Advice on whether dog is in too much pain

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Advice on whether dog is in too much pain

This is a discussion on Advice on whether dog is in too much pain within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; - [ ] We struggle so much with knowing when is the right time to put our dog down . On one hamd we had ...

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Old 09-26-2018, 01:53 PM
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Advice on whether dog is in too much pain

- [ ] We struggle so much with knowing when is the right time to put our dog down . On one hamd we had said “when she can no longer do the stairs “ then that would be a sign . But on the other hand we see so many other changes in her and we feel guilty keeping her alive .
- [ ] When is it too much pain for a dog ? Her left ACL is torn (over a year now) and we notice her right leg starting to bother her as well. She can do the stairs but hesitates going up and down or will stop half way and sometimes stumble .
- [ ] She no longer jumps on the bed and the couch is a struggle .
- [ ] She’s panting more when she is not hot.
- [ ] Her appetite is down but she eats still , although she now hesitates and stares at her bowl before eating which she she has never done .
- [ ] She no longer is able to enjoy the things she used to like playing ball or frisbee or swimming .
- [ ] Her newest things in the last week are when she walks from one room to the other she will stop wait and then start walking again. Also her ears are pinned back a lot now and her breathing sometimes makes a wheezing sound .
- [ ]
We also have her on pain meds but don’t see it doing much

Would a vet consider these to be enough symptoms or am I being to sensitive? I just don’t want to be selfish though either. I really feel like her quality of life has diminished, even in the last month.

Looking for some outside advice !

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Old 09-26-2018, 05:46 PM
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Just because one gets older and slows down, has a hard time with stairs or jumping, isn't a reason to think life is over. That's all normal when aging, so what she needs is help with all of that. A softer bed, help up the stairs, less stress on joints, etc. It sounds like she needs different medication. Focus on making life as good as it can be for someone that is elderly. Better or softer food. Medications, probiotics, supplements. Even therapy. Go all out and think of anything you can that you'd want for yourself if you were experiencing achy joints and difficulty with stairs, or losing interest in food.

Make a bucket list of things that make her happy and do those things with her. The worst thing is to have regrets that you didn't do everything you could and then some (speaking from expericence).

And please, if you do eventually have to make the decision to take her in to be put down, stay with her. You are her comfort. Don't let her last minutes be with a stranger. Let her thoughts be of you and how much you love her. Also, I hate even mentioning this, but it's something people should be aware of. Euthanasia does cause some pain. It's not just slipping away peacefully. At least not from my experience.

That being said. I think you should focus on life and living and making life better and happier for as long as you can. The best place to start would be visiting a vet that wants to help make quality of life better and get her examined and go from there with whatever you can do to make her comfortable and happy.
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Old 09-26-2018, 06:03 PM
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Wow @DogFaming said everything with such grace. I totally agree with every word so I won’t add more except that I’m sorry you’re going through this, it’s very difficult and I wish you and your pup the very best.
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Old 10-12-2018, 12:43 PM
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I am in similar situation and have a question about pain
My dog Casey is a yorky, it was supposed to be a miniature yorky, I assume the person who breed him took him away from the mother before it was time, jusyto sell him as miniature. By the time we took notice the breeder was gone and we were in love with the dog. This was 12 years ago.
Now he has a heart murmur and they are not able to empty the anal glands unless we take him to a special vet that will be willing to take the risk.
As much as we love him, we think that an operation at his age is not in his best interest and we don't want to be selfish and put him to the ordeal.

We are preparing ourselves and we don't want him to be pain.
My question is as follow:
I have read that methadone can be given for chronic pain, it is supposed to be .07 MG for each pound every 4 hours for severe pain.
Casey weights 16.5 pounds now
How many milligrams do I need to give him to keep him with out pain?
Thank you in advance for your kind help.
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Old 10-13-2018, 12:36 AM
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Change the pain meds & you prob need to increase the dose. Natural anti flams are good. Discourage stair use & carry him. Love him & cherish the time you have. Treat him like hes made of porcelein & hes your precious baby. You dont need to put him down, you need to get him asessed & comfortable, he can still enjoy cuddles even if he's not active. Some pain releif can cause dehydration & lack of appetite, its not necesarily a sign of giving up. Especially those ones from the vet. My dog has probs with her legs & the devils claw root does not effect her appetite. The ones from the vet are known to be hard on their tummies & bad for their functioning. Organs. The legs need to be asessed again in my opinion to see if anything else can be done.

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