with all the other dogs there, barking at everything and never being told to calm down, or shush.

It's not a constant barking.. He can be quiet for some time, then suddenly....woofwoofwooofwooof... a rapid very loud 'excited' barking that last about 10 seconds or so. I think he's getting better in the day time... I got it so that he's no longer barking the Department of Transportation machinery when loaders and such get near my fence line, and he's no longer barking at the cows that are like 2 acres away but that he can see moving around.

And.. I've reduced by quite a bit the barking he's been doing when he's sitting on the porch and can see the neighbors inside their home, walking past their sliding door. But, he's rushing at the fence and barking at them whenever they step out of the house and into their back yard...which they didn't do that much this winter.

A few days ago, AU did that, and I put on my slipper and was out of the house by the time he stopped barking and I walked to the fence to tell him to 'leave it' meaning get away from the fence and to stop the occasional woof that he was still doing, and go over towards the porch.

My neighbor...she's usually pretty nice, but she chewed my butt out because she said AU woke her up a few nights before. I apologized as I knew what night she was talking about. And it wasn't just AU... something had Jaya growling and kind of barking a little too...which was really unusual and AU wasn't barking in an excited way that night...he really meant it..something upset him or scared him...and it wasn't some 10 second barking either. I had to go out and pull them both in and they, as I said were upset. This happened about 11pm at night.

AU's not really barked all that much at anything at night, if he does, it might be like once a week... but I'm usually standing on the porch so I can stop him after one or two barks with the rattle of the dog food pan...or I'm just two steps from the back door while I stand at my peninsula pouring a bit dog food into their bowls for a midnight treat and getting ready to go outside and rattle it to get them to come in without dilly dallying around...mostly Jaya is the culprit there.

Anyway.. I told her I was sorry for the other night, that both dogs were upset and but she was angry and told me that AU was waking her up almost every night... which I KNOW is not true...as I've been out there on the porch and I've not had to rush out the door while fixing dog food for well over a week prior to that incident and in the past few days afterwards.

But I also know she's frustrated at being barked at whenever she steps out her back door. I told her I was aware of AU's behavior and I am working on it. I also told her I hoped that soon he'll learn to go up to the fence and watch her without barking, because he's already getting really good about not doing that when sitting on the porch and seeing them in their home...so there's been some improvement there.

I feel terrible that the neighbor's mad, but also that in her head, she think's AU's been barking at night and waking her up...which again, hasn't happened for weeks now...except that one incident that had both Jaya and AU upset about something.
I know like 4 months ago, he was being a bugger and barking at night, but I worked with him and his surgeries kind of had him tired out too so he basically quit doing that.

My other neighbor's who love AU, because AU was a friend to their old husky that they put to sleep not long after I got AU... AU was doing the same thing to them before his surgeries..rushing the fence and barking. But they spoke to him nicely and even took time to walk to the fence and pet him and give him a dog biscuit..so now AU runs over to the fence but doesn't bark at them.

I mentioned that to this neighbor and she was 'I don't have time for that' I never asked her to do it...just mentioned it to let her know that AU has been learning not to bark at everything...and that the other neighbors usually don't walk up to pet AU, but have on occasion, so he's got use to them and knows not to bark at them. I just wanted her to know that if AU gets use to seeing her outside, which she will be more and more as the weather warms...that he will probably stop barking at her too, especially if I'm there to discourage him.

She also told me I needed to roll up newspaper and smack him on the nose for barking...that or get a "no bark shock collar" that will stop the barking.. I guess they have a sound detection to them. I told her I didn't train my dogs in those ways.

Anyway... it's just another stressful thing I'm dealing with...

Thanks for asking about Jaya. I'm going to try to see when my sister can take me downtown and see if I can get Jaya in for those bloodtests...but I might have to wait until she's off the meds... need to call the vet about that.

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