Concerned about Quarantine and emotional health

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Concerned about Quarantine and emotional health

This is a discussion on Concerned about Quarantine and emotional health within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Hi all. I need some advice. I have a very small (5 pound) Medical-Alert, handler and CGC trained Service Dog (physician and psychiatrist prescribed). We ...

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Old 05-27-2017, 01:00 PM
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Question Concerned about Quarantine and emotional health

Hi all. I need some advice.
I have a very small (5 pound) Medical-Alert, handler and CGC trained Service Dog (physician and psychiatrist prescribed). We are traveling to New Zealand. NZ does not recognize handler trained SD's. And, they require a 10-day quarantine. We have an attorney, and are petitioning for a waiver for home-quarantine, as they extend this to recognized SD's. NOT going to NZ is not an option for us.
My question is this.....
If we lose and she has to go through quarantine, the facilities offer 3.5 hours a day visiting. I would get a room at the nearest hotel. My animal has only spent 2 nights away from me, for her knee surgery, when she was very young. She is 3 now. I am torn over the visiting hours and her separation from me. Do y'all feel that visiting her everyday would be in HER best interest. That would mean saying "goodbye" to her everyday, and I wonder of her emotional state. Or I have thought of visiting every 2 to 3 days, to not put her through the moment of me leaving, as often. Or, should I stay away for the ten days and allow her to acclimate there. I have been in great contact with all four of the quarantine facilities. I have even offered to volunteer at the facilities for more visiting time. I actually even asked if I could sleep on the floor with her, at one facility, where she would have her own room. (I am sure they all think me wackadoodles, at this point). I am not worried about me. I can cope. But i am terribly worried about her. One of the facilities told me that it is usually much harder on the human than the dog, as they have a lot of interaction with staff, and acclimate well. That doesn't help my heart . Our vet says that she will be fine, but...... All of the facilities have vets on hand.
Now, if she refused to eat unless I was there, of course I would go daily.
But if she eats and stays healthy, i don't know which way to do this, that would be easiest on her. She doesn't let me out of her site, here.
Hopefully it won't be an issue and we get the home-quarantine, but I am not holding my breath.
Any and all thoughts are so appreciated!!!
Thank you!!!
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Old 05-27-2017, 02:45 PM
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Wow, this is quite a situation, and I'm sorry that you're having to face something like this. I sincerely hope that your attorney can maybe bend the rules under the circumstances. I'm not entirely certain that the celebrity-driven uproar of last year when Johnny Depp and wife snuck their dogs into Australia will help matters, but maybe some folks over there have level heads, or have forgotten about it...

Anyway, in the late 90's I had a lab that bit a neighbor child who was coming over to my house to bait him after I left for work. Lucky me, it was discovered that I was overdue by a week and a half on his rabies shot when this occurred that I was forced by the county to quarantine him at my vets for 10 days. Granted, he was not any kind of certified animal as yours is, but he was MY LIFE; I had no one else, was freshly separated from a horrible relationship, so this incredible development was devastating.

Of course it was the longest 10 days of my then-life. I surrendered him along with a large canister of his kibble, brought some toys and a couple of my shirts and visited every day for as long as I was able. The vets office was understanding and assured me that he was getting lots of attention and time out of the kennel when I was not able to be there. They said he didn't cry, but you're never sure if they're just saying that to placate you, because they don't want you to feel any worse than you already do. I, too, would have stayed over at the vets if I was able, but they don't permit these things after they've locked up for the day.

Some years after that I caught a portion of an Animal Planet show where there was this owner who was overwhelmingly worried about leaving her two dogs alone at home during the day after some change in a living situation. They put cameras in the home to show what the dogs were doing, and then the lady gave the dogs a couple of Kongs and left the house. They went back and forth displaying the hour of day at the bottom of the screen, showing the hand-twisting and worry on the woman's face, and back to the dogs who were chewing on their Kongs, or sleeping, or using the doggy door to romp around outside, etc. I remember thinking, they shot this on purpose to show, in a humorous light in this case, that we maybe worry a bit too much about our dogs when it's sometimes unnecessary.

Obviously a quarantine kennel is NOT a home environment, but maybe the point is not entirely out of order. Absolutely this is a highly stressful time, especially with a disability. If this event pans out in the worst-case-scenario, you're going to do everything in your power to keep your girl as comfortable and relaxed as you can. And if it goes the best way possible you are going to do the same. There is nothing else to be done. This is a huge move to another country. You could try and pretend that this is a "way-station", like you're waiting for the next train before you get home. The longest lay over in airport history, but you and she will make the best of it! Dogs are resilient. Keep as light a heart as you can and I'm sure she'll be okay.

