My 15 week old pup poops and pees inside right after being outside for 2 hours! HELP!

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My 15 week old pup poops and pees inside right after being outside for 2 hours! HELP!

This is a discussion on My 15 week old pup poops and pees inside right after being outside for 2 hours! HELP! within the Housetraining forums, part of the Dog Training and Behavior category; PLEASE help, as I am at my wits end! We have a 15 week old Pit Bull mix puppy whom we have had since he ...

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Old 06-08-2016, 12:16 PM
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Unhappy My 15 week old pup poops and pees inside right after being outside for 2 hours! HELP!

PLEASE help, as I am at my wits end!
We have a 15 week old Pit Bull mix puppy whom we have had since he was 6 weeks old.
I have been working with him non stop on his house training but we are getting NOWHERE! I am doing exactly what our trainer told us to do and are TOTALLY consistent.
Every morning when he comes out of his crate, (soaked with urine) I take him immediately outside. He pees right away at least 3 times then he goes into his large, outside dog enclosure so he can get some fresh air and eat. He stays outside for an hour and then I bring him into the kitchen where his bed and toys are. Within the 15 minutes that I am in the shower he poops at least twice and pees EVERYWHERE! This is after being outside for AT LEAST AN HOUR! I work mostly from home so I am able to take him out often, but before I even get the chance to take him out the next time he pees a few times AGAIN! It is literally NON STOP, I have had dogs my whole life but NEVER encountered ANYTHING like this!!! I am AT MY WITS END, as my life now basically only consists of cleaning up pee and poop, going outside and bending over backwards to train him! I am neglecting my job and becoming very stressed and resentful... I need help, because my husband is ready to re-home him! On top of his house training issues he also has severe biting and mouthing problems. We can barely pet or play with him without getting our hands and arms MAULED! Yes, I know this is "normal" for puppies, but in Nico's case it is EXTREME! His trainer even told me his biting and mouthing is much worse them most of the puppies she has worked with.
I do not want to give up on Nico, but he is creating problems in my new marriage, mauling my 4 year old to the point of her crying constantly because she just wants to "love her puppy" and play with him.
Please, what am I doing wrong? I have training other dogs the exact same way with success!
Any input or help would be so appreciated!
Thank you in advance.
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Old 06-08-2016, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Paige4 View Post
he poops at least twice and pees EVERYWHERE!
Do a search on crate training. At this point, the ONLY places your pup should be are outside, inside on a leash with you looking at him every second, and in his crate.
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Old 06-08-2016, 12:47 PM
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What exactly are you doing to train him? What has worked for me very well is to take the puppy out at least every half hour, if there is still accidents every 15-20 minutes in the beginning. Many young puppies also need to go out at least once, maybe twice a night. Also take him out after eating, drinking, playing or after he wakes up. If you can not keep an eye on your puppy then he needs to be in a crate or pen. Also don't leave the pup outside and expect him to go, they have no idea they are suppose to go outside and not inside. Take him out on a leash and praise and treat when he does go. Then you can let him run around or play. I know that Freyja will forget to pee when I have her outside on nice days. I have to get her leash and walk her around the yard and she will normally pee right away. There have been days when we have been outside for hours, then come in and she has an accident because I missed her telling me she had to go out. But I've learned, no matter how long we are out I always walk her in the yard before coming back inside.

Remember that young puppies have very little bladder control and will go when they have to go. Control comes with time and training.
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Old 06-09-2016, 11:49 AM
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What type of environment was he in before you got him? 6 weeks is so young so I am wondering if he was from a BYB maybe? It sounds like he was raised in a situation where he either had no choice but to soil where he sleeps, or he was confined to a room where he was allowed to soil wherever he pleased. How big is his crate? It should be only big enough for him to stand up, turn around, and lay down comfortably. If there is any "extra" space, puppies will take advantage of that and pee/poop there. Also, how long is he crated for overnight? I would think 8-10 hours is the MAX for his age you should expect for him to stay dry. In terms of the going outside to play, etc., he could very well NOT be peeing or pooping during that time you leave him unsupervised, and as soon as he comes inside, the change in environment is prompting him to go. I would carry him from his crate to the yard as soon as he wakes up, have him on a leash and praise like crazy when he goes, then KEEP him on the leash and let him explore/sniff outside. If he hasn't peed/pooped again right before you bring him inside, put him in his crate for 10-15 minutes. Then leash him and take him out again. Repeat this process until he has peed/pooped. THEN he should hopefully be able to hold it for an hour or so, unless he has eaten/had water. After food, I wouldn't expect any longer than 30 minutes. If he is roaming the house, he should either have you following his EVERY move, or he should be on a leash with you on the other end. Every hour at least (or if you notice him sniffing, circling, trying to wander off) take him outside. repeat all day. It is hard and a process but it is the only way.
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Old 06-10-2016, 08:51 AM
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Red face Thank you!

Thank you to everyone for you're great advice! Yes, he was from a terrible home, and even though I knew he would likely has some issues I COULDIN'T LEAVE HIM THERE! It was filthy and obviously a BYB, but I could not walk away from this little helpless pup.
They said he was 8 weeks, but on going to the vet the next day I was told the poor thing was only 5 weeks!! I kind of knew, but if I did not take him someone else would and they likely would not have cared for him properly.
Upon reading you're responses I am now basically tying his leash around my waist and he goes where I go. It is working great! I can already see cues that he has to potty!! On the days I need to go to the office I crate him and have a friend next door come over every 2 hours to take him outside and let him run around for a while.
I know it has only been 2 days, but I am so EXCITED that we have had 2 days with NO ACCIDENTS!!! Hooray!
As far as his biting goes Nico is pretty good when we are ALONE, but as soon as my husband and daughter come home he goes NUTS and gets way over-excited to the point he is biting, snapping and jumping. Sadly, my daughter is small and his main target!! She ends up crying and Nico must be crated in order to defuse the situation. I HATE doing this because we want him to be part of our "family" but there is no avoiding it. If anyone has ANY suggestions regarding what I can do about this problem, PLEASE let me know, as the advice I have received so far has been GREAT!!!

Thank you,
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Old 06-10-2016, 08:58 AM
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Thank you SO much to all for you're GREAT advice!
I posted an update to how well Nico is doing!!
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Old 08-20-2016, 03:55 PM
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My puppy Tank who is a pit bull mix was a big puppy biter/mouther. Each time he tried to get us, we would firmly say "No bite..." and put a chew toy in his mouth and say "Chew this..." when he took the cue, we praised him. It took awhile, but he eventually got it. He was about 5/6 months old before he stopped mouthing/biting. Around the time the teething stage is over. So stay strong and just be consistent. Your husband has to do the same in order for him to know that its the same with everyone. It will eventually pass! My youngest pup Nintendo hasn't been much of a chewer/mouther so we are fortunate with him! But I think he watched Tank and just understood the "No bite..." command sooner, because he saw Tank doing it. Older dogs are such big helps when it comes to training! Puppies always seem to follow suit so much easier and faster!
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