Advice on Collapsed Trachea

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Advice on Collapsed Trachea

This is a discussion on Advice on Collapsed Trachea within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Hi Everyone I need some advice I hope you all can help me. My sisters dog Nemo is a Pomeranian mix(about 80 percent Pom the ...

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Advice on Collapsed Trachea

Hi Everyone I need some advice I hope you all can help me. My sisters dog Nemo is a Pomeranian mix(about 80 percent Pom the rest mixed with other breeds) for the past oh 6 years or so he was diagnosed with a collapsed trachea..the Vet said its better for him to NOT be on meds because he has stomach issues(Acid reflux, prone to pancreatitis) and I guess these particular meds can cause ulcers in some dogs. A month ago Nemo seemed to be doing fine, able to run up and down the street NO coughing..for the past two weeks or so he has been coughing more and more, and coughing at night(A few minutes here and there) she has been using the humidifier on him which does help but he still coughs. Right now my sister is out of town for the next 12 days so we have the dogs and Nemo is coughing more today, it is cold in Los Angeles today but the humidifier is on him and its about 71 degrees in the house and he still coughs..the only time he does not cough is when he sleeps but when he goes around the house, sniffing the floor he coughs..when he goes outside for a walk he coughs which is new, he never used to do that before(He is also a dog that gets CRAZY EXCITED to the extreme which is another reason why he is probably getting worse) he is too old for surgery obviously..but is there any medication that he can try that wont cause serious side effects, wont cause him to get bleeding in the stomach..maybe an injection or something that will help relieve this..I know his heart is in good shape because a month ago the Vet checked him out and said his heart and lungs are fine but this coughing its ridiculous its interfering with his life, his quality of life and it breaks my heart to see him go through this..we believe he is about 13 years old since my sister has had him for 10 years(He came from doggy day care) if there is ANY kind of advice you can all give me I would really appreciate it..I just love him so much and want to help him anyway I can
Thank U
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First of all, before you just assume it is due to the collapsing trachea, I would have your local vet re-examine your sister's dog and make sure he doesn't also have another condition (heart failure often occurs in little dogs like that at this age, and can severely complicated a cough condition). Not sure what ingredient your dog cannot tolerate, but I know of none in any cough medicine that would cause an ulcer. If it is simply a collapsing trachea, ususally codeine is the drug of choice. Sometimes medications with dextromethorphan (such as Robutussin) work a little, but I have not had much luck with those.
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hi there thanks so much for responding to my message..the vet diagnosed him 6 yrs ago with the collapsed trachea so its not related to a cold or anything..from what we understand the meds that could help him could also kill him because they can cause severe side effects such as ulcers and Nemo already has a very sensitive stomach..he went to the vet a few weeks ago had complete blood work done everything was perfect and his heart and lungs are fine and he runs and jumps and plays like a healthy dog it's just this..anything can set him off..from being excited to absolutely's just heartbreaking that he has this one horrible thing..if something could be given to him to help him 50 percent I would be satisfied..back in April when we watched them he wasn't like this and a month ago I walked him and he never ever coughed when he walked before..sometimes he does it and u can hear a squeak from his trachea..just breaks my heart
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