All the best to you! Please let us know how this turns out!
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Old 05-27-2017, 03:47 PM
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So, you are for the daily visiting? I would LOVE to visit her every day, I just worry about the "separating" from her everyday, and if it will keep her bummed out. I would rather 'bum her out' as least times as possible, but I don't wish her to feel abandoned either. I am just out of my mind with this. I considered every other day for visiting, then I only have to separate from her 4-5 times (instead of 10) and 2 days may not make her feel abandoned......
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Old 05-27-2017, 04:03 PM
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Hi Mitzii

I would go for daily visits. In my opinion she will feel far more abandoned if she doesn't see you at all. And you will be happier as well.

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Old 05-27-2017, 08:36 PM
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Thank you!!!!! On this thinking, she would come to know that even though I have left, I will be back the next day....
Awesome....THANKS SO MUCH!!!!
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Old 05-27-2017, 10:04 PM
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Speaking as someone who works at a vet office and deals with animals that according to their owners "can't be away left alone EVER". I will say that for the most part the dogs do just fine, if not better, being away from their owners. Yes there are some dogs that are complete stress balls and absolutely cannot handle being away from their owners, but those a few and far between. We've had those owners who insist on visiting constantly, and to be honest, for the most part it is not beneficial for the pet. A lot of times those "stressed" dogs just take an hour at most to settle in and once they do there's no issues after that, but when the owners come to constantly visit the pet gets stressed about not going home and takes longer to settle down each time. The only time it's actually benifical is for those hospitalized dogs that won't eat and need their owners to hand feed them, or the terminal dogs in which case we have no problem with the owners visiting all day long and hanging out in the treatment room with us while we do our work.

Since your pup has already had an overnight stay at your vet, I would se if you can find out which techs/assistants were on her case and ask them to be honest and tell you how she was since you have a 10 day quarantine coming up. If the happen to not remember than it means she did great and didn't have any issues that stuck out in their memory. If they say she did great or fantastic, then I would believe them. If she was just good or well during her stay, that means she did fine but wasn't the best patient ever. And if they hesitate a bit and say she was "ok", that means she had issues but they're sugar coating it to say professional. Ask them if they think it would be beneficial to visit her daily as well. In regards to behavior at the vet office I wouldn't listen to the vets opinion because they aren't the ones directly handling your pet. I can't tell you how many times I've heard a vet say that a patient was "good in the room" and then it lunges after everyone in the back. It's very rare if you find a vet who will be honest and tell you your pet had issues because they either don't see it or they don't want to scare away your business.
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Old 05-28-2017, 05:15 PM
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THANK YOU for this.
In my heart of hearts, I feel that this is so true. The quarantine staff will send the parents, update emails, pics, texts...etc. As long as my animal is acclimating, then I think staying away has SUCH benefit to her. Perhaps 10 days is a little long. But perhaps visiting on day 4 , or halfway through.
I think I will end up relying on the staff's updates on her. If she is happy and doing well, I will stay away for her sake. If it were only a 3 day, or even a 5 day quarantine, I don't think I would have any doubts. The 10 day just seems a bit too long, as I don't wish Pais to feel I have abandoned her.
I have been told, that to dogs, there is not 'time'. That being away from their human for 10 mins is the same as 10 hours to them, or visa versa. And at some level, the first few hours after I leave her, are going to be the hardest for her. If I make her have those "first few hours" every day.....well, that just sounds mean, at some level.
Thank you for your response!! What I am finding most, is that "I" am going to be much more worried about her than I should be. That the animals do much better than we think they are going to. LOL.....NO I AM NOT A NEUROTIC MOTHER>......hahahahahahah....
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Old 06-02-2017, 03:58 AM
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Most dogs are fine with 10 days, I'm about to go through the same in Australia which does not allow visits.

While I'm concerned about my dog's emotional health I've made sure that she's been okay with staying in boarding for multiple nights and is very well acquainted with the crate.

I would never ask them to change quarantine rules unless it was life or death, those rule have a very important purpose. It's not just for rabies but for a range of other diseases and even the dust they bring in on their coat.

Good luck with your journey!
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