Do You Give Your Dog Probiotics?

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Do You Give Your Dog Probiotics?

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Do You Give Your Dog Probiotics?

Did you know that more than 70% of an animal’s immune defense mechanisms are in their digestive system?

“The gut is the largest immune organ in the body,” says Susan G. Wynn, DVM, a veterinary nutritionist in Atlanta, Georgia. The healthy bacteria in your pet’s gut keeps them healthy and strong—but sometimes they can get weakened or out of whack, which is why probiotics are so important.

What Are Probiotics?

The word probiotic comes from two Greek phrases: pro, meaning “promoting,” and biotic, which translated to “life.” In other words: probiotics are the healthy bacteria our bodies need to function optimally.

While healthy bacteria have existed for billions of years, their benefits have only recently begun to be studied. In the early twentieth century, scientist Elie Metchnikoff observed that rural Bulgarian families were living to exceptionally old ages in very good health, despite harsh climates, dietary limitations, and extreme poverty. After studying these Bulgarian elders, he theorized that their traditional home-fermented sour milk contained host-friendly bacteria that was actually delaying senility and enhancing health.
Since then, research has continued to support his findings, proving these and many other benefits of ingesting probiotics. Now, according to the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP), the official definition of a probiotic is a “live microorganism that, when administered in adequate amounts, confers a health benefit to the host.”

Why Your Pet Needs Them

Probiotics for pets are live enzymes, yeasts, and microorganisms, including the healthy bacteria Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. These healthy bacteria are found in all kinds of things: yogurt, sauerkraut, cottage cheese, kombucha, sourdough bread, apple cider vinegar, etc. But while most humans are getting healthy doses of good bacteria in our daily meals, pups aren’t eating Yoplait for their midmorning snack—or eating a diet that’s as varied as their wild wolf ancestors.

Read more at The Honest Kitchen blog.
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I feed my dog different sources of probiotics. The bit of research I have done suggests sauerkraut needs to be unpasteurized such as the bagged refrigerated version at the grocery store. The canned option is not "alive" and a poor option for introduction of probiotics in your dog's diet. Kefir is also an excellent source of probiotics. Also, regarding the mention of vinegar in your article; ACV is certainly good but go with a brand like Bragg's as it still has the "mother" in it which contains all the good components.
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