Rehoming the adopted

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Rehoming the adopted

This is a discussion on Rehoming the adopted within the New Additions forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; I have a friend who is really struggling with her counter surfing, high energy rescue dog, she adopted her from the same animal control I ...

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Old 08-14-2013, 09:58 PM
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Rehoming the adopted

I have a friend who is really struggling with her counter surfing, high energy rescue dog, she adopted her from the same animal control I got banner from... She is a sweet heart but also a real handful, they have decided after almost 6 mos to rehome her. I have no doubt with a ton of training and reinforcement she would be a great dog it makes my heart sad.... If I could take her I would, even if just to rehabilitate her. They really just haven't taken the time to do so themselves. They have three young boys who will, without a doubt be devastated too.. It's their first family dog. She's a beagle with her nose to the floor 24/7 if she isnt running, early on they had plans to send her away for training but the $ it costs is more than they want to spend. She has expressed jealousy about how "good" banner is and how "not good" her dog is I want to be supportive but frankly, the reason banner is "good" is because were constantly working with him, he's a member of the family, he goes most places with us (most places allow dogs) and he is a lower energy dog to boot, she's not "good" is because she spends 75% of her day in the crate (when they arent home, eating meals because she steals the kids food, exc) the other 25% tied to a zip line on their patio.. She is taken on daily several mile runs/walks but she has never ending energy.. I've never seen her tired, truthfully. I'd love to see her on a ranch/stable with acres to run and play!!. She's around a year too which I'm sure contributes to her high energy.... How do you deal with your friends wanting to rehome their pets when the going gets rough? She's not the first who is currently and actively trying to find a home for their pet... School is getting ready to start again which I know is an added stress.

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Old 08-14-2013, 10:23 PM
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Fun while it lasted type situation...Not fair..Have you suggested a flirt pole to burn off some of her energy? Did you ask them if she was calmer would they reconsider re-homing her? If you truly feel she would be better off somewhere else then help them find her a new home. That is what I would do.
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Old 08-14-2013, 10:46 PM
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It's really a difficult situation to come to that decision by the owners. The Vizsla/lab mix I dog sit is going to an intensive training in an owner's home, but it will cost over 2,000. I have to say I have spent hours and hours working with this dog and so have her owners...but her reactivity to people and other dogs is so extreme and can be dangerous at times. They are going on a payment plan....but not many owners can afford to do this...and this dog's vet bills were horrendous to boot! Can't imagine having 3 children and trying to afford that type of training! The little foxhound I also dog sit has SEVERE separation anxiety and is now eating the drywall off the walls in the basement, she can escape ANY crate or cage, even the kong cages. She has a panic attack when crated every single time. They too are looking at rehab at the cost of 2,000 plus! She is on prozac and anti anxiety meds and they only take the "edge" off of her. Both are rescues and just so damaged. I think shelters need to do better "matching" with families and also more extensive evaluations to determine the levels of anxiety and reactivity..and inform adopters of all the behaviors that accompany this. AND NOT RELEASE THE DOG UNLESS THEY HAVE SOME SURETY THE FAMILY CAN HANDLE THE DOG! In this case I would bet this dog was just not adopted with all the necessary information for the family.
Being a single mom with only one child and working (in the past) I would have been in the same situation.
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Old 08-14-2013, 11:44 PM
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Im no expert with Beagles but maybe scent work would tire this dog out faster & focus it more than just lots of running around

I've noticed with my three border collies that the more mental work I do with them the calmer they are , no matter the amount of exercise I give them as well
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