Huge euthanasia dilemma

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Huge euthanasia dilemma

This is a discussion on Huge euthanasia dilemma within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; First off, I would like to say, thank you in advance for any advice and sharing any experiences, but please leave any hate at the ...

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Old 10-07-2018, 04:11 AM
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Huge euthanasia dilemma

First off, I would like to say, thank you in advance for any advice and sharing any experiences, but please leave any hate at the door. I am dealing with a major dilemma, but may have a possible alternative. I am posting on here for advise, preferably from people who have experienced the same situation or something similar.

I have two dogs, Lab/Shepherd mixes, that will be 13 years old in January, brother and sister (from the same litter), brought home when my daughter was 5 yrs old, and have never been seperated for more than 2 days (and after an hr, refuse to eat and cause mischief until reunited). I have had the male into the vet a few times over the last couple months. He is at the age that arthritis has been affecting him, lipomas have been showing up, significant weight loss, and most recently peeing all the time with basically no control over his bladder. He was put on antibiotics about six weeks ago for a bladder infection. The signs that something was very wrong were: having to go outside to pee every 30-90 minutes (if not right when needed, he would pee in the house), constant whining (especially when needing to go outside), walking around the yard trying to pee at least 7 times, and every time he would pee and then remain in that position, not moving, for multiple minutes like he doesn't think that he's done. The vet said his kidney functions were fine, but he had a bad bladder infection and had lost a significant amount of weight. The vet prescribed an antibiotic for him to take; however stated that at his age, it was possible that he had a bladder tumor, and those could show up in the lab work appearing like an infection. We gave him the meds, his frequency slowed for a little while; however, we noticed that he was dribbling all over and would leave wet spots when he would get up from laying down. I took him back in. They said that there was still infection and prescribed another antibiotic. The provider stated that the one prescribed was significantly stronger, and if this one didn't help for the infection, nothing would. Well, he has 2 days left of antibiotics and his follow up is on Tues. His current status is: due to the uncontrolled peeing and dribbling he is wearing diapers at all times, he is whining a bit less, he doesn't demand going out as often; however, even if we let him out every 45-60 minutes (which is hard with a family that works and goes to school) his diapers are saturated with enough urine to not reuse, and if he tries to sleep for a few hours (at most 2 hours), his diaper is completely soaked and he has leaked through on whatever he is laying on. In addition, when I let him outside, he still stays in the peeing position for multiple minutes and then tries to pee more multiple times after that. The poor guy is super embarrassed/ashamed and obviously in some significant pain. As hard as it is for me, I have made the decision to talk to the vet on Tues about euthanasia for him. I do not feel that it is fair to let him suffer.

Now, here is the biggest dilemma... Shortly after we brought our pups home, my late husband, daughter, and I all agreed that when the time came for one, we would put them down together because they are inseparable. This is exceptionally hard because she is not really showing any significant health issues. She has the normal slow moving, selective hearing of an older dog. She has been staying by her brother's side and cuddling with him a lot (no not normal). My daughter and I are having the dilemma of keeping the deal with my late husband, or not. My boyfriend doesn't even consider putting her down at the same time as an option. Keep in mind, whenever they are separated for more than an hr, they stop eating and mope. So, do I put them down together, or only put him down taking the chance that she will fall into a deep depression living by herself without her brother?

With that said..... I am also trying to decide two other major decisions that follow the first.

If we do not put her down with him, do I do what I feel is right, by having the vet come to our home and let her be here for it, or do I take him to the clinic without her around? I have read in multiple threads that some people recommend letting the "housemate" (I haven't seen much on siblings from the same litter) be there to witness it and mourn before taking the deceased dog away. Some people feel it's good closure and gives them a better idea as to where their "housemate" has gone. These opinions are for the non-aggressive pets. My boyfriend and I do agree that she would listen, sit with us, and not try to attack the vet.

And lastly, if I decide not to put her down, would it be beneficial to get a new puppy to introduce a few days before the appointment for putting down her brother? I have been considering getting a Doxie-Poo (I have read that a IF introducing another animal prior to or after the death of a housemate to choose a different breed, type, or gender) to introduce a few days before, so she will have a friends for when her brother passes. The reason for the choice of a smaller type dog is that when I have previously pet sat for people, both him and her do not seem to mind small sized dogs. Like I said above, I worried she is going to go downhill quick or starve herself alone.

Thank you again for any input. Again, please don't leave hate and don't pull the "if one of your kids died, would you do the other?" Have a good day.
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Old 10-07-2018, 01:34 PM
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No, I do not think you should put down a dog that doesn't have significant health problems other than being older. No vet I know would put down a dog for the reason you're giving, and hopefully your vet thinks the same.

I have to assume that you want to do the best for both of them, but the reason here is not okay. You are also part of her family and your love and support can go a long way to help with her loss.

As for a puppy, that might not be the way to go either. Puppies are super high energy and they get a lot of love and require most of the attention like a baby does, and when one is sad and grieving the loss of another, and also older and slower, it seems to me that you wouldn't want such craziness as a high energy puppy going on around you when you're the equivalent of a 90 year old. Peaceful and relaxing days seem like something she'd want. A dog that is a few years old and is more settled than a puppy might be okay, but I'd still wonder if she needs time to herself to just be alone and be a bit sad. Grieving is part of healing as long as she doesn't become consumed by it. Instead of another dog consider just giving her extra time and attention and support.
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Old 10-08-2018, 02:21 AM
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If it were me I'd only euthanise the one with current health issues, if the vet thinks it's reasonable.

The other I would wait and see, given time and lots of love and kindness from you and your family she's got a good chance of a decent quality of life. Though your vet is a good place to seek advice on this note.
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Old 10-11-2018, 11:37 AM
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I'm sorry about your dog. Facing that time of their life is horrible. As far as the decision goes, 1. The promise: is this promise from 13 years ago that important so that it overrides other conditions? If it is, then your decision is made, and just be OK with it. 2. Your daughter is 18ish, so she should have input, even if she's leaving home soon. You mentioned your boyfriend's opinion, but not hers. 3. Of course the littermate will painfully grieve, so will you. (We've all read Where the Red Fern grows) More likely, you'd all get through it, together, at your own pace. You'd have the time to give the littermate extra attention. 4. Whether you end up putting one or both down, I wouldn't get another dog for a while, especially a puppy. Do you remember what a puppy is like? They're so high maintenance, that you'd be arranging your day around it's schedule, kind of like you're doing for your older dog. Give yourself a break for a while. Best wishes to you, whatever you decide.
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Old 10-11-2018, 03:51 PM
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Please don't put your healthy dog to sleep. She might be sad for a while, but she'll be ok. I had two boys from the same litter, they both lived to be 17, that's a long time together. One had to be put down, and the other boy did just fine afterwards even though I thought he would not.
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