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Increased Peeing

This is a discussion on Increased Peeing within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Hello everyone! Sorry in advanced for the lengthy post, I want to make sure I get as much detail as I can just in case ...

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Increased Peeing

Hello everyone!

Sorry in advanced for the lengthy post, I want to make sure I get as much detail as I can just in case it helps but don't want you reading forever so I'll try to make it short.

Firstly, my parents and I have a Yorkshire Terrier. He is turning 15 next month and is pretty blind and deaf. Not completely, but he has been getting worse as time goes on.

A few months ago, we noticed my dog was peeing a lot more. We noticed since he was having more accidents in the house and he doesn't normally have accidents unless he HAS to go. I mentioned to my mom how we changed his dog food to a high protein or high fiber (I believe it was protein) of the same brand and how he was drinking a lot more. We switched back to his regular flavour and he had less accidents and wasn't peeing as much. Unsure if it had anything to do with him peeing but it seems like it did.

About a month ago, he started peeing more again (not as much as when he was on the high protein food) but we would just keep an eye on him and let him out more often to prevent accidents. Every once and a while, he would bark early morning (4am-6am) to go pee. He sleeps on the couch and he slowly stopped jumping off of the couch to the point where he will not do it anymore. I always let him out before I go to bed and whoever is awake first would let him out. For the past week, he has been barking every single morning. My parents get up during the weekday at about 5:30am so I'm unsure if he got into the habit of having to go out at that time. There has been times where I let him out past midnight and he is still barking early morning. He has peed on the couch a couple of times which is a huge shocker for us but it was during the early morning so we may not have heard him. Again, he never has accidents unless he HAS to go. He has never peed where he slept (cage, parents bed, and now couch) so we are getting more worried. My dad is retired so he is home with our dog but there are times where he has to go out for the day and someone will come home and my dog will rush to go out but during the early morning, it is such an emergency for him to go out and he can't hold it. He will constantly bark until someone lets him out. He will go and have a drink of water for about 2 or 3 minutes and then go back to bed. We assume that since it's the summer time he has been drinking more with it being hot but he's gotten into the habit of drinking after his morning pee. We'll lift him back onto the couch and he goes back to sleep.

There is no discomfort, blood, or change in appearance in his urine so we assume that old age has been getting to his bladder now. We are hoping that it isn't a UTI or something more severe but we may have to make a trip to the vet. As mentioned, during the day, he is fine. But during the early morning, he can't wait. My parents are currently away for the week so it is just me. I'll let him out before I go to work and when I get back, there are no accidents but he sure does need to go!

Was there anything that we can do so we can help our dog as well as help our sleep? I've thought of trying to stretch the time from when my parents let him out during the weekday so they don't let him out right when they wake up and let him sleep in until he wakes up himself and has to go. He does have a good nose though so if he's not in a deep sleep and someone comes downstairs or the fridge opens up, he's wide awake. He's pretty old so we don't want to change too much of his routine but he will sleep on the ground beside the couch if no one puts him on the couch so I also have thought of maybe making it more comfortable on the ground so he doesn't have to worry about getting off the couch and he can sleep there during the night. He would most likely end up peeing on the floor somewhere in the house but I know that he would also try to bark to go out or bark to get on the couch since it's his favourite spot. Pee pads wouldn't be good since he wouldn't be able to find them or know what's going on and it would be difficult to try and teach him to go on them. Any suggestions or help? Any information is greatly appreciated!!!
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I think your dog needs a veterinary checkup, to exclude fixable problems before deciding on what you need to do, but this issue could probably be related to his age.

That said, if this is related to his age, many people invest in doggie diapers or a wraps. They can cut the house accidents down by at least 80%, the only thing you have to be careful about is the size, to keep him comfy but also to avoid them to slip out of position.
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You need to have him checked by your Vet. If he is drinking more water and peeing a lot more, that could be signs of medical issues, such as high blood sugar levels, possibly diabetes. You need your Vet to do a workup on him, so you have accurate information, and know how to best treat and cope.
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