Hind Leg Muscle Rapid Movement

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Hind Leg Muscle Rapid Movement

This is a discussion on Hind Leg Muscle Rapid Movement within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; He is a 6 yr old pure bred Chihuahua with no known health issues. I am scared too death, I had an older chihuahua who ...

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Old 10-14-2016, 12:04 PM
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Hind Leg Muscle Rapid Movement

He is a 6 yr old pure bred Chihuahua with no known health issues.

I am scared too death, I had an older chihuahua who at the end had seizures so I am very aware of the signs. Out of the blue my chihuahua less than an hour ago was standing still in the kitchen, completely responsive, no movement or ill signs in his head, front legs or torso but I noticed his hind leg muscles rapidly twitching. I don't think it was a seizure because he has had no history of it and it just doesn't happen and he was completely responsive. I think it was one of 2 things; muscle tremors or something in his throat. He came over to me (so we walked over during it) and continued to do it as he coughed like something was in there and it looked like he was trying to force himself to puke but then quickly gave it up, stopped any twitching and was his normal self. Any advice would be appreciated. Should I take him to the vet immediately or see if its an ongoing issue? Can a healthy dog have random muscle spasms? How can it happen out of the blue? Could him focusing on trying to puke cause just his hind legs to shiver? He has forced himself to puke before but not like that.

There are just 2 many things I can think of that may have caused it. I don't remember if he pooped yesterday so it could be constipation ( I know he didn't before the incident), he was by the refrig so he could have been cold, again he was dry heaving so maybe trying to use his force to make him puke. I am just over protective of him and to be honest, I hate this vet and it seems they care more about the dollar than the animal but I can't find anyone else.

Mother and others say to see if it happens again, if so, take him to get checked out but it could have been anything and if doesn't occur again it could have just been a weird isolated moment.

He does have bad vet anxiety and I know they will just tell me to monitor him after feeling him up and saying nothing seems out of place or anything.
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Old 10-17-2016, 08:35 PM
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I would go see a vet immediately. Even visit a specialist because if it's a neuro issue; it's hard to pin point and it's not like your pet can tell you what's hurting them. (I wish they could!)

It could be a slipped disc/herniated disc too. I know smaller dogs can easily hurt their backs and necks just by running into walls or jumping around.

Either way, please take your baby to the vet and get them checked.

Also, if xrays are needed- visit a vet that has a DIGITAL XRAY. Regular xrays have higher doses of radiation but, the digital xrays have smaller doses.

Best of luck.
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Old 11-30-2016, 06:31 PM
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Had an incident last night, all of his legs were rapidly twitching and it stopped when he tried to cough up something. He was completely responsive the whole time and even walking but I wanted to be on the safe side so I took him to the vet tonight for just a checkup and below are the results. Obviously without xrays, blood testing they can’t say definitively, but the vet had a general idea.
Cooper is an overweight 6 year old Chihuahua, I knew he was overweight and I knew that was the cause of his coughing (they think early signs of trachea collapse). I have been measuring his food out but turns out today I was still giving him more than I needed, I was giving him the food to maintain not lose the weight. Rewind to over a year ago, he slid and hit one of his hind legs, I googled it last year and to me it was a luxating patella. Not a bad one as he never really limped, it isn’t lame and it hasn’t affected his running or walking or appetite. You can only tell that leg is stiffer in the gate when he walks. So when I went to the vet tonight I wanted to cover the muscle movement, patella and coughing.
Just like I suspected, it’s a luxating patella but with the feeling the vet did and the fact that it hasn’t hampered his movement the vet said just to watch it and small breeds are prone to it and only worry if it worsens. Without the proper tests she couldn’t truly tell about the throat but said it could be early signs with trachea and to make him lose weight. The big thing was muscle leg movement, she is not worried since he was still moving around and fully mentally aware she doesn’t think it was a seizure or stroke and to just watch it, it might just be him trying to muster up to vomit for whatever reason.
I feel like a horrible dad to Cooper with his weight, leg and trachea but she said the only thing in my control is his weight. She told me not to worry about the back leg unless it gets worse and he is not showing any pain and the throat thing is common and could drastically get better with weight loss.
Here is the kicker, Cooper weighs 15 pounds! I thought he was 12, he was 12 in 2012. He hasn’t been getting more food he just doesn’t work it off so I am switching to Hill’s Science Diet and within the next year trying to get him down to 10-11 pounds since he is a bigger Chihuahua anyways.
Did some advice, for his ideal weight of 10, the food says ¾ of a cup a day. I have been giving him plain cooked chicken in the mornings with dog food at night. I know an ounce of chicken is 30 calories, how do I factor that in with the food intake? The food says the measured amount but not the calorie intake of that amount, any help would be appreciated.
Overall, a bum leg not really hindering him, a throat not in perfect condition and overweight. Losing the weight will help with it all.
Here is the food….
Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight Small & Toy Breed - Dry
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Old 11-30-2016, 07:00 PM
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The link says there are 291 cals per cup
So take out 1.5 tablespoons of kibble if you give him 30 cals of chicken
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Old 12-03-2016, 05:36 PM
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He is not having his new food, only picking out the food he is used to. He won't starve himself but I guess it will take time.

Speaking of time, usually a little bad when trying to clip his nails but completely horrible today and nipped at me, guess he isn't over the vet yet. I wanted them to do it but completely forgot. Will try again tomorrow.
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Old 12-12-2016, 07:39 PM
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I think the vet visit traumatized him. Used to let me clip nails, he nipped me in a few spots on my finger drew blood and urinated when I tried again. I don't know how he is going to get out of his cage when I take him back for them to do it.
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