Lola the Mixed Breed

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Full Name

Lola Bear


6.4 years old.


Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream


fruit, cheese, peanut butter


Kong, squeaky toys, empty water bottles, me, her tail


running, playing, tug-of-war, learning tricks, snuggling
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From KodaKeet on 09/26/14
Oh no you didn't!
From Cassy on 11/20/12
Happy 2nd Birthday Lola!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
From dusto on 06/06/12
Quit stealing Rocky's ball!!!
From PowerSpots on 03/12/12
Flossie is about 60lbs. How much is Lola?
From PowerSpots on 03/12/12
Lola is very cute!
From Cassy on 01/25/12
Cassy is doing great! She sleeps most of the day, but i've been getting her up most of the day now. She's not very happy about it though! :)
From Cassy on 01/23/12
Coming close to 2,000 hours!! :D How has Lola been?
From Cassy on 11/20/11
Happy Birthday Lola!!!!!! 1 year old!!! Enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Cassy on 10/29/11
You should have seen the smile that came across my face when i read that!! :D :)
From Cassy on 10/28/11
That's funny you chose that day! Cassy's is Nov. 20! Haha :)
From Cassy on 10/28/11
:) Thanks for what you said on Sam's profile. I just saw Lola is almost 1!! What day was she born?
From Sendiulino on 10/27/11
I almost gave up in the beginning when I couldn't seem to get it from Lola for more than a few minutes at a time! lol I don't think Lola's top-of-the-board status will ever be in danger, there's no way my interest in the tennis ball will keep me doing this until 1800 hours, haha.
From Cassy on 10/26/11
:D :D :D :D !!!!!!!
From Cassy on 09/18/11
I.Missed. IT!! I really missed it. To tell the trueth, i havn't been playing much 'cause everyones "new" laptops are running faster the my old laptop. ;)
From Cassy on 09/17/11
I saw that Mischeif is almost beating Lola in the tennis ball game!
From Pyrro on 09/15/11
Your dog is so cute!! Looks like our dogs are playing the tennis ball game together :) Sorry about all the cyber drool!
From Cassy on 07/08/11
That's cute that Lola still has that white mark on her head! Is it shaped in a weird sort of diamond? *I have da ball, i think i still have it*.
From Annmcc1976 on 06/22/11
think were playing Monkey in the middle with Michief with the tennis ball LOL
From Taybits on 06/12/11
Miley is good! And Eevie! But Evelynn lives at my parents house, it was their dog and they gave it to me because their home didn't allow pets so they moved to a place that does. Acually, Miley has a Ms. Claus Christmas dress!! She wears it at Christmas
From Taybits on 06/12/11
I just love Lola!! She is so pretty. Shes gotten so big!
From Esme on 06/11/11
She's getting so big, what a pretty girl. :)
From Cassy on 06/10/11
Oh my, you just got these up!!!! Lola is SSSsssSOOoOOOoooOOOOoooo cute!!!! I love the picture of her with the hat on!!
From Cassy on 06/10/11
Cassy? More like Lola!! LOL :)
From allie on 06/03/11
Lola is so cute. :) How old was she in that picture?
From seebrown on 04/21/11
Aw, what a cutie!
From Cassy on 04/15/11
From Cassy on 04/13/11
Lola is soooooo cute!!!!
From Nitya on 02/21/11
Lola (Nala?) is adorable, I love her white "socks". I can't wait to see more pics as she gets older!

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