First Dog: Siberian Husky!

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First Dog: Siberian Husky!

This is a discussion on First Dog: Siberian Husky! within the Housetraining forums, part of the Dog Training and Behavior category; I have a 9-10 week old Siberian husky named Remy and would love some advice/guidance/pep talk. This is my first dog and he's taking me ...

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Old 12-12-2016, 11:17 AM
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First Dog: Siberian Husky!

I have a 9-10 week old Siberian husky named Remy and would love some advice/guidance/pep talk. This is my first dog and he's taking me for a spin. I have had him for 3 days no so here goes.

Day 1:

Brought him home in the evening and immediately took him outside to potty. He did not go. Once he came in, he took a piss in my bedroom. That night he took a piss inside once and pooped inside 3 times. Each time I picked him up mid process and took his outside in case there was more. I clean up the mess and spray with natures miracle. He eventually did start pissing outside. When it was time for bed around midnight, I led him to his crate and he went in. I closed the gate behind him and he went to sleep. No whining, I'm assuming bc he was tired. I woke up around 230 to take him out, he took a piss. When we came back in I put him into his crate and the high pitched whining began. I could only take about 20 min before I took him out and played with him for a bit so he got tired. I also at this point placed a blanket over his crate to make it darker and placed one of my worn shirts inside for him to sleep with. I tired him out enough that he went straight to sleep when I put him inside around 0415.

Day 2:

I woke up at 630 to take him out. He pooped and pissed outside (success). I made a huge deal about this and gave him treats. When we came back in at 645, I gave him breakfast and we played for a bit. I took him out around 0715 and waited about 10-15 minutes but he didn't go. When we came back in, I took about 10 minutes before he started to pee in my room. I picked him up and took him outside, he didn't need to pee anymore. I continued to take him out whenever he would sniff around or on the hour. Over the course of the next few hours, he did take a piss. He had a dog bath and shampoo appointment at petsmart at 1230. I quickly fed him some lunch around 1100 and took him out at 1130 to go pot. He did not have to go pot So we got in my car around 1130 and went. In the car he was great. Went straight to sleep or just laid down. I bought a back seat cover for dogs and it is working well. His appointment lasted until 1330. I took him to a patch of grass where other dogs had been going to try and get Remy to go pot. He did not have to go. We then met a friend at a dog park where Remy could run. Once I got out of my car, he had pissed on the car seat cover. I cleaned it up and we took Remy to the park. He got some good exercise in and pooped. Around 1600 we went over another friends house for secret Santa. They have a daschound so it worked out. He ate dinner around 1630-1700 and had plenty of exercise. He played with the daschound or wrestled with my friends. I took him out frequently, but he still had a pee accident in the house. I left the party at 10 and took Remy for a walk to prevent any other accidents in my car. I took him to multiple locations including places other dogs had gone pot. He did not go pot on our walk nor did he soil my car. Once we got home, I took him to his spot and he went pot. We came back inside and he fell asleep in my lap so I put him in his crate around 1130.

Day 3:

I woke Remy up at 0230 to go pot. He took a piss within a minute and we came back inside. I immediately placed him back into his crate and he went to sleep without whining. It was a good nights sleep for me which was needed. I woke up again at 0645 and took him outside where he both pooped and pissed. We came back in around 0700 for breakfast. I read somewhere that giving him his meals inside his crate will create a positive association. I removed his toys and my shirt and put his food and water inside. It was at this point I realized my shirt was damp and when I smelled it, it was piss. So it looks like over the course of the night, he pissed on my shirt inside his crate. I am a light sleeper and do not recall him whining. I'm showing to try to take him out an additional time tonight. We went outside 25 minutes after breakfast and he took a piss. Once we came inside around 8, I put him in his crate so I could shower and stuff. He whined a lot, I could hear him in the shower. When I got back in to the room he quieted down a little, but not much. I did not take him out. He needs to get used to me leaving here and there, especially for work. I took off most of this week so I could be home with him, but I am worried for next week. Eventually the whining stopped and he is now napping in his crate as I type this. He has a vet appointment at 10, so we are going to leave shortly.

Sometimes I feel that I am way over my head and it's discouraging. I actually slept fine last night but day 1 was miserable. I am also having issues with how to teach him his name and "No".. the "no" is particularly for biting/chewing.

Am I doing anything wrong? Is there something I should be doing? Is this just a part of the process. Should be intentionally creating him throughout the day? There have been times where I have had doubts and was unsure if I made a mistake in getting Remy and that is not a good feeling. Then there are other times where he makes me and others happy. I realize it's Day 3, but any advice or guidance for my sanity would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 12-15-2016, 08:50 PM
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I'm not a pro at house training (I don't have a dog currently). But I did grow up with a neighbor who had a husky mix and they often said how hard it was to train that dog. Maybe take him out for longer periods of time and keep in a confined space til he is trained. Or if it block access to all bedrooms
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Old 12-15-2016, 09:05 PM
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Thanks for the reply! It is not easy.

