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Anti-Vaccinosis For Dog Vaccine Side Effects

This is a discussion on Anti-Vaccinosis For Dog Vaccine Side Effects within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Originally Posted by Esand I've never heard of this product before but I'd be skeptical about giving it to my dog with out asking a ...

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Originally Posted by Esand View Post
I've never heard of this product before but I'd be skeptical about giving it to my dog with out asking a vet first. I assume that if this were something that helped then vets would be recommending it. A google search for the product shows nothing other than people selling it. No vet recommendations nor explanation of what it does nor how it does it.

If it looks like snake oil and smells like snake oil.....

Thanks for your thoughts. Since I couldn't find any reviews, I was also skeptical but wanted to see if anybody had used it.
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Originally Posted by Dr T View Post
Hi everyone. Hope I can shed some light regarding your concerns about over-vaccinating and complications from vaccinating. In my opinion, we have to group the vaccinations in two groups: rabies and others. Unfortunately, rabies requirement for each state is determined by the state government and is based on whether the state is considered endemic for rabies. Example: Texas has to vaccinate yearly, Washington state has to vaccinate every three years. What is ironical is that there are no more rabies vaccines that are only good for one year. All rabies vaccine has a three year label on them. So, when pets are vaccinated yearly for rabies, they are likely getting a three year vaccine. Ouch. Every state also determines if they will accept a rabies titer instead of a vaccination, but most won't, especially if there is a bite involved. The main thing that I would recommend is that if you do vaccinate for rabies, you need to make sure that your vet is giving a Thimerosal-free rabies vaccine. I will confess that most vets don't know what Thimerosal is. Thimerosal, found in most rabies vaccine, is a preservative that contains 46% mercury. We all know that mercury is a heavy metal and a toxin. It has been linked to central nervous problems (brain) in pets. It was also incriminated in people vaccine and the link to autism. The federal government prohibits the use of Thimerosal in human vaccines but they did not do the same for pets. So, it is up to you to make sure that your vet does not use one of these dangerous rabies vaccine. Thimerosal is not found in other pet vaccine. The other vaccines are grouped into two groups: core vaccines: distemper/parvo and others (kennel cough/bordetella, Lepto, Lyme, etc). In cats the core vaccine is feline distemper and the others are leukemia, FIP, etc. For many years we vets vaccinated yearly, except for states that required a 3yr rabies. All cats and dogs were given core vaccines plus leukemia in cats once a year. Then, we started noticing a tremendous number of immune diseases affecting our pets. Our national veterinary association did a study to determine the effectiveness of the vaccines that were being given. They concluded that the rabies vaccine was good for at least 5 years and the core vaccines for dogs and cats were good for at least 7 years. They contacted us vets and told us there findings and said they were going to post new guidelines that suggested vaccinating every five years. The vets went nuts and there was a compromise made and the three year vaccination protocol was published by the AVMA. Unfortunately, the latest research indicated that 41% of vets here in the US still recommend giving core vaccines once a year. This is unfortunate because research has without a doubt revealed that over-vaccinating pets is extremely harmful to the pet's immune system. New studies that are being done are strongly suggesting that the vaccines are effective much longer than the AVMA believed. New evidence about the immune response says that antibody titer is not indicative of individual protection against possible viruses. It suggests that the primary immune defense is generated by what is called cell-mediated immune response and that this occurs the entire life of the individual once vaccinated. So, most holistic vets are now suggesting only vaccinating the core vaccines one time at 16 weeks of age and that should maintain protection for the life of the pet. Unfortunately, we have to give way for the state government even though we know that our pets don't need rabies vaccine as often as required, and most not at all. My recommendation is that if your pet has a health problem, contact your holistic vet and have him/her write you a letter stating that your pet can no longer be vaccinated due to health issues and this will get you around state regulations. Also, I have used homeopathic Thuja as a post vaccination detox but there is some debate as to whether that should be done or not. My advice: If your pet has had a reaction to any vaccine, never give this pet another vaccine. Do not let your vet give your pet an antihistamine or steroid before the vaccine. The pets body is telling you that it does not want the vaccine and has a good chance of harming its immune system. Do NOT allow over-vaccination (especially once a year). Do not give the other vaccines unless absolutely needed. I NEVER give Lyme vaccine. The disease is easily treated and the vaccine has killed many dogs. Do not allow your vet to give rabies vaccine that has Thimerosal in the vaccine. Look at the bottle yourself. It will have on the label, Thimerosal-free rabies vaccine. I hope this helps clear up some of your questions.
Thank you so much for your reply! I've learned a lot and will check to see that it is a Thimerosal-free rabies vaccine. Unfortunately, there is not a holistic vet anywhere close to me. I'm checking into some online consultatiaon, however.
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