Agresive dog towards ower on a few ocasions

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Agresive dog towards ower on a few ocasions

This is a discussion on Agresive dog towards ower on a few ocasions within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; hello. i am new to the forum as i have a Doberman (male) that is 18 months old, healthy boy, weighs 53 kg and in ...

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Agresive dog towards ower on a few ocasions


i am new to the forum as i have a Doberman (male) that is 18 months old, healthy boy, weighs 53 kg and in general is a gentle giant towards the family.

i live with my mum that is in her late 50is and sister that is in her 20s and the dog NEVER showed any aggression towards them. he loves my sister and always when he sees her he is jumping from joy.

we started to notice that hes aggression towards people out of the family circle, started growing when he was about 1 year old and we had to start using a muzzle when we went to the vet as he started growling towards them and tried to bite them.

today me as the owner of the dog, i am 26 years old was in the play pen with the dog and was giving him a cuddle when first the nipped my arm and i didn't think much of it i kept patting his back, head and he snapped at me, growled, bit me in the hip, no punctures but he scraped the skin of me. it seemed like he didn't trust me, like i did something to him, hurt him.

appolo is crate trained, and sleeps in my bedroom, goes on daily walks with me, plays with me outside and never showed such aggression towards me. even when he's in trouble for doing something wrong and he gets yelled at and isolated he never showed such aggression.

I am afraid that it might happen again, if it does what am I going to do if I cant control the circumstance and what if he bites my mum or my sister.

i love him and i don't want to re-home him or put him to sleep, he's my baby and even though he can be aggressive towards other people i can live with that i just have to stay on top of him, as silly as it sounds all the flaws that he has makes me love him even more, he has a unique personality and it hurts thinking what I might have to do if it happens again

i am heart broken that he can do that to someone who gives him unconditional love and always give him a pat when I walk past, have my morning coffee with him and watch tv with him before bed.

i know that allot of people will say that its the owners fault for the dogs aggression but i have to add that i had a Doberman that passed away from bloat that got raised in the same family, same training and the dog was trusted with everyone when he was the same age, never had to muzzle him and NEVER showed aggression towards another dog or person.

what I'm trying to say every dog has its own personality and some dogs are naughty and some are good, my appolo seems like he has trust or aggression issues but my question here is what should I do, what would u do in my position?

he is a big boy and really he can do some serious damage if he would want to.

I love him, he is my little baby and want whats best for his quality of life and mine, my family's.
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Get him checked at the vet if he looked at you like you hurt him then you probably did. He might be sore from something else. Also you say you shout at him & he doesnt react aggressively, not at the time he didnt, but he may not have forgotten & reacted towards you later. Please dont shout at your dog they have brilliant hearing & shouting can be deafening & frightening. It can also effect the trust between you. Dobies are guard dogs & its their nature to guard, so be respectful towards him. If he growls snaps he's warning you, its how some dogs swear at you. is offline   Reply With Quote
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