I had 3 solid days of no accidents. I took him out every few hours, even on days I worked. Everything seemed to be going well. Today I asked my brother to watch him for me because I was occupied. Remy had 3 accidents while my brother was watching. He says he took him out when he was suppose to, but aren't didn't go potty until he came back in. I have a hunch this could be weather related. Weather in MD today was cold with a wind chill of 5 degrees. This ain't something he has experience yet.

I'm going to keep at my routine and see what happens.

Overall, my doubts have subsided for the most part. This dog is awesome and the hardships I'm facing now are only temporary (hopefully).

Other problems I'm facing now is getting him to walk on a leash, understand "No", and his biting. His biting is out of control, I've actually bled. He just keeps coming back to body parts or bed sheets no matter how many times I say No and divert him to a toy.
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Old 12-16-2016, 06:12 AM
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Hi and welcome to DF! Conrats on the new pup- he's adorable!

Did you get him from a breeder? Typically, breeders will give you lots of information regarding housetraining and just training in general. Anyway, we're happy to help as much as possible!

When training, remember, this little guy is just a baby and has recently been taken from him mom, siblings and home. I'm assuming he's around 8 weeks old so he will need a LOT of patience and repetition. He will get it though!

Take a look at some of these stickies, which should be helpful:

Biting, Mouthing, and Nipping
"Loose Leash" walking
House Training How Tos:
Crate Training FAQ

Sometimes my links don't work properly. If that happens, go to the Training and Behavior section and then Training and Behavior Stickies. You will find a TON of helpful tools in there!
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Old 12-16-2016, 09:13 AM
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For the potty training - You schedule of taking him out every 1-2 hours is good. When he's in the house you need to keep eyes on him all the time though, Pups that young don't have any bladder control to speak of so he probably has no idea he has to go until it just about to happen. If you can't keep a constant eye on him he should be in his crate or a playpen.

For his crate you should really section off a portion for now. You mentioned in your original post that he peed in there, I'm guess that's because he has too much space, he can sleep/hangout in one end and pee in the other without it impacting his "den". He should have enough space that he can get up and turnaround comfortably. As he grows increase the space you give him.

If you take him outside for a potty trip and he doesn't go, bring him back in and put him in his crate for 5-10mins, then bring him back outside for 5-10 mins to try again, if he still doesn't go repeat until he pees or poops, give lots of praise and tasty treat then you can reward with a bit of playing outside or some free reign inside.

You're also going to want to take the pup out about 5-10 mins after eating or drinking a bunch of water, any play/training session or nap.

For the biting I would start working on basic training, Huskies are super smart and full of energy getting him to start using his brain will help tire him out and curb some of the biting. Additionally when he is biting and redirecting to a toy or training aren't working I would add a time out. If he bites you redirect 2-3 times the next time you put him in a playpen or his crate for a couple mins to cool down then let him out again and restart. Biting is a pretty fun puppy activity so you want to teach him that biting leads to less fun.
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Old 12-21-2016, 09:00 PM
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Just an update. I appreciate everyone's comments and feedback. It is very helpful!!!

Potty training:

My potty routine for him has him pretty regular although we still have a few accidents. Yesterday I asked my brother to take him out around lunch time. My brother let Remy walk outside instead of carrying him. He pissed on the carpet on the way out. My brother knows to carry him next time. Today he pooped 3 times in 3 hours which is very unusual.. the first time was outside, the second time was unexpected and happened on the kitchen tile, the third time I recognized his sniffing/hyperness and took him out.

Generally when I take him out, I bring treats. However, i do forget sometimes. I need to work on that. I also take him outside to potty whenever I remove him from the crate, he wakes up, after heavy play sessions, about 20 minutes after eating/drinking, or an hour after his last potty break if he's outside of his crate.

I'm having a hard time figuring out whether he is actually learning that he should be going outside. He hasn't really showed me any signs that he wants to go out. If he's in his crate, I can push it to 3.5 hours before I take him out. If he's outside of his crate, I try to take him out every hour. As soon as I do get him outside, he's pretty good about going immediately. What are some things you think I can do to see if he's learning that he should be going outside?


Remy has been playing with other pups and is starting to bite softer. When he's in a frenzy and redirecting doesn't work, I'm not really sure what to do. I don't want to crate him and have him associate the crate as a negative place. Any ideas?

Would it be the same concept for biting furniture and bed linens?


In the beginning I could barely get him to leave my yard. I would be patiently waiting or forcing him to walk away from my house and then he would sprint back as soon as we turned around. Today I actually got him to walk 100 yards away from my house without much struggling.


He's very good in his crate. Only one accident and that was when I slept too long and took him out after 4 hours. When I do out him in the crate at night, he might whine for 20 seconds and then gets quiet and sleeps. During the day when I go to work it might last a minute and then gets quiet.


Walking him would be easier if he cooperated. I let him play with his toys and me around my bedroom. I've started to expand this to the living room and kitchen so he gets familiar with the house. He did poop on the kitchen tile today, but I understand accidents will happen. Sometimes I'll take him to a tennis court and just let him run around with the gates shut. I've also started to let him play with other puppies or smaller dogs.